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High fashion has never been more affordable. Adriano Goldschmied, the “Godfather of Denim,” and Yul Ku launched AG Jeans in 2000, laying the basis for a brand rich with creative washes and long-lasting patterns.

With over 154k Instagram followers, this gorgeous company has created a reputation for itself not just in terms of quality but also in terms of sustainability. Their A Good Karma Initiative was developed to enhance technologies and processes in order to make their production process more environmentally friendly.

This AG Jeans review will provide you with an overview of this long-lasting brand as well as information on their benefits and drawbacks, products, and more to help you determine if their jeans are a good fit for you.

A fresh denim experience was created in 2000 with the birth of AG Jeans in California. Since its founding, AG Jeans has pioneered the use of technology and production methods that are ecologically friendly.

They have utilized solar energy, laser finishing, water recycling, and ozone technologies during its design and construction. In an effort to bring about a change, AG Jeans continues to explore the most recent eco-friendly improvements in production, manufacture, and distribution.

There must be more to them than just some excellent eco-friendly pants, though. In order to assist you understand everything, we’ll outline some benefits and drawbacks…


  1. The company sells a large range of fashionable clothes, such as jeans, leggings, shorts, polo shirts, and other items.
  2. Customers remark that the fits are exceptionally durable and stay true to size for years.
  3. In an effort to make the firm as ecologically friendly as possible, AG Jeans designs and produces using sustainable methods and materials.
  4. Ethical behavior with their A Good Karma project.
  5. Offer financing choices using Klarna.


  1. Can be seen as a bit pricey.
  2. Some customers lament the poor customer service and erratic return procedures.

In order to show you all the options we can fit into one post, we’re going big with this one and giving you an overview of both the AG Jeans men’s and women’s product lines.

Let’s give the lads in this review some props! We’ve selected some of the finest of the best for you to discover a new favorite since men’s style and comfort are equally as important as women’s.

When it comes to Matchbox Jeans, comfort is essential. The waist of the AG Jeans Matchbox design is cut to the knee, giving it a spacious (but not baggy!) fit for maximum comfort. To offer you a slimmer appearance without making them too tight to your body, the legs are thin and straight.

This design comes in two color choices: Robinson and Jack. Have no idea what those mean? They both have a very dark wash that complements almost any top or jacket.

The seams are finished in a lovely light brown that stands out to provide a little bit of extra detail to your jeans. Simple enough; simply some high-quality hemlines. The price of these jeans is a swanky $178.

With their Graduate Jeans in particular, AG Jeans elevate men’s fashion to a whole new level.

The slimming and worn-in appearance of the AG Jeans The Graduate Tailored Leg appeals to men of all sexes. The mid-rise shape and dark color resemble real antique denim.

These are comfortable to wear for any day shift because of the relaxed fit from hip to knee. These jeans are not to be passed up because they were made using comfort stretch denim.

These pants are now included in the AG Jeans sale and are advertised at $65 as opposed to their original $215 cost. That seems far too good to be true, but maybe we’re the only ones who think that.

When it came time to wrap up the product segment of our AG Jeans review, we had the option to go big or go home, and we decided to go big with the AG Jeans Protege bottoms!

In this well-liked pattern, the indigo medium wash is dotted with antique fade lines. It’s the ideal casual ensemble to wear with any top for a classy night out or even a cozy night in.

With their stretch fabric construction, these midweight denim jeans will keep you cozy all day long. Purchase a set for only $185.

To begin, let’s look at some of the women’s section’s best-selling items from the company. Everyone can find something here because to the variety of lengths and washes available.

The Farrah Skinny Jeans will help you stand out. Any ensemble benefits greatly from this AG Jeans white denim look’s invigorating energy.

These appealing white pants are a favorite of this AG Jeans review and are ideal for cool summer nights or wearing that winter wonderland look you’ve always wanted.

You’ll look and feel stylishly comfortable the entire day thanks to the lightweight fabric (50% Cotton, 41% Lyocell, 7% Polyester, and 2% Polyurethane) that was used to create this garment. A fit above your ankle creates a smooth silhouette thanks to the flattering high-rise waist. The price of these classic jeans is $188.

One of the most well-liked AG legging jean patterns is the Legging Ankle. This item has a slim fit and conforms to your body to offer you a sleek image in all you do. You can wear them all day in comfort because to the Japanese comfort stretch denim, and we do mean all!

With a mild wash that makes it appear as though you’ve been wearing them for years, you may start to channel your inner vintage.

You can pick one (or more; we won’t judge) of the 9 denim colors that best suits your style.

Do you like to wear light-washed clothes with darker-colored shirts? Or do you genuinely adore dark wash jeans for their air of mystique and attitude? With a pair of these $225 jeans, find your fit.

View the Pregnancy Prima Ankle Jeans, the style leader in the AG Jeans maternity collection. These jeans are flexible and constructed with a comfortable stretch to move with you through the ups and downs of parenthood.

You may effortlessly alter the slim silhouette thanks to the concealed elastic waistband. You may easily look good from two months before delivery till after giving birth if you simply modify the give as you expand. The company claims that these $198 jeans are only available in super black, which makes it easy to match them with anything in your closet.

What comes to mind when you think about slim jeans? Even if you haven’t seen them quite yet, it’s probably The Stilt Jeans.

The slimming thin jean we all know and love has a basic style that served as the foundation for the AG Jeans Stilt. These jeans are a dream because to their little stretch material that fits you well and their excellent ankle length.

Why not add these to the list of essentials since everyone needs a pair of go-to skinny jeans? No one should be surprised that these jeans are currently sold out, but keep checking back to be among the first to buy a pair when they become available again.

When you walk the streets with The Stilt Crop Jeans, you may add some attitude to your look. It would be remiss of me to leave out an obvious favorite in our AG Jeans review when it comes to experimenting with the classic thin jean look.

Give cropped length its moment in the spotlight and leave ankle-length behind. You’ll feel top notch in this fit thanks to the intricate stitching and a little rip on the pockets. Although the Stilt Crop jeans are currently $225, the design might be well worth the price!

How Much Do AG Jeans Shrink?

The ongoing issue with jeans and pants is that they frequently shrink. You’re safe with this brand, according to several AG Jeans reviews, on that front. Numerous buyers report that even after wearing the pants for several years, they continue to fit true to size.

Is AG Jeans Perfect for You?

AG Jeans is a company that creates comfortable denim solutions for everyday wear for both men and women.

Given the range of sizes and designs offered by the retailer, AG Jeans tends to cater to customers in their 20s and above, while all ages can comfortably stretch their jeans.

No matter your age or gender, this brand will have you looking beautiful whether you want thin jeans or slim fit.

Customer Reviews

We must constantly take client feedback into account while trying to determine the truth regarding clothing.

Despite being a dependable brand, finding AG Jeans reviews might be a bit challenging. In order to assist you in determining if their items are worthwhile, we looked far and wide for the greatest and most sincere testimonials we could discover.

The bulk of internet written reviews and ratings are favorable. 39 reviews on Yelp give the company a rating of 4/5, and many consumers laud the jeans’ quality, size, and fit. In order to express their affection for this brand, men in particular have started to, “This is the second pair of AG jeans I have purchased. These fit me better than most. They’re a slightly heavier grade of denim too and look like they’ll last a long time. I’ve come to really like AG jeans and that could be a problem because they’re not cheap.”

The robust construction and conventionally slimming styles offer a fashionable option for both men and women that goes well with any top or jacket. The material has just the right amount of give and style without being overly baggy thanks to the cloth’s modest stretch and diversity of washes.

People especially appreciate that true-to-size jeans maintain their fit even after years of wear. According to several reports, their jeans continue to fit well even after several years, “Fit, wash, durability. AG jeans take the cake along all dimensions.”

The company’s website doesn’t feature any individual product reviews, but their Amazon page does! Let’s look at some bestsellers to see how they fare…

The Tellis – 4.6/5 stars out of 26 ratings.

The Lux – 4.5/5 stars out of 37 ratings.

The Dylan – 4.4/5 stars out of 17 ratings.

The Graduate – 4.4/5 stars out of 92 ratings.

The Ex-Boyfriend – 4.3/5 stars out of 11 ratings.

One review of AG Jeans on Amazon says it best and simplest, “Comfortable to wear and snug in the right places after a wash or two.” What else could you want?

Customers on Zappos continue to have a very high opinion of the brand. Out of 34 reviews, the website displays an average rating of 4.6/5 stars for AG jeans. Many customers immediately commented on how cozy the items are and how true to fit they are.

All in all, we’ve discovered that the goods are of excellent quality and are priced fairly. This appears to be one of those instances where spending a little more money on excellent, long-lasting pants is worthwhile.

So, Are They Worth It?

When compared to other apparel manufacturers, AG Jeans is unquestionably pricier. It is challenging to justifiably buy more than one item at a time because the costs are frequently advertised in the $150–$250 range.

Despite this, no complaints about the fabric’s quality have been made, and many people assert that their jeans have held up for years! It does seem to balance out when you take into account that a typical pair of $50 jeans only lasts a few years.

We advise adding one or two pairs of AG Jeans to your wardrobe. Try this brand out despite looking for a reduced price or discount code.

Their clothes are of such high caliber that it justifies a somewhat lighter wallet. You’ll have the ideal fit and be covered for many years when it comes to jeans!


Where are AG Jeans made?

Even though they are advertised as “Made in the USA,” AG Jeans are really produced in a number of nations. While the brand is operated from a California headquarters, the materials come from all around the world. It has been said that Mexico and Italy supply the bulk of the materials.

Does AG clothing run true to size?

Numerous AG Jeans reviews claim that their clothes do fit true to size. With no size concerns, you may wear anything from the AG Jeans Stevie ankles to any of the Phoebe range.

A sizing chart for AG Jeans can be found at the bottom of the webpage to assist you in determining which fit is ideal for you.

Their shipping policy

With 2-day nationwide shipping on purchases over $100, AG Jeans has you covered when it comes to shipping in the US.

Additionally, you have the choice of choosing Ground or Overnight. Depending on the service you choose and the order cost, different fees will apply. Check out the AG Jeans shipping table to see what type of price you might expect…

International and domestic shipping are also available from AG Jeans, although shipping fees vary based on the value of the purchase, its weight, and the destination. Check the AG Jeans website under your selected country for pricing to see what your shipping costs would be.

Every shipment from AG Jeans includes a tracking number that may be used on the Track Order page. As soon as your package has left the warehouse, a number will be supplied.

Their return policy

14 days are the return period offered by AG Jeans. You have two weeks following delivery to ask for a return of an item you’ve bought.

You must bring your item to the nearest shop if you want to return it beyond that time. These returns are not guaranteed and are handled at the retailer’s discretion.

The process for returns from abroad is entirely explained online in the AG Jean international section. Just click on returns, enter your data, and adhere to the guidelines.

The procedure appears a bit different for US returns…

  1. Enter your information into the online return form to get a pre-paid FedEx label. There is a $7 cost for using a prepaid label, which will be deducted from your return.
  2. Repackage the product. Although not strictly essential, using the original package is recommended for AG Jeans.
  3. Make sure the invoice is enclosed in the shipment.
  4. Make sure the label is sealed and that no further tracking information from earlier shipments is visible.
  5. Send your parcel via FedEx.

Within 7 to 10 days of the package being delivered to the facility, you will get your reimbursement.