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The Comfort Kingdom

An American apparel company called Birddogs sells shorts and trousers for guys online through their store. But not just any shorts and pants—underwear-containing ones!

Read our Birddogs review to learn more about the company, whose products are made to be as comfortable as possible for men while they work and play.

The ironically called goods from Birddog include an attached liner that is supportive and at ease enough for men to forgo wearing underwear, and they are available in a variety of color, fabric, and length options.

With more than 122k Facebook followers and 146k Instagram followers, Birddog gained a sizable fan base. The Birddogs shorts, their initial offering, have also been highlighted in Maxim.

In this Birddogs review, I’ll show you the company’s top purchases, best-selling items, and actual customer comments so you can determine whether or not you want to learn more about this distinctive apparel line. To find out more about the history of this business, keep reading our Birddogs review.

American businesspeople Sam Hodgeman, Julia Fehrenbach, and Peter Baldwin established Birddogs in 2014.

In order to provide men an alternative to wearing standard boxers and briefs, Baldwin launched the business with the goal of offering them more practical and comfortable shorts and pants.

Baldwin continues to develop his company the traditional way after a failed stint on the business reality series Shark Tank. This long-standing business has since grown and now sells its goods to men in the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia. The following are some benefits of purchasing from Birddogs…


  1. Comfortable and practical designs with interior liners.
  2. Made for men of a broad range of sizes (S to XXXL).
  3. Selection of shorts and pants in different colors/patterns.
  4. Great product for minimalist travel packing.
  5. Choose the length of your shorts or pants.
  6. Their clothing range includes casual beach shorts to office-ready pants.

The brand’s signature item is its line of Birddogs shorts, and there are several styles to pick from! The Deer Hunters and Teddy Rubskins, two of this company’s most popular shorts, will be the focus of my Birddogs shorts review.

These Birddogs Deer Hunters shorts are from the company’s Gym Shorts line and include a hunter orange zipper and hunter green camo design.

You don’t need to wear underwear since these shorts, like other Birddogs items, feature a soft and elastic built-in liner (also in hunter orange!) These shorts are a perfect choice for sports and hiking thanks to the elasticized waistband.

The following are some fantastic qualities of the Deer Hunters shorts…

  1. The length is up to you! They have leg lengths of 6, 7, or 9 inches.
  2. Various sizes available, ranging from S to XXXL.
  3. Rear pocket with a zipper.
  4. A pair of discreet side pockets.

There are 18 additional colors and designs available for these shorts, including navy blue and gray, if camo isn’t your style. Spend $68 on the Deer Hunter shorts.

All the fantastic qualities of the traditional Birddogs short are present in the Teddy Rubskins short from Birddog’s Khaki range, which is nevertheless dressy enough to go to lunch.

With these shorts, you can simply transition from the golf course to a date without having to change because they are available in timeless, traditional neutral colors like khaki, navy blue, light blue, and white.

It has three pockets total, two on the sides and one with a zipper in the back and an elastic waistband are features of these shorts. They also have BirdDogs’ unique lining, which eliminates the need for underwear.

There are three different lengths of Teddy Rubskins shorts to choose from…

  1. Short – 6 inches
  2. Medium – 7 inches
  3. Long – 9 inches

For $68 you can get these Birddogs shorts in sizes Small to XXXL.

This company has added long pants to their product offering since their inception in 2014.

The Wayne Regretzkys and the Jeff Pesos, two of their best-selling titles, will be the subject of my next Birddogs review.

Despite their moniker, regular people may wear the Wayne Regretzkys Jogger Pants.

These trousers are made for men who want a pair of relaxed joggers that they can wear around the house but are nonetheless fashionable and structured enough to wear out.

The Wayne Regretzskys is a traditional light khaki colored tapered jogger with a wide cuff and drawstring waist.

These long pants come with an inside liner attached, allowing you to move freely without wearing underwear (and without any visible lines). However, if you’d like, you can choose a pair of these pants without a lining. Given their extreme stretchiness and similarly small profile, Birddogs advises scaling down if you are in between sizes. Wayne Regretzky Jogger Pants are available in sizes Small to XXXL for $109.

Although Birddogs doesn’t reveal the source of inspiration for these trousers, I believe it is reasonable to guess that they acquired their name since they appear to be a pair you might earn some money in!

The slim and traditional Jeff Pesos khaki pants are fashionable and stylish enough for business wear or a romantic night.

Although these trousers are more structured and formal than other Birddogs clothes, they are neither constricting or stiff since, like the joggers, they are incredibly elastic.

These beige pants have a few additional cool qualities as well:

  1. Plenty of pockets! a zippered seam pocket, a tiny back pocket, and two open side pockets.
  2. available both with and without a liner
  3. across the hips and slightly tapering past the knee
  4. all the way to the top of your shoe.
  5. other colors include gray, black, off-white, and dark brown

The Jeff Pesos from Birddogs is offered in lengths of 28 to 36 inches and waist sizes ranging from 28 to 38. For $109, purchase the Jeff Pesos pants.

Could Bird Dogs Be Perfect for You?

Men who find conventional fashions unpleasant or unpractical might purchase shorts and pants from this shop. Guys who prefer the comfort of lined shorts or pants will appreciate not having to bring underwear for their weekend getaway.

Men who are active will appreciate that BirdDogs’ distinctive clothing is made to keep them comfortable whether they are rushing about the office or out for a jog. They also feature a variety of looks that are equally acceptable for business and pleasure.

Guys who are interested in fashion will like the range of designs and the fact that the many pockets they have keep their wallets and keys in handy locations without bulging awkwardly and damaging their appearance. Men will also like the fabric’s adjustable flexibility and variety of sizes and lengths because they have harder-to-fit bodies.

Younger clients will also be drawn to this company’s clever and goofy advertising because they will appreciate their irreverent humor and innovative approach to menswear.

Customer Reviews

On the product pages of their official website, Birddogs displays client testimonials. Numerous evaluations praise this company and its comfortable and useful products.

In their evaluation of Birddogs, one client states, “Honestly speaking, all of the products I’ve purchased thus far have been great beyond belief! The comfort of the pants which I wear daily to work are second to none, hands down.”

Another client describes a similar incident in their Birddogs review, saying, “Was skeptical about the liner but was surprised on how comfortable it was. Material is very soft and durable for active use.”

This company also has a profile on, where its rating is 3.2 out of 5 stars based on a few customer reviews. On TrustPilot, some consumers complained that Birddogs’ service had failed them down while other customers raved about the company’s customer service and products.

In their TrustPilot Birddogs review, one user states, “They keep your wallet off to the side and the inside liner is amazing. Got a pair and didn’t like color, no problem they immediately shipped a different pair out for me.”

Birddogs is also on Facebook, where user evaluations reveal that many customers adore their Birddogs items, however some wish the company might be more receptive and open with consumers regarding their purchases.

Nevertheless, reviews of the Birddogs product’s fit and quality were positive.

One customer writes the following about Birddogs on Facebook, “I’ve ordered three pairs of shorts, two khakis and one oxford…these are obscenely comfortable, functional, and can be dressed up and down. If you have someone who’s hard to shop for, or fat like me, try a pair of these. They’re awesome and I’m slowly replacing my shorts with an all Birddog lineup.”

Customers who have reviewed Birddogs on have likewise expressed conflicting feelings about the company’s customer service, while those who have had more positive interactions have stated that they find the company’s goods to be cozy and useful.

In their Birddogs review, a SiteJabber user states, “Never had any issues with the fit and my husband absolutely LOVES them. Ordered one pair of athletic shorts and one pair of khaki shorts. He even said he would only be ordering Birddogs from now on.”

Customers of Birddogs mention how comfortable and useful the company’s shorts are on a Reddit discussion page. In their evaluation of Birddogs, one client writes, “I can’t say enough about these shorts…The pockets on these shorts are hardly noticeable, but extremely functional.”

Another buyer, who reviewed Birddogs before the company ventured outside its signature shorts, expressed satisfaction with their purchases by writing, “MASSIVE Birddogs Shorts fan. Best product out there. Hoping they expand their line to pants soon…”

Clients gave this firm generally mixed ratings on a number of websites, with the common theme being that while the product itself is excellent, a lack of timely and attentive customer care can occasionally be a problem for customers.

So, Are They Worth It?

The shorts and pants from Birddogs may be ideal for you if you want to mix comfort and style. Their designs include exciting beach party shorts, trendy takes on traditional, go-with-anything khakis, and joggers suited for relaxing.

The company’s innovative design and emphasis on wearability and utility have produced a truly distinctive product that appears to live up to its claims. There is no doubt that customers appreciate Birddogs because of their useful pockets and soft, comfy inner liners.

While some consumers have complained about the firm’s customer service online, Birddogs also has a lot of favorable reviews from customers who have grown to appreciate the brand and the way its items fit and feel. In light of this, my evaluation of Birddogs can suggest buying products from this company.


Do they ship abroad?

Yes, they ship to Canada, Australia, and the UK.

Their shipping policy

Three US shipping choices are provided by BirdDogs…

  1. Free shipping takes 4 to 8 days to arrive.
  2. The 2-day delivery costs $10 for and arrives in 2 business days.
  3. The Next-Day Shipping costs $15 and arrives the next business day.

They also ship to military bases.

For the following prices, Birddogs ships to these nations…

  1. Shipping to Canada is $25 flat-rate.
  2. Shipping to Australia will cost you $40 in total.
  3. Shipping to the UK is $40 flat-rate only.

The return policy

The Birddogs website states that you have up to 90 days from the date of purchase to return an item. Go to the Returns & Exchanges link on the BirdDogs’ official website. Be prepared to start the return procedure by having your order number and shipping zip code at the ready.