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New Customer Offer! Get 15% Off Your First Purchase

New Customer Offer! Get 15% Off Your First Purchase
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  • Checkout Our Women's New Arrivals Collection Starting From $38

    Checkout Our Women’s New Arrivals Collection Starting From $38

    Checkout Our Women's New Arrivals Collection Starting From $38
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    Checkout Our Men’s New Arrivals Collection Starts From $54

    Checkout Our Men's New Arrivals Collection Starts From $54
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  • Shop Our Women's Best Selling Items Starting As Low As $24

    Shop Our Women’s Best Selling Items Starting As Low As $24

    Shop Our Women's Best Selling Items Starting As Low As $24
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  • Shop Our Men's Best Selling Collection Starting As Low As $58

    Shop Our Men’s Best Selling Collection Starting As Low As $58

    Shop Our Men's Best Selling Collection Starting As Low As $58
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    Get Free US Shipping On Orders Over $99+

    Get Free US Shipping On Orders Over $99+
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    Signup & Get 20% Off Your Order

    Signup & Get 20% Off Your Order
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  • Clothing Should Be Better

    Fit refers to more than just maintaining a healthy weight; it also refers to dressing your body with apparel that not only complements but also functions with it.

    With their collection of sports clothing created for the comfort and flexibility that athletes need, Barbell Apparel covers both bases. It takes effort to develop those muscles, so why strain to find clothes that fits when you can just purchase designs made to highlight all that effort?

    With their Shark Tank appearance and wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, this brand was profitable right away. Since then, this business hasn’t stopped and has been highlighted for its ground-breaking fit on The Huffington Post, Forbes, The Washington Post, ABC News, Entrepreneur, and many other websites.

    In addition to media, this company dominates social media with 143k Instagram followers and an additional 172k Facebook followers.

    In our Barbell Apparel review, we’re taking a close look at this firm, its goods, business procedures, pricing, and other factors. Why take the time and effort? Any interested reader may use our guidance to determine whether this brand is worthwhile.

    Weightlifter Karl Workman, the founder of this company, made a major splash in 2016 when he launched his idea for a clothing company for those who were too fit for regular sizes and went directly from Kickstarter to Shark Tank. Workman offered a company idea that was straightforward, fashionable, and most importantly, perfectly comfortable based on the demands of other athletes.

    If you could only look at one item from the company, go for their Athletic Denim, which is cut for great thighs. With this brand’s fit for individuals who go above and beyond expectations, there’s no reason to hold back on your health.

    This firm devotes their time to assisting athletes dress comfortably after gym time when they’re ready to go out and showcase the hard work they’ve done. They provide better apparel in better sizes.

    Due to demand for their high-quality items, this firm has sold out of best-sellers three times since its inception. This brand has evolved into what it is now thanks to quality work and strong competition.

    One huge benefit for this company is that they put their clients first, but what other strengths does this company have to offer? To truly get things going, we’ll transform our review of Barbell Apparel into some benefits & drawbacks…


    1. Offers a broad selection of athletic gear as well as streetwear with unconventional sizes.
    2. Stretchable, comfortable clothing.
    3. Positive client feedback.
    4. Worldwide shipping.
    5. There are several funding choices (Apple Pay, PayPal, Google pay, etc)


    1. Very few outside ratings.
    2. Can be seen as costly.

    It’s time to move our Barbell Apparel review into the section that everyone actually cares about, their clothing. Now that we’ve looked at both the excellent and less-than-excellent aspects of the brands.

    A useful Sizing Chart is offered to suggest the best solutions for clients. It measures all items from the waist, thigh, and chest to discover the greatest fit. Every order comes with one free exchange if something doesn’t fit, so keep that in mind while placing your order.

    We’re now looking at the Barbell Apparel Women’s Clothing on the other side of the website. These best-sellers merely scratch the surface of what this company has to offer, ranging from denim trends to sports and leisurewear.

    Wear the Coral Barbell Apparel Barbell Crop Tee to support the company that cares.

    You don’t like coral as a color? It’s okay; this artwork is also available in 5 more colors. This mid-crop tee, which is made of a cotton/poly mix, boldly displays the emblem that helped establish this company from the start. The cost of this shirt is $24.

    By wearing the Barbell Apparel Slim Athletic Fit in Dark Wash, you may hip-check your way into a fresh look.

    These athletic jeans combine a traditional appearance with roomy size, much like the men’s version. These jeans include room for flexing thighs and taper out at the knees to seem slimmer.

    Any one of the 7 washes offered will look well with shirts for work or casual clothes since they are cozy, relaxed, and rest at the hips. For $149, add these to your basket.

    We’ll be honest: for ladies working out, a decent sports bra provides all the support we actually need. So why not have a look at the Rifle Green Barbell Apparel Form Sports Bra?

    This comfy bra incorporates Flektek, a fabric designed for retaining and supporting shape, and is offered in a total of 4 colors.

    This bra is form-fitting without being too tight and maintains everything in place during running, lunging, lifting weights, and other exercises. Additionally, for those who are feeling self-assured, it’s a fantastic opportunity to display the abs and arms you’ve been working on. The cost of this item is a swanky $34.

    We’re highlighting some of the most well-liked items this brand has available on the market for its men’s clothing, Barbell Apparel, to get things started. We’re only showcasing a few feature bestsellers to give you a taste of this incredible collection, which ranges from classic casual to stylish sporty.

    Wear the Black Starter Long Sleeve from Barbell Apparel to represent the company. This cozy long-sleeve shirt, which rules the casual appearance, is ideal for any day spent at the gym or on the streets.

    This comfortable item is ideal for cooler weather because it is made of sweat- and odor-resistant cotton. This $28 shirt should be included to the list since it is stretchy, fashionable, and sets a new standard for activewear.

    With the Barbell Apparel Straight Athletic Fit in Dark Indigo, flaunt that slick look. Despite being shown here in Indigo, these jeans come in ten distinct wash variations to match any style.

    These jeans, which fit sizes 26 to 40, sit gently below the waist and effortlessly slim the legs. The tapering at the knees looks and feels great in showcasing that hard-earned gym shape because there is extra room for the hips and thighs.

    These $149 jeans are versatile, cozy, and stylish and are appropriate for any situation.

    With the Navy Motive Dress Shirt from Barbell Apparel, create a professional appearance. This stunning button-down easily transitions from business to informal wear.

    Once you’ve determined the ideal size, go through the 14 available hues and designs. This particular style may quickly become a wardrobe essential.

    This stretchy design lays on the chest and arms gently while fighting smells, wrinkles, and sweat. For $118, add one (or two) to the collection.

    Is Barbell Apparel Suitable for You?

    We salute people who exercise frequently. For individuals who are built, this brand was created. Or simply people who desire garments that won’t bind their muscles and joints.

    This company caters to athletes’ needs for comfort, flexibility, and simplicity in fashion. Knowing that this brand fits larger than average sizes and provides room for growing muscles can soothe both men and women.

    Customer Reviews

    We’re focusing our Barbell Apparel evaluation on the internet, independently sourced consumer reviews to get a better sense of how this business performs in real life. Where should we begin? the actual corporate website, of course.

    Barbell Apparel presently has a rating of 4.8/5 stars based on 5,389 ratings from verified customers, which is fairly good. The majority of reviews have lower ratings even if the amount of high ratings first makes them look suspicious.

    While some customers have complained about size or shipment, the majority are really pleased with this company and their offerings.

    According to a Barbell Apparel review, “I’ve always appreciated fashion and realized once I started developing my physique into the image I dreamed, that most brands don’t cater to an athletic build. I’m so glad that I found Barbell Apparel because not only do their clothes look great on me, but I feel comfortable wearing them.”

    It is by no means unique for this review to complement the company’s sizing and solution for those with athletic builds.

    Many people are unaware of the extent to which a fitness-oriented lifestyle may cause problems with clothes, despite the media’s popularity of the image. All of the well-liked goods from this business have hundreds of favorable ratings for a single item.

    The Straight Athletic Fit in Medium Wash, which has received almost 900 reviews and a rating of 4.8/5 stars, is one of the most well-liked items on our website. The athletic construction of these jeans gives them elasticity, flexibility, and a cozy fit.

    In addition to being ideal for wearing out, one Barbell Apparel review noticed another application, “I spent silly amounts on super comfy PJ pants for WFH. Then I got these jeans, and the PJs just seem silly. Plus, they look good in da-club… wha-what! Also, they’re excellent for in-case-of-emergency Jujitsu. Love’em!”

    The following are some other top-rated items on this website…

    Motive Dress Shirt in Black – 4.9/5 stars based on nearly 110 ratings.

    Havok Polo in Cadet – 4.8/5 stars based on 745 ratings.

    Slim Athletic Fit in Medium Distressed – 4.8/5 stars based on over 140 ratings.

    Ultralight Polo in Maroon – 4.7/5 stars based on 745 ratings.

    Relaxed Athletic Fit in Light Wash – 4.7/5 stars based on over 420 ratings.

    Additionally, Barbell Apparel has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for its prompt response times and absence of customer complaints since its start in 2016.

    G for Gadget put the product through testing with their staff, which led to a final rating of 4.6/5 stars. Despite having just one author, this company did test its items for comfort, durability, and other factors.

    “As I said in the introduction, these pants are the most comfortable pants I have. The credit for comfort should go to the clothing material, stretchable design, and breathable stitch.”

    When it comes to these things, this review was ready to provide praise. Customers can immediately tell that each piece was carefully crafted because of how good it looks and feels.

    Later on, the Barbell Apparel review continued, “These pants are made of 100% polyester material. Even though I am not a huge fan of polyester, I liked these pants because I felt them like cotton-polyester blends. The stitches are perfect, the buckles are strong, the metal button is okayish and the pockets are meticulously designed for the best use. I am pretty sure these pants would last years without having to worry about the stitches.”

    Far from being the only blog to assess this business, Duuude follows closely after G for Gadget. This site rated the company a perfect 5 stars out of 5, writing, “The jeans were flexible in the hips, waist, and the nether regions to where we almost felt like we had nothing on at all. The stretch of the jeans was perfect- not too flexible yet enough stiffness any guy would want. The joggers didn’t bunch, didn’t restrict, and the inner material composition was smooth on our skin.”

    Despite not being included on more popular rating sites like SiteJabber and TrustPilot, this brand appears to compete rather well in terms of user reviews.

    So, Are They Worth It?

    We’re pleased to advise that this brand is worthwhile to purchase based on what we’ve read and investigated. This brand, which was founded with comfort in mind, provides a soothing and attractive fit for individuals who make the effort to develop their bodies and brains by spending countless hours in the gym.

    The nicest thing about this company is that, regardless of whether clients exercise or not, the size chart clearly illustrates the fit that is appropriate for each individual, so people looking for clothing outside of the gym can also find a place to turn to in this collection.


    Where do Barbell Apparel Clothes come from?

    According to our Barbell Apparel review, this company only produces products in the United States. Although particular towns aren’t mentioned aside from its Las Vegas headquarters, the US has been acknowledged as the country’s birthplace.

    Do they offer a Military Discount?

    Barbell Apparel is grateful to those who daily risk their lives in defense of their nation. All veterans and active duty personnel get 20% off each order as a way of showing their appreciation for those who have served.

    Their shipping policy

    With ease, begin the shipping procedure. We included all the delivery information we could find in our Barbell Apparel review, but to be quite honest, this company doesn’t provide much in the way of information.

    We do know that this business processes orders through Shopify, therefore a lot of data about their shipping offerings originates from their online store. All purchases normally arrive within 1 to 2 weeks after placement, and orders placed in the US over $99 receive free delivery.

    According to what we could locate, in addition to their choice for international delivery, there are four more shipping options offered in the US. Take a look at them below…

    1. Free delivery takes 5 to 7 business days.
    2. Shipping Priority costs $8 and takes 3 to 4 business days.
    3. FedEx 2 Day delivery costs $14
    4. FedEx Standard Overnight takes 1 day and costs $123

    Please be advised that charges may vary depending on the individual as prices are all location-based. Customers will receive connected tracking information for every box they order, allowing them to stay in touch up until the product arrives.

    Their return policy

    Do you have a problem with the ordered fit? In our evaluation of Barbell Apparel, we made sure to provide enough room to discuss what to do if the pricing (or goods) isn’t just perfect.

    All goods sold under this brand are eligible for returns and exchanges within 30 days, with the exception of Athletic Denim, which has a 60-day return policy.

    To return anything, they must have their original tags attached and be in brand-new condition, so be sure to keep them on when inspecting items when they first arrive.

    The following are the key considerations for returns and exchanges with this company…

    1. There is one free exchange per order, all other exchanges need money.
    2. Orders from abroad cover return shipping fees.
    3. Items on clearance sale are final sales.
    4. After 30 days, exchanges and returns will only be accepted for store credit rather than a refund.

    Go to the site, provide the required information, and start the return procedure to get your money back.