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The best-looking, most reasonably priced, and highest-quality men’s suits online are created by Alain Dupetit. They function as an e-commerce platform and provide affordable rates to their clients. The starting price of their outfits is only $39.

The company has over 52,000 Facebook fans and 53,000 Instagram followers. Men who want a dependable, appealing suit from a company they can rely on to give quality at a reasonable price adore them.

This Alain Dupetit suits evaluation will provide you a comprehensive look into the company, client feedback, offers, and more to assist you in determining if they are a good fit for you.

Alain Dupetit used to produce outfits for well-known designer labels. Alain Dupetit threw the suit industry a curveball by launching their direct-to-consumer website, noting that it is customary for major companies to inflate the retail cost of suits by ten times what they actually cost.

The brand was established in 2014 with the goal of, “best, most stylish suits accessible to everyone,” believing that “looking your sharpest should not cost a fortune.” Second-generation tailor Alain Dupetit owns and operates the brand. He relocated to the US at the age of 21, where he started his first business.

Since more than 40 years ago, Alain Dupetit has been creating suits. He expanded his eponymous brand into a $4 million business during the past six years.

Now let’s look into the benefits and drawbacks of the Alain Dupetit brand…


  1. Numerous outfits, including tuxedos and three-piece suits.
  2. Choice of shirts designed specifically for suit matches.
  3. Second-generation tailor Alain Dupetit has a wealth of expertise working with well-known companies.
  4. Low cost for items of high caliber.
  5. Large size range.


  1. They only have one shipping choice.
  2. No exchanging

Designs by Alain Dupetit are really classy. You can easily see and appreciate the artistry and lifetime of expertise that went into creating each style inside each suit.

The suits, shirts, and accessories that are among their best-selling goods are more reasonably priced than those offered by any other in-person or online business. Other suit companies are challenged by the clean, contemporary lines and attention to detail.

Your outfits may seem costly with Alain Dupetit suits without breaking the wallet. The daily clothes that many men wear for work and, of course, special events must be distinct. However, the cost of suits has always been a problem.

Alain Dupetit aspires to create timeless suits without the extra pressure of a high price tag. Following are their most popular suits, which have stylish, sophisticated cuts for a range of events.

An English gentleman comes to mind when wearing this light grey two-button suit. Put on a formal appearance by accessorizing with a timeless white shirt, blue tie, and coordinating pocket square. Find out how versatile this breathable, stylish suit is—comfortable enough to wear to work every day, yet elegant enough to wear to a wedding.

The suit features two front buttons and is available in a light grey hue. Choose the classic or regular fit that best matches your body and personal taste. Alain Dupetit’s distinctive fabric, AD-TR, which is composed of 35% rayon and 65% tetron, was used to make this suit. The lining is made entirely of rayon.

The jacket is double vented on the sides, features a bespoke straight pocket, and non-functional buttons on the sleeves. The trousers are 36″ in length, unhemmed, and have a little taper toward the open bottom.

Belt loops, a flat front without pleats, and a zip fly with button closures are other aspects of this design. Make careful to dry clean this suit, and see if there are any sizing options on the internet. Use this light grey two-button suit to project an air of sophistication. Nobody will be able to tell that you merely spent $49–$59 ($295 value).

A man dressed in a three-piece suit has an air of sophistication about him. A three-piece suit gives a guy a polished appearance, and it allows you to remove the jacket for a different look that still communicates confidence and sophistication.

This black three-piece suit is available in a classic or slim fit and features a two-button fastening. Despite seeming so polished, the shell is composed of AD-TR (65% tetron, 35% rayon), which is permeable and flexible.

The jacket itself has a special straight pocket, non-functional buttons on the sleeves, and double venting on the sides. The suit’s inside is made entirely of rayon. The trousers are 36″ in length, unhemmed, and have a little taper toward the open bottom.

Additionally, they include belt loops, a zip fly with button closures, and a flat, non-pleated front. It’s crucial to remember that this suit can only be dry cleaned. Make a statement with the Black Three Piece Suit for $69-$79 (was $345) without breaking the bank or your bank account.

This Black Tuxedo with Shawl Lapel is made to fit the modern man because the traditional tuxedo has evolved through time. You may choose between a standard or thin fit according on your taste and preferences.

Events when a tuxedo is necessary typically include a lengthy night of standing, dancing, and sitting. Therefore, having a comfy tuxedo is crucial. Compared to wool or cotton textiles, this one has an AD-TR (65% tetron, 35% rayon) shell that is cozy, breathable, soft, and easy to move around in.

The jacket has a single front button, a single non-functional sleeve button, a bespoke straight pocket, and twin vents. The trousers have a flat front, an unhemmed, open bottom measuring 36″ in length (you’ll need to get the pants tailored), a little tapered bottom, and a slightly tapered leg.

Additionally, the Black Tuxedo with Shawl Lapel features belt loops, a zip fly with button closures, and a non-pleated front style. Please take this outfit to the cleaners to be cleaned. This chic, contemporary suit has a retail price of $59 and $69 but is worth $295.

Alain Dupetit has you covered for any event. Each shirt by Alain Dupetit is designed to go well with a matching suit, giving your look a polished, professional feel.

Knowing that a second-generation, lifelong tailor has your back will give you peace of mind. On to the most popular shirts from Alain Dupetit in this review.

Your go-to shirt for any occasion is the Traditional Point Collar Dress Shirt. The contemporary fit creates a sleek silhouette on your body. What’s on the shirt…

  1. A traditional point collar.
  2. Regular single barrel cuffs.
  3. A gently rounded hem.
  4. Removable stays.

This shirt is machine washable and is constructed of 80% Egyptian cotton and 20% polyester. It has non-breakable buttons and a pocket on the chest for a pocket square or, depending on where you’re going, maybe a pen. For about $16, the Traditional Point Collar Dress Shirt will help you arrive looking your best.

The Dress Shirt with French Cuffs is the pinnacle of European fashion. This white dress shirt is permeable to air and flexible since it is made of 80% Egyptian cotton and 20% polyester. It boasts French cuffs, a wide collar, a slightly rounded hem, and a contemporary, regular fit.

The garment has indestructible buttons as well, allowing you to keep it forever (or for however long it fits). Machine wash on cool, then hang to dry for maintenance. Originally $98, the Alain Dupetit Dress Shirt with French Cuffs is now just $16.

If you’re wearing a tuxedo, you’re obviously going to a formal function. If you’ve ever worn a tux, you’re aware that the shirt is important. This Formal Tuxedo Shirt offers a sleek silhouette to maintain your tastefully tailored style and prevent you from appearing like a messy prom date.

You can be sure that this shirt will make you seem put together even if you choose to wear it without the jacket. This white shirt has glass buttons, a presidential collar, and is constructed of 80% Egyptian cotton and 20% polyester.

It is advised to machine wash the shirt on cool and hang dry to maintain it in good condition. The Formal Tuxedo Shirt has a wide collar, a softly rounded hem, and convertible curved cuffs in a contemporary regular fit. The price of this shirt has been reduced to just $16. Hold onto your seat! That represents a significant discount from the $98 purchase price.

Without some similarly stunning accessories, what good is a well-tailored, attractive suit? To keep you looking sharp, Alain Dupetit accessories include hardware and neckwear. To add a touch of elegance, don a set of cufflinks or match a sharp tie with a suit.

Next in our Alain Dupetit suit review are their most well-liked accessories.

A fine black tie is a must-have for any man. Of course, there are certain limitations on what is meant by “good.” A “excellent” necktie in this Alain Dupetit suit review is one that is stylish, reliable, and reasonably priced. For a formal occasion or a business setting, use the #31 Black Woven Tie with a grey Alain Dupetit 3-Piece Suit.

The 100% microfiber used to create this Alain Dupetit tie gives it a smooth, satiny look. Hand wash in cold water and lay flat to dry for maintenance. Grab a bargain on this wardrobe essential right now for $9, which is much less than the regular $45.

Bow ties exude an air of unadulterated class and sophistication. The #120 Bow Tie has a smooth, white appearance and is composed of 100% woven microfiber. You won’t have to stress about tying the perfect knot as you dash out the door because this style is already knotted.

To complete the appearance, this Alain Dupetit bow tie comes with a chic handkerchief that you can use as a pocket square in the front pocket of your suit.

Wash your bow tie in cold water, then lay it flat to dry. You can purchase this fashionable neckwear for $9.

What’s the secret to looking perfectly put together? Cufflinks. Wearing the proper set of cufflinks may give your outfit a touch of elegance, whether you’re wearing them to a wedding or to work every day. Additionally, you may get them engraved at your neighborhood store to give them a more distinctive touch.

The #10 Cufflink gives business attire or suits for special occasions a subtle yet elegant appearance. These cufflinks are made of 100% premium stainless steel and include a case for storage. For $9 a pair, you may purchase this finishing touch.

Every guy (and some women) has dealt with the frustration of having their tie slip down their chest in disorder, get caught in something, or blow around in the wind. Now that you have the Tie Bar, you can fix that issue.

Simple clothing doesn’t guarantee that you won’t stand out. This 5 cm Tie Bar is a subtle technique to maintain your appearance professional and communicate to others that you mean business. It is composed entirely of tarnish-resistant, high-grade silver stainless steel. Grab one right now and lock in your tie for the ridiculously cheap cost of $9.

Customer Reviews

In order to give you a sense of what consumers think about the firm, this Alain Dupetit suits review will look at reviews on Reddit, Amazon, and the company website.

We found some typical comments in an Alain Dupetit Reddit topic, “Their suits are an excellent bang for the buck…As far as quality, the product is better than I expected. It has a good feel to it,” said one user. Another buyer noted, “you’d be better off saving your money for something nicer.” This is undoubtedly the case, but not everyone can afford to spend a lot of money on a suit.

On Amazon, there is just one Alain Dupetit suit that has received 4.2/5 stars out of 363 reviews. A happy customer remarked, “it was of very good quality and fit him perfect. No ironing required and no wrinkles. Do not hesitate to buy this if you need a suit for work or a wedding.” On the other side, a dissatisfied client stated, “I was extremely disappointed with this suit. It was ill-fitting and binding. Not what I was used to from Alain Dupetit.”

Customers remarked about the black tuxedo with shawl lapel on the Alain Dupetit website, “Fast delivery, quality product. Couldn’t be happier.” Out of 61 reviews, this suit has an impressively perfect rating of 5 out of 5.

A second purchaser of the same suit, “I bought a white shirt with French cuffs and a skinny black tie. When I put it on, I could pass for a gentleman in Frank Sinatra’s or James Bond’s entourage. It’s a great classic look.” The general opinion for Alain Dupetit suits appears to be that.

The following chart shows how other items mentioned in this Alain Dupetit suits review perform online…

Light Grey Two Button Suit – 4.9/5 stars out of 121 reviews.

Black Three Piece Suit – 4.9/5 stars out of 146 reviews.

Traditional Point Collar Dress Shirt – 4.8/5 stars out of 67 reviews

It is evident that most Alain Dupetit customers are happy with their outfits. Having said that, these inexpensive suits are in no way comparable to their more expensive, fitted alternatives.

So, Are Their Suits Worth It?

Reviews indicate that Alain Dupetit is a reliable source for purchases. The pricing alone makes it very low risk to purchase a whole outfit from this brand. Despite the risk, their outfits are really stylish.

The thread count isn’t as high as a pricey suit, as you read in the part before, but no one expects that at the price of an Alain Dupetit suit. Is it the greatest suit in the world, then, in terms of quality? perhaps not However, according to this Alain Dupetit suit review, these suits provide incredible value.

Even after reading several excellent reviews, some customers are still dubious about a product or service. The brand, however, had fewer than 10% bogus ratings, according to analysis by the review website Fakespot. This is undoubtedly a statement. This Alain Dupetit suits review only came across one positive Alain Dupetit shipping review: that a customer’s shipment arrived fast.


Who exactly is Alain Dupetit?

France is where Alain Dupetit is originally from. When he was 21 years old, he traveled to the US and soon after that, he started his first business. He is a second-generation tailor who has been in the business for more than 40 years.

Which sizes is the brand able to provide?

Alain Dupetit normally offers sizes S–4X for shirts. The list of sizes Alain Dupetit gives for their suits is fairly long because there are a few more variations, such as neck size, for example. Consult the size chart on the product page for further details regarding Alain Dupetit sizing.

Their shipping policy

Shipping for all products from Alain Dupetit is estimated at checkout and costs around $20. It may take up to five business days to complete and ship your purchase after you place it.

Every order is sent out via UPS Ground delivery. The delivery time for Alain Dupetit is up to 5 business days. The business does not provide expedited shipping or P.O., APO, or FPO deliveries. boxes.

Their return policy

Requests for returns must be emailed to them within 14 days after the transaction, according to the Alain Dupetit return policy. You must return things that are unused, undamaged, unwashed, and unworn.

The following is the Alain Dupetit Suits return procedure…

  1. Send a message to
  2. Write: Return “#order number” in the subject line, i.e., Get back 56789
  3. Include your order number, the entire name linked with the order, the products you intend to return, and your justification in the email’s body.
  4. Give a response 2-4 business days.

Alain Dupetit cannot receive free shipping on returns from the firm. The original mode of payment will be reimbursed with refunds. At this moment, Alain Dupetit is unable to accept returns on orders.