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You Know Your Body, We Know the Science. Let’s Work Together

Numerous people lack specific micronutrients, according to studies, and this problem may be resolved by adding vitamins and minerals to your diet. But because they don’t know what they need, the majority of individuals don’t take daily vitamins.

Care/of seeks to simplify and improve the experience of taking daily vitamins. This brand evaluates your lifestyle and provides recommendations based on your particular behaviors, as opposed to you simply going to the drugstore and picking anything you believe you need. Then, every 30 days, they send out your vitamins.

Care/of’s approach to health has garnered them more than 251,000 Instagram followers, sponsorship deals on YouTube with well-known artists, and appearances in publications such as Refinery29, Women’s Health, Buzzfeed, Elle Magazine, Business Insider, and Forbes.

Many of us neglect to take care of our health, and one company promises to be able to assist with that problem. In order to help you determine whether or not this product is good for you, our Care/of vitamins review will look at its goals, customer service, supplements, client testimonials, and more.

We must do things like wash our faces, brush our teeth, and take vitamins, but we hardly ever look forward to doing them. Although the wellness sector has grown significantly over the past twenty years, little attention has been paid to the everyday vitamins we take. That is, until Care/of reached the market in 2016.

Craig Elbert and Akash Shah, two friends, started the company. The two intended to make bodily support more predictable. Before obtaining personalized vitamin recommendations, they initially created a pilot survey for their friends and family, asking them to provide important details about their age, diets, levels of exercise, energy, and more.

The reaction was excellent. Elbert and Shah discovered that consumers were eager to spend the time taking the questionnaire and reading research on the efficacy of the supplements. So, they introduced the world to their exclusive service. The business has expanded greatly since then and currently has a research and development facility in Vermont alongside its main headquarters in New York City.

The Care/of questionnaire seeks to address your health-related questions, but it is made clear that you should not accept the brand’s suggestions in place of medical advice from a doctor. Additionally, the business only sells pills and powders whose efficacy is supported by studies.

Whether you believe in vitamins or not, Care/of has had tremendous success. It has been listed by Forbes as one of the greatest startups to work for, and just lately, Target began carrying its goods.

The company has a blog where you may learn more about supplements. You may read articles based on research on a variety of subjects here, including the piece on the care/of creatine for women.

Now that you’ve learned more about the brand’s origins, read on for a summary of the highlights…


  1. Every month, customized vitamins and supplements are sent to your house.
  2. Sourced responsibly.
  3. An easy to use website.
  4. You can pause or quit at any moment.
  5. The brand has thousands of supporters.
  6. There are several deals offered.
  7. An app on your phone will reward you for taking your vitamins and will remind you to do so.
  8. Biodegradable vitamin care packets.

How Does Care/of Vitamins Work?

You may buy vitamins and supplements by subscribing on a monthly basis. Here, we’ll examine the brand’s offerings before turning our attention to the specifics of the monthly delivery in the next section.

You have two choices when you visit the company’s website. Either you may explore the available items or you can take the quiz. Start by talking about the items.

The store area has three categories: supplements, powders, and extras. There are a lot of ingestible items in each division that are designed to give your body what it lacks or a little additional help.

Traditional supplements like D3 are available and advised for people who don’t receive enough sun. You may also get herbs like Rhodiola, which helps your body’s reaction to stress, according to one research. Collagen powders and sleep aids with melatonin are two other examples.

So that you don’t choose items arbitrarily, each product page includes essential information, such as what each supplement does and the research to support those claims.

You won’t have to waste time reading scholarly publications with a lot of jargon. Care/of offers concise descriptions that are much easier to grasp for those of us who aren’t scientists, dietitians, or medical professionals.

Each of the product categories that Care/Of offers will be examined in the next part of this evaluation…

You may discover goods like multivitamins, minerals, herbs, and probiotics in this part of the Care/Of website. Even specialized items like adaptogenic mushrooms, which can strengthen the immune system of the body, are available.

There is a little paragraph describing the function of each product in each category. For instance, Care/Of says that minerals are inorganic substances that are necessary for the body to operate and that some, like calcium, require significant amounts. Care/Of is user-friendly and approachable for individuals without a background in science or health thanks to explanations this basic.

You may discover a range of collagen powders, protein powders, and other powders on the Care/Of Powders page. Collagen and other proteins are crucial for our bodies to operate correctly. Consider them as construction materials.

There is something for everyone due to the huge variety of tastes offered. Care/Of will please you whether you like matcha or passion fruit!

The company has created a helpful questionnaire to help you because it is aware that the majority of individuals are unaware of what their body actually requires. You will be asked some basic questions about your history with vitamins and supplements, as well as your age and gender, to begin your examination.

The interesting part follows. The next step is to choose your goals from a list of 12 possibilities. You may select as many as necessary, including higher immunity, stronger heart health, better sleep, and healthy hair.

You will be asked some particular questions for each aim you choose. For illustration, we choose “stress.” The questions that followed were as follows…

  1. How do you feel at the end of a stressful day? [Worked up or drained]
  2. In an average week, how often do you feel burned out? [Rarely, 2-3 days, every day]

After that, certain lifestyle-related questions will be asked of you, like how many fruits and vegetables you typically eat, how much fiber or fish you eat, if you drink alcohol, whether you have any allergies, and more.

Your values are the last set of inquiries. The company wants to know how receptive you are to alternative treatments and more recent but still scientifically sound products.

Your results are finally ready! You will receive a clear list of the vitamins and supplements Care/of believes you should take, along with its recommendations for doing so. For instance, in answer to the stress queries, we suggested B-complex vitamins and the herb Rhodiola.

The suggestions have been supported by our own independent evaluation of scientific sources based on our responses to their inquiries. According to one study, participants who took a B-complex vitamin for 90 days felt happier. Rhodiola’s ability to influence the release of stress hormones was discovered by another study that focused on the plant.

Aren’t satisfied with all of Care’s recommendations for personalized vitamins? You can decide not to order any of the brand’s recommended items, so don’t worry. Or you may add something that you feel was left out if you’d want to.

It’s time to place your purchase once you’ve chosen the Care/of multivitamins, tablets, powders, and sticks you want to include in your daily routine! We’ll now go through the details of the business’ subscription service.

According to this Care/of vitamins review, the organization offers subscriptions for your convenience, and the entire procedure is made to be quite straightforward. It’s time to subscribe after you’ve completed your quiz, considered your suggestions, and made any necessary modifications.

Every 30 days, fresh daily supplements will be sent to your home. Any number of tablets you select will be sent in handy packets, one for each day. (Remember that sticks and powders are packaged differently.) However, there is no need to be concerned about pointless waste. The packages from Care/of are 100% biodegradable.

When you open your package, a clever cardboard dispenser will be there. Put it in the cabinet, then go to night anticipating the start of your new lifestyle with breakfast the following morning.

The majority of the company’s medications should be taken with food and in the morning. Take a parcel out once you’re prepared. A motivational saying or health challenge will greet you on the front.

Afterward, ingest your tablets together with some water.

You need also get the Care/of vitamins app. To help you maintain your new healthy habit, you can mark down each day that you took all of your vitamins successfully. As you establish a streak, the business will reward you with points you can exchange for savings on your subsequent invoice or products from its shop.

Additionally, when you reach new milestones while keeping a daily journal, you’ll discover more about the vitamins you’re taking. But before your subsequent box is processed, you have the option of changing your mind.

Prior to the shipment of your package, you will be charged each month. But if you’ll be travelling or want a vacation, there are choices to postpone your membership. Through your My Plan account, you may accomplish this. Simply choose the length of time you want to postpone the membership (up to 4 weeks).

In your My Plan Care/of account, you can also entirely cancel your plan. Request a permanent subscription halt by going to Manage Subscriptions. Purchases that have already been processed will be invoiced and dispatched as normal, but new orders won’t be accepted. And don’t worry, you can reactivate whenever you want!

What Do C/O Vitamins Cost?

Depending on the supplements, powders, and sticks you order, the cost of vitamin care varies. An overview of the suggested one-month supply for each category is shown below…

$5 to $18 for vitamins.

$14 to $32 for powders.

$5 for Sticks Quickly (five per pack).

Additionally, the company sells monthly shipments of supplements relevant to pregnancy. Prenatal care costs $19.

Customer Reviews

What do customers think of this brand’s seeming tailored and practical supplement plan? For additional information, this Care/of vitamins review included customer reviews from the business’s website, Trustpilot, and Reddit.

Nearly 2.4k customers have given its service 4.7/5 stars on the company’s website. Users praise the package for being visually beautiful and ecologically friendly and for being simple to follow plans. Consider the following example…

“The packaging was great (I like that they come in a box I can break down and easily recycle) … I like the simplicity of having all my vitamins in one convenient package instead of having a ton of bottles laying around and paying $30 per bottle of vitamins. Truly a money saver.”

A 4.6/5-star rating from 1.8k users is displayed on Trustpilot. Reviewers of Care/of vitamins claim that after committing to the brand, they saw changes in their general health and wellness. Here’s an illustration…

“I have been taking these vitamins for a couple months, I certainly do feel the difference… I am very happy with the energy that I am feeling each day. Before taking these vitamins, I felt fatigued during the day however, since I’ve been on these vitamins, I no longer feel fatigued. Therefore, I recommend these vitamins!”

Another customer feels similarly about the convenience, “I take the vitamins that I need and leave out all the guess work. It’s super simple when I animal sit for others, because I just grab the number of packets I need and I’m good to go!”

The company is also endorsed on Reddit. Nevertheless, some Redditors note that the membership might be pricey. Nevertheless, consumers endorse the company due to its methodical approach, “The reason I like care of is they are upfront with good and bad research as well as sourcing behind each supplement.”

Overall, this Care/of vitamins review discovered that the great majority of customers are content with their membership, citing the company as knowledgeable, practical, and reliable.

So, Are They Worth It?

This Care/of vitamins evaluation takes into account the price, use, and opinions of the consumers. Our judgment? This company is one to look into.

It is commendable that the business takes such care to explain to its clients the advantages of their regimen. It provides customers with tailored suggestions that are supported by empirical research and explain that research to them in understandable terms.

Care/of provides a helpful introduction to the world of daily vitamins, according to even doubters. And thousands of consumers confirm this.

Care/of is an ecologically responsible business that takes delight in improving its clients’ health and minds. Consider subscribing to it if you want to begin a new wellness routine.

Signing Up for C/O Vitamins

This Care/of vitamins review discovered that subscribing is simple. You may use the instructions below for a step-by-step walkthrough on how to begin…

  1. Visit the brand’s website to take the quiz or add your selected items to your shopping cart.
  2. You will be asked to provide your email, first and last name, as well as other personal details, in order to establish an account after placing your purchase.
  3. Emails with deals, updates, and advice on how to customize your routine will be sent to you.


What exactly is Care/of?

Care/of is a monthly membership service that is individualized. It sends a customized vitamin regimen for 30 days directly to your house.

Where are Care/of Vitamins made?

The on-staff “Vitamin Industry Veterans” design, procure, and test care vitamins and supplements in the US.

Can you trust Care/of Vitamins?

Yes. In addition to designing a customized regimen for you, Care/of also explains how and why it will function and meet your needs. Numerous customer reviews demonstrate the brand’s high level of legitimacy.

How reliable is Care/of?

According to consumer feedback, the business excels at a variety of tasks, including giving customized vitamin recommendations, efficient packing and delivery, summarizing scientific studies, and making it simple to maintain a new habit.

Are they organic?

Although none of the Care/of products are certified organic, several of them include active organic components.

How to use Care/of?

You’ll receive daily packages of Care/of vitamins, which contain all the pills you require. Take the contents by just emptying the package! The brand will specify whether you should take them with meals if you do.

The Care/of vitamins expiration expectancy is six months, so make sure to take your tablets inside that time frame.

When does Care/of charge?

Depending on your payment cycle, costs are handled at various times, but usually after processing your transaction.

Do they ship internationally?

Currently, the business exclusively ships to destinations in the US and Canada. For updates on shipping laws, follow its Instagram feed.

How quickly does Care/of Vitamins ship?

Delivery inside the United States normally takes 3 to 5 days, but purchases from Canada might take up to 10 days. Orders under $20 per month will be charged a $8 delivery fee.

How to stop receiving Care/of Vitamins?

In your My Subscription account, you can entirely cancel your plan. Request a permanent subscription halt by going to Manage Subscriptions. Purchases that have already been processed will be invoiced and dispatched as normal, but new orders won’t be accepted. Anytime you want, you can reactivate.

Their return policy

Care/of wants to make sure your experience is wonderful. So, within 30 days after delivery, send an email to the Care Team if you’re unhappy with your first product. You will receive a whole refund from its staff. A return or refund is not assured for problems with subsequent orders.