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High Quality, Humanely Raised, Amazing Taste Delivered To Your Door

ButcherBox is a practical and adaptable meat subscription service that is attracting an increasing number of meat aficionados. A monthly or bimonthly delivery of ethically reared beef, pig, fish, and chicken is available to subscribers in curated and personalized boxes.

What’s best? This company ensures that every product it sells comes from a local farm that values wild-caught, organic, heritage-breed, and grass-fed vegetables.

The greatest approach to make sure we are helping the environment and our health is by consuming produce that has been acquired ethically. Consumers are prepared to purchase items made from ethically and humanely bred animals as long as the claims are reliable and true, according to this cross-sectional study.

This brand has received accolades from the Joe Rogan Experience, Food & Wine, The New York Times, and Forbes, and it is now a well-liked and secure option for keto and paleo diners. The ButcherBox’s Facebook page has 218k likes, and it has 365k followers on Instagram.

For you to determine if this subscription is perfect for you, we will give you a thorough overview of this company, the items it offers, the costs, and user comments in our ButcherBox review…

ButcherBox has rather modest and natural beginnings. Mike Salguero, the company’s founder, eventually found himself in a living room choosing a $400 pile of flesh from a cow share.

From that point on, Mike was fascinated by the unadulterated, healthy flavor of 100% grass-fed beef. He also learned that eating cows that were fed grass instead of grain had different health advantages.

Mike understandably questioned why nobody was eating it. Only 1% of the beef eaten in the US today is entirely grass-fed.

ButcherBox, however, was established with the intention of making grass-fed beef more widely available than ever before, and it has subsequently added heritage-breed pig, wild-caught fish, and organic poultry to its menu.

Heritage-breed pork is produced more effectively, consistently, and ethically than regular pigs, even if there is little to no quality difference between the two. This stud] claims that it enables greater quality standards.

Because wild seafood is captured in its natural environment, it has not been grown in a cage. It is crucial to take reasonable quantities of animals from the population while using techniques that do not alter the habitat’s natural microbiology.

Before establishing its headquarters in Harvard Square, Cambridge, in 2015, Mike’s start-up had previously operated from a few café chairs and, at one point, a closet.

Over 10,000 households are now served by ButcherBox in the US and Canada, and the company describes itself as a welcoming neighborhood butcher who is always available and hassle-free.

Before we discuss all of the items available, let’s first look at the two advances ButcherBox’s methods offer…

The flavor is superb – Particularly the cuts of meat he hadn’t been able to acquire in nearby supermarkets and local food chains, grass-fed, grass-finished steak tasted fantastic.

The existing system is ineffective – There had to be a simpler method to locate premium, humanely produced beef.

If you don’t feel like reading the entire ButcherBox review, have a look at some of the most significant features.


  1. Superior beef that has been obtained responsibly
  2. The ButcherBox crew personally evaluates each item.
  3. A fair value given the quality and ethical source
  4. Recommended by reliable nutrition and health sources
  5. Free shipping is available inside Canada and the USA.
  6. Can at any moment suspend, change the frequency, or cancel their membership.

Depending on how frequently you consume meat, ButcherBox may send meat to your house on a monthly or bimonthly basis.

The staff has individually taste-tested every piece of meat that comes in a ButcherBox. This company’s top goal is quality control, and they aim to introduce you to meat types and cuts that aren’t available in supermarkets.

Subscribers are urged by ButcherBox to become knowledgeable about the origins of their meats. Every piece of beef in a ButcherBox is therefore…

  1. Ethically reared
  2. Without antibiotics
  3. Has no additional hormones

If freshness is a concern, each piece of chicken, beef, pig, or shellfish is packaged in frozen, vacuum-sealed containers to ensure that it is fresh when it is delivered. All product is stored in insulated boxes and recyclable or biodegradable eco-friendly packaging when it is delivered.

Since this business is always dedicated to preserving your meat at the proper temperature and prepared for cooking, some boxes even include dry ice if necessary.

But what is contained in these brand’s boxes? You may select from 5 different box kinds when you join up. You will have the choice of a Classic or Big Box with each of these boxes, with all of the amounts of each given below…

Custom Box

Classic Box – 9 to 14 lbs. of meat.

Big Box – 18 to 26 lbs. of meat.

Mixed Box, Beef & Chicken Box, Beef & Pork Box, and All Beef Box

Classic Box – 8 to 11 lbs. of meat.

Big Box – 16 to 22 lbs. of meat.

With no need to place more orders, you may stop or cancel your ButcherBox membership at any time. However, be aware that memberships often renew themselves every month or every other month. Therefore, unless you modify your box type, every shipment will include the same things.

You should also be aware that all ButcherBox goods are subject to availability, which means that orders may have quantity restrictions, be rejected in whole or in part, or have certain meats discontinued or replaced.

The staff has individually taste-tested every piece of meat that comes in a ButcherBox. They aim to introduce you to meat types and cuts that aren’t available in supermarkets. This alone piques my curiosity because I have encountered several unsatisfactory cuts at the grocery store.

Every piece of meat in a ButcherBox is free of antibiotics and extra hormones and was grown ethically. Subscribers are urged by ButcherBox to become knowledgeable about the origins of their meats. The health and contentment of the animal, as well as how humanely and sustainably it was grown on the farm, all have a significant impact on quality.


All of the ButcherBox cattle’s life, they are contently free to roam on lush meadows. The cows may graze all year round because of the environment and their natural diet of grass. Because of the following, subscribers may feel comfortable about purchasing ButcherBox beef…

  1. 100% grass-fed and finished.
  2. allowed to wander and reared in the pasture.
  3. Source of vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids.


Chester White pigs from ButcherBox are grown in Duroc, Berkshire, and have a distinguished pedigree (whoa, fancy!). Heritage breed pigs are unique because they “develop the exquisite marbling and superb flavor that nature intended them to have during their delayed maturity period, thanks to their natural, old-world genetics,” according to ButcherBox. I’m now daydreaming about some deliciously crispy ButcherBox bacon.

In spite of being bred for food, these pigs have very wonderful lives…

  1. Barns with open beds.
  2. External access.
  3. Dietary intake (forage with vegetarian feed).


They “spend their days roosting in barns and enjoying the outdoors,” according to ButcherBox free-range organic chickens. Who knew chickens had such a spirit of adventure? The team collaborates with the ASPCA to align with their poultry welfare policy, and the birds are raised in accordance with their policy…

  1. Access to the outdoors with specialized improvements.
  2. Healthy diet (forage with organic, vegetarian feed that is certified).
  3. GMO-free project confirmed.

The lesson I learned from reviewing ButcherBox is that if reincarnation is genuine and I return as a cow, pig, or chicken in the afterlife, I hope I land on a ButcherBox farm.


Also available to ButcherBox subscribers in Canada is wild sockeye salmon. Sadly, the United States does not provide this fish choice. A photo would have been provided, but I didn’t want to provoke anyone’s envious feelings.

We’ll discuss all of the ButcherBox plans in the next section of this ButcherBox membership review.

The cost of ButcherBox is determined by the size and kind of box you select. They offer 5 various boxes, including their most popular Custom Box in Classic or Big Box sizes, along with 4 carefully picked selections. Even if you select the curated boxes, ButcherBox provides a variety of add-ons and monthly promotions, so you still have options.

In this ButcherBox membership review, we outline all of your options…

The contents of each of the boxes supplied will be discussed after that in our ButcherBox review. There is undoubtedly a package for you, whether you want a fantastic New York Strip Steak, whole pork tenderloin, or even good, old-fashioned chicken drumsticks.

I’ll start with the Custom Box. This company has made it possible for you to customize your own box depending on your tastes since they continually work to make you feel comfortable with the products you receive.

As said, the Custom Box contains between 9 and 14 pounds between 18 and 26 pounds of meat, with choices for beef, fish, pig, and poultry. We can only guess that the brand gives a large range of its goods to choose from that changes on a monthly basis even if the company does not specifically state what exactly arrives in this box.

The Mixed Box follows. With 8-11 lbs. to 16-22 lbs. of chicken, pig, shellfish, and/or beef, this is one of the brand’s most varied fixed subscriptions. The company is well-known for their wild sockeye salmon when it comes to seafood. Don’t forget to put this in your shopping basket and load up on dill and lemons!

For individuals who also enjoy handmade burgers, beef bourguignon, or a traditional pork tenderloin with honey sauce, this ButcherBox review advises this package.

The following is a list of what is contained in a sample Mixed Box from the company, which includes every variety of meat available…

4 Top Sirloin Steaks.

2 lbs of Ground Beef.

2 New York Strip Steaks.

1 lb of Whole Pork Tenderloin.

3 lbs of Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast.

The Beef & Chicken Box follows. The brand’s grass-fed beef and organic chicken are available in this package, with options ranging from…

3 lbs Drumsticks.

4 Top Sirloin Steaks.

2 lbs of Ground Beef.

2 New York Strip Steaks.

3 lbs of Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast.

This package, which contains 8 to 11 pounds to 16 to 22 pounds of meat, is ideal for individuals who enjoy steak and eggs on Sundays, filled chicken breasts, and classic Bolognese sauce.

The free-range organic hens sold by this company “spend their days roosting in barns and enjoying the outdoors.” Additionally, ButcherBox collaborates with the ASPCA to adhere to their guideline on the care of chickens. This indicates that every bird sold under the brand was grown using…

  1. Outdoor access with specialized enhancements
  2. Nutritious diet (forage + certified organic all-vegetarian feed)
  3. Non-GMO project verified

The Beef & Pork Box is for people who simply want the substantial meats. This package is ideal for those seeking for crate-free pork choices because it contains 8-11 lbs. to 16-22 lbs. of meat.

Additionally, you should be aware that ButcherBox exclusively obtains Chester White pigs, which are reared in Duroc, Berkshire, have a distinguished heritage, and have been fed an entirely vegetarian diet while being raised on pasture. The example menu that the company is now promoting is as follows…

4 Top Sirloin Steaks.

2 lbs of Ground Beef

4 Boneless Pork Chops.

2 New York Strip Steaks.

1 lbs. of Whole Pork Tenderloin.

The All Beef Box is the last. designed for people who enjoy chuck roast stew, steak and potatoes, or ground beef fajitas. Don’t feel guilty about indulging in these foods because they are all rich in vitamins, minerals, and healthful Omega 3 fatty acids.

You may choose from selections ranging from 8 to 11 pounds to 16 to 22 pounds of pure, grass-fed and grass-finished beef.

2 lbs Chuck Roast.

4 Top Sirloin Steaks.

2 lbs of Ground Beef.

2 New York Strip Steaks.

1 lbs. Premium Steak Tips.

A family or small party may enjoy the greatest cuts of meat at the highest quality without going over budget based on these ButcherBox selections. Additionally, should we remind you that every item on these meals is designed to be keto and paleo friendly?

We’d like to show you some of our favorite products from this brand before we discuss customer reviews, delivery choices, etc.

One of the most well-liked and delectable slices of beef available from any butcher are filet mignons. This meat, which is one of the market’s softest cuts and is made to melt in your mouth, comes from the cow’s tenderloin, where it also gets its mouthwatering taste.

To preserve the natural fluids and tastes, ButcherBox advises pan-searing and then heating in the oven. As always, season with salt and pepper before cooking.

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts are a traditional mainstay of every family kitchen and are simple to prepare as soups, sandwiches, dinners, and even kebabs.

ButcherBox advises cooking in a skillet or the oven, or even stuffing this traditional favorite with cheese and spinach for a fresh take.

Because pork tenderloin is a great source of protein and nutrients, we have all eaten or seen it at some time in our lives. For individuals with busy schedules looking for a quick fix, ButcherBox’s lean pork tenderloins are soft and delectable.

Nothing tastes better than a salmon fillet that has been cooked to perfection. Bristol Bay, Alaska is the “most fertile salmon environment in North America,” according to World Wildlife, and is where ButcherBox gets their wild Alaskan sockeye salmon.

The brand advises grilling or pan-searing the fresh, supple meat. Or bake something in the oven to lock in the taste.

The omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin B content of wild Alaskan sockeye salmon make it a fantastic source of protein. According to this study, it therefore promotes heart health and minimizes the risk of heart disease.

Burgers, meatballs, and meatloaf made with fresh ground bison that has only been fed grass are prepared differently. Despite tasting like beef, the company advises against its “umami flavor,” which is a Japanese term for “savoriness.”

When obtained responsibly and humanely, ground bison has a high iron, selenium, and zinc content. According to this study, this combination promotes omega-3 fatty acids and improved heart health.

Use it as a different, intriguing, and protein-rich option to your standard meaty spaghetti, chili, or protein bowl.

How long is a ButcherBox good for?

Meat from ButcherBox is designed to keep as long as possible in the refrigerator. First off, each piece of beef from this brand is hermetically wrapped and will keep for at least two weeks in the refrigerator. But if it is taken out of the package, your meat will likely only survive 3 to 5 days.

Does ButcherBox Allow Month Skipping?

You can change or stop your shipments before your subsequent payment date by logging into your account page. Additionally, the company lets you modify your subscription box at any moment before the start of the subsequent monthly cycle.

Is ButcherBox Suitable for You?

For individuals who enjoy high-quality meats at lower costs, there is ButcherBox. This subscription is best suited for families or big groups because the box sizes can be rather considerable. ButcherBox is the greatest choice for individuals on a tight budget because the subscription costs a fraction of what excellent cuts would normally cost at your local butcher.

Customer Reviews

On its website, ButcherBox displays numerous great testimonials, but there isn’t a place to post a review. Several eminent sources have contributed their opinions…

Melissa Urban, Whole30 Co-Founder and CEO, “It is important to me and my community that our animal protein sources are naturally and responsibly raised and fed. For this reason, I trust and recommend ButcherBox.”

Dr. David Perlmutter, Board-Certified Neurologist, “This is meat as nature intended that truly emulates the diet of our ancestors. These folks are doing a terrific job and you can be sure that they get my support.”

For our ButcherBox membership review, I performed some research to find out what actual consumers are thinking. On Influenster, ButcherBox has a rating of 3.6/5 stars. Many reviewers praised the meat’s quality and affordability, and many wrote supportive comments.

Others had their orders entirely thawed when they arrived, including freezer burn or, occasionally, rotting meat (yikes). Inaccessible customer support and trouble canceling the subscription were other major issues.

Reddit comments about ButcherBox are similarly conflicting. Customers of the service concur that the meat is more affordable and superior to grass-fed beef purchased from a grocery shop.

Other consumers bemoaned the price of ButcherBox. Most reviewers who are used to grocery store prices and buying meat in bulk at stores like Costco complained about ButcherBox’s price points.

So, Is It Worth It?

When compared to grocery shops, ButcherBox will almost always be more expensive, but the trade-off is better quality, ethically sourced meat. Some of us are content with little more than a delicious steak. If you’ve ever watched a documentary on the atrocities of the meat business, like Food, Inc., you’ll understand how poorly these animals are treated and the environmental harm that results from it.

Like choosing fair trade coffee over normal coffee, the concept is what matters, not the price. It’s feasible to get coffee that tastes just as excellent through unethical means.

Despite all of this, the unfavorable comments found in this ButcherBox membership review are alarming. Obviously, I wouldn’t want bad meat to arrive at my house, but mistakes and shipping problems sometimes occur.

The meat is generally regarded as being of excellent quality and flavor. There is no risk in testing it out because there is no obligation to continue with the membership. If you do decide to cancel due to the poor customer support, get in touch with the team as soon as you can.


Cancelling or pausing your subscription

ButcherBox permits cancellation at any time before to the next order being billed or subscription stops for up to 6 months. Visit the account page and enter your ButcherBox login information.

Your next bill date is shown at the top of the website when it first loads under the Your Box tab. Click Pause or Stop Subscription at the bottom of the page after scrolling there. Under Box Settings, you can also change how frequently you get deliveries.

Before the next order is invoiced, cancellations may be made at any time. The cancellation will only be executed for the following planned billing date if you cancel after the billing but before delivery.

Their shipping policy

After the bill date or the first time you place a purchase, your ButcherBox is delivered in around 7 business days. Your monthly or bimonthly bill date, if your orders are recurring, will be the day you initially bought the subscription. By visiting the account page, subscribers can update their bill date whenever they want.

The following are the main points made in this ButcherBox membership review: delivery is free inside North America. Deliveries are made by UPS or FedEx and don’t go outside of these nations.

Their return policy

ButcherBox does not accept refunds since the items they ship are perishable and cannot be replenished or resold. The return policy of theirs includes the following exceptions:

  1. things harmed not connected to the carrier.
  2. Defrosted goods or damage as a result of carrier delays or faulty handling.
  3. missing things.

You must notify ButcherBox of any order difficulties, which might result in product replacement, credit toward the following box, or a partial/full refund. You’ll probably need to submit a picture of your broken, defrosted, or otherwise flawed things.