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Men’s and women’s footwear is produced by the shoe shop AllBirds utilizing recycled and natural materials. The goal of AllBirds is to adopt environmentally friendly production techniques to lessen their carbon footprint and pollutant output. AllBirds, which specializes in shoes for both men and women, now sells socks and accessories created from soft, sustainable materials1.

In order to assist potential customers in making an educated selection, this AllBirds shoes review will provide an overview of the company and the items it sells.

AllBirds History

This San Francisco-based company was founded in 2016 by former professional soccer player Tim Brown. Brown, a native of New Zealand, questioned why merino sheep’s wool wasn’t utilized in the footwear business. Engineer Joey Zwillinger joined his team after he did, and AllBirds was born.

The goal of AllBirds is to design environmentally friendly, svelte shoes that look wonderful on your feet. Now is the moment to replace your carbon footprint with a normal one.

The main component of AllBirds’ footwear is wool. The best merino wool from New Zealand is used to make AllBirds wool shoes, which are designed in China and produced in a textile factory in Milan, Italy. Their packaging is entirely comprised of 90% recycled cardboard, and their shoelaces are made of recycled plastic. It seems too wonderful to be true, isn’t it?

For our AllBirds shoes review, we quickly skimmed their website and summarized the key points for you below.


  1. Eco-friendly
  2. Large variety
  3. Reasonably priced
  4. 30-day return policy
  5. Sustainably produced
  6. Aesthetically pleasing site
  7. Products for men, women and kids

Continue reading this AllBirds shoes review to find out more about the company, their offerings, and what real customers have to say.

They have their own take on the AllBirds flats called the Women’s Tree Breezers. They are very comfortable and stylish to be worn up or down. The shoes are available in 16 different colors, so they go with any casual or smart casual outfit and complement whatever color scheme you like. The Tree Breezers retail for $110 and come in sizes 5 to 11.

Eucalyptus tree fibers, a naturally occurring, environmentally benign material, are used to make The Tree Breezer. This special fiber has advantages for you as well as the environment. This is how…

  1. This shoe is extremely airy and silky smooth thanks to the eucalyptus pulp.
  2. The ribbed knitting design of the shoe enables it to adapt to the curve of your foot.
  3. The merino wool inside of the Tree Breezer makes it cozy and odor-proof.
  4. Brazilian sugarcane-derived SweetFoamTM, used in the sole, offers it a bouncy comfort.

The AllBirds Wool Loungers are the perfect example of how casual streetwear and beautiful shoes can coexist. Both men and women may use these loungers, which are offered in eight different hues. These Wool Loungers are adaptable, appropriate for both day and night wear thanks to their clean, straightforward style.

The finest merino wool, straight from New Zealand, is used to make these Wool Loungers, which retail for $105 each. Your feet will stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter because to the wool3’s ability to regulate temperature, prevent odor, and cause no itching. If you believe this wool itches, don’t be fooled—merino wool is the best wool there is, and the itching that wool can occasionally produce is linked to inferior fabric.

Unfortunately, AllBirds Wool Loungers are only offered in entire sizes. AllBirds advises going up a size. At the conclusion of this review of AllBirds shoes, you’ll discover a sizing chart and further details on recommended sizes.

The eucalyptus tree fibers used to manufacture the Tree Loungers gave them their name. Even on the hottest summer day, these Tree Loungers will keep your feet cool since they are lightweight and breathable.

The AllBirds Tree Loungers are cozy, very smooth, and comforting on your feet thanks to a combination of castor bean oil, merino wool, and low-density foam. Since they are especially odor-resistant thanks to the merino wool, no one will have to deal with the “summer stinky feet” issue.

For $95 and available in seven various hues, the AllBirds Tree Loungers are accessible for both men and women. Only entire sizes are offered for these loungers, thus AllBirds advises going up a size. Near the conclusion of this review of AllBirds shoes is a sizing chart.

The finest merino wool is used to create the naturally soft AllBirds Wool Runners. These runners, which are available for both sexes, will fit your every movement without losing flair.

The AllBirds Wool Runners are ideal for casual streetwear or even those more active days. They come in 17 various hues, ranging from black to a lovely lavender and pastel blue. These runners’ merino wool material resists odor as you work out, and because they absorb moisture, your feet won’t feel wet.

The merino wool utilized ensures the longevity of AllBirds. Because of the wool, the runners are both soft and tough, making them suitable for even the toughest terrain. All of the polyester used to make the laces is recycled. Low-density foam, which is lightweight, soft, and provides friction control, is used to make the soles. The S-curve tread evenly distributes your weight as you walk by simulating the flexibility of your feet.

Half sizes are not offered for the $110 AllBirds Wool Runners.

Both men and women may purchase the AllBirds Tree Runners, which cost $105 for a pair. The Tree Runners is naturally breathable, made from sustainable eucalyptus tree fibers, and will keep your feet feeling cool and light. Your foot’s every movement is accommodated by a flexible foam sole. Castor bean oil is used in the insoles of AllBirds shoes, which reduces carbon emissions and results in incredibly soft shoes4.

There are no half sizes available for the AllBirds Tree Runners. For guys, there are 15 distinct color options for the AllBirds Tree Runners. Women’s AllBirds Tree Runners are offered in 11 different hues.

How to Wash Your AllBirds Shoes?

Cleaning AllBirds footwear differs slightly from cleaning typical sneakers. AllBirds shoes can’t just be put in the washing machine because they are constructed of wool and wood fibers.

However, you may stop your Google search since our AllBirds shoes review will show you how to wash these items. Here are some quick instructions for cleaning your AllBirds shoes:

  1. Laces and insoles should be taken off and hand-washed delicately.
  2. Put your shoes in a mesh washing bag and wash them in cold water with a mild detergent on the gentle cycle.
  3. Air-dry your shoes.

Are They Waterproof?

Simply told, AllBirds footwear is not entirely waterproof. If they get really wet, they will still be able to hold onto moisture. However, AllBirds uses merino wool, a naturally moisture-wicking fabric, to line its insoles. So even on steamy summer days, the interior of your shoes won’t absorb any moisture.

Do They Have Arch Support?

Every pair of AllBirds shoes, according to the company, is constructed with “Dashers [that] have a 7mm drop with moderately contoured arch support built in.” Additionally, the brand’s insoles are totally replaceable so that, if necessary, your own insoles may be installed.

Who Are They Perfect For

AllBirds are designed for both men and women who want comfortable footwear without the unnecessary plastic and cotton that most shoe companies use. All of the footwear from this brand is designed to go with streetwear and is excellent for both daily use and travel.

Comparison - AllBirds vs. Native Shoes

There are a few other brands that sell shoes identical to AllBirds’, despite the fact that AllBirds is a fantastic shoe brand. Native Shoes is one of these companies.

Since its founding in 2009, Native Shoes has produced ethical, BPA-free, and environmentally friendly ethylene-vinyl acetate-based shoes for both men and women. Let’s examine how they compare against AllBirds despite their immaculate reputation for eco-friendly footwear.

Native Shoes and AllBirds say that because to their design and construction, they may be completely hand-washed in cold water with a little detergent. So, there is a tie for most convenient! But one significant distinction between these two manufacturers is the AllBirds shoes’ built-in arch support and more room for custom insoles.

First of all, whereas AllBirds exclusively ships shoes to the US through their official website, Native Shoes offers international shipping. However, AllBirds are offered in shops worldwide and on Amazon. Additionally, AllBirds offers free delivery on orders over $50 and free returns.

Here is the cost. While Native Shoes range in price from $35 to $160 depending on the desired kind of shoe, AllBirds are generally $95 in price. For their adult models, Native Shoes charges between $120 and $160 if you want the best and most well-liked shoes they have to offer.

So, both of these shoe companies are aware of what consumers want from a sustainable shoe company. However, we continue to pick AllBirds because of the low cost, ease of use, free delivery, and free returns.

Check out our comprehensive review of Native sneakers if you’re interested in learning more.

Customer Reviews

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of five-star reviews for each of AllBirds’ goods. Customers appear to agree, in general, that these shoes deliver on both elegance and comfort.

For the Men’s Wool Runners, one content client wrote the following review, “I’ve put thousands upon thousands of steps into my first pair. These shoes are great. I’ve struggled all my life finding a sturdy AND breathable athletic shoe and the struggle is over. I’ll be buying these again.”

One customer wrote the following in regards to the Women’s Tree Breezers, “These sneakers are really cozy! My new favorite set of flats, hands down!

No matter the shoe pair you’re looking at, the reviews consistently reflect complete consumer happiness. Stylish, cozy, and environmentally friendly? AllBirds looks to be everything you could want.

So, Are They worth It?

Yes, to put it plainly. When I heard about AllBirds’ eco-friendly operations while researching this AllBirds shoes review, I was immediately hooked on their footwear. In my book, any business that goes above and above to make the world as content as its clients is a winner.

The initiative taken by AllBirds to use as many environmentally friendly production techniques as they can is what I admire most about them. AllBirds went above and above by using both recycled plastic and recycled cardboard, as if making shoes from trees wasn’t already revolutionary enough. Incredible, huh?

We must discuss how reasonably priced AllBirds shoes are! They retail for the same price as your favorite pair of Nikes, if not less! AllBirds went ahead and charged for stylish, environmentally friendly footwear. Furthermore, the cost was reasonable. The only thing I can hope for is that they will eventually introduce a line of AllBirds slippers! Think about the coziness…

In conclusion, I’m delighted I published this review of AllBirds shoes since it made me aware of this brand. You don’t want to lose out on the goods they are offering or their morals.


What sizes are available at AllBirds?

Men – US 8 to 14

Women – US 5 to 11

Some of the footwear sold by AllBirds is not offered in half sizes. Customers are advised to size up for such items to ensure a proper fit. They also advise sizing up if you have broader feet.

If you’re in between sizes or have broad feet and are interested in their Tree Runners, AllBirds suggests going down a size. Because of AllBirds’ accommodating return policy, you may still exchange your shoes for a new pair even if you accidentally ordered the wrong size.

Their shipping policy

All orders over $50 at AllBirds qualify for free delivery inside the USA. Shipping costs $5 for purchases under $50.

AllBirds uses FedEx, USPS, and UPS to send their shipments, and it takes 5-7 business days for them to arrive.

AllBirds provides 2-day delivery beginning at $12 and 1-day shipping starting at $20 if you want your item to arrive sooner. Depending on the address and the package’s weight, the delivery cost varies.

Their return policy

The exchange and return policies of AllBirds are excellent. They have a 30-day return policy on shoes, and you may return them even if you’ve worn them. Returns must be done in the nation where the item was purchased. Online and in-store returns are also possible. AllBirds offers a fully paid return label for items being delivered back for returns.

The remainder of AllBirds’ items are subject to the following return policies…

  1. Socks must be returned in their original, sealed packing.
  2. It is not possible to exchange or refund accessories.