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For more than a century, Carhartt has been a reliable brand for workwear; but, don’t be alarmed by the current increase in apparel sales in locations other than mines and factories.

The original company’s fashion-focused branch is called Carhartt Work In Progress (WIP). They are in charge of partnerships with companies like Converse, SUPPLY, Nike, and others that prioritize fashion above utility.

Additionally, they have a whopping 1.2 million Instagram followers who are eager to learn about and witness the brand’s newest fashion trends.

This Carhartt review will cover all the information you want regarding the corporation, including its products, client testimonies, where to get its goods, and whether or not you ought to think about putting a Carhartt WIP item in your closet.

Hamilton Carhartt established the primary Carhartt brand in Dearborn, Michigan, as a workwear business in 1889. Hamilton Carhartt’s family still own the business today.

The goal of Carhartt’s design philosophy is to provide high-quality, reasonably priced clothing that can withstand the demanding duties of railroad employees.

Having said that, the Carhartt WIP division is the main subject of this article. One hundred years after the original business was started, it was launched in 1989 by German designers Edwin and Salomée Faeh. This company is based in Europe.

When Tommy Records, a hip-hop record company, distributed 800 jackets to early tastemakers and influencers in the late 1980s, Carhartt began to branch out into streetwear.

Associating the brand’s image with hip-hop culture was advantageous to both the business and the record label. Even now, this relationship still exists.

The aim of Carhartt WIP is to blend its robust materials and methods into contemporary designs. They embody the phrase “having your cake and eating it too.”

You’ll look great and feel better knowing that not even a tornado could ruin your clothing if you put on a Carhartt WIP shirt. The business actively defends the environment and human rights by offering respectful working conditions, which adds to the positive sentiments.

The division produces all of its clothing in a plant that is owned by the firm in Tunisia, including the items discussed in this Carhartt review.

Does this Carhartt division’s shift toward a more fashionable image indicate that they have forgotten what made them such a trustworthy apparel company? Let’s find out by first taking a look at their salient features:


  1. Stunning selection of clothing, including caps, shirts, jeans, and much more.
  2. Embodies a pro-worker ethos.
  3. The clothing is adaptable due to its neutral style.
  4. Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) certification is required for all of their foreign factories and partnerships.
  5. The partners have a tight code of conduct that everyone must follow.
  6. Reliable and robust structure.

The company’s product line extends beyond shirts and trousers. This Carhartt review will go through the primary items offered, including shoes, several shirt and pant designs, and a few accessories.

In addition to a renowned pair of overalls, Carhartt WIP also offers a wide variety of skateboard accessories, key rings, and aprons under the heading of Gadgets.

Because of its origins in workwear, this brand is undisputed monarch when it comes to basic shirts. The Glenn Shirt Jacket and the Master Short Sleeve Shirt are two shirts from Carhartt that best represent the spirit of the real worker.

The Glenn Shirt Jacket’s $235 price tag could turn Macklemore off. There must be some factor that warrants the exorbitant price for such a basic canvas shirt.

Fortunately, there is. The shirt is made of 100% organic cotton and is intended to be broken in gradually. The first time you wear it, it will fit more snugly than you anticipated. It will ultimately shape itself to your figure and turn into the best-fitting shirt in your wardrobe.

There are two color options for the Glenn Shirt Jacket: navy and off-white. Since there is no lining, it is not ideal to combat the cold on your own. This transforms it from a jacket into a classic shirt, and a very attractive one at that.

The word “basic” may have been turned into an insult, but the Master Short Sleeve Shirt from Carhartt is simple in all the right ways. It offers a straightforward, clean design, true-to-size sizing, and a polyester, cotton, and twill blend for all-day comfort.

It’s interesting that the shirt was influenced by the simple uniforms used by American gas station employees. Only the Wall (beige) color is offered. Only a small size is available for purchase on the Carhartt WIP website. These cost $88, that pricing is reasonable for such a classic and functional item.

The first signs of diversity in Carhartt WIP’s trousers shatter the myth that all of their items are made for slugging’ it in the factory. This Carhartt review includes a variety of pants, from classic workwear to contemporary athleisure.

With hues that range from the visually faint to nearly undetectable, these bad boys are made to last. The Men’s Double Knee Pants’ real-world application is provided by the supporting padding that covers both knees, and the “double knee.”

These trousers are the ideal combination of form and function if you spend a lot of time at work on your knees because you work in repair or as a handyman.

The straight, roomy shape of these pants has a slightly higher waist. In light of this, the company advises purchasing a size smaller. These 100% cotton pants, which cost $138 for a pair, feature a casual appearance that works well both at home and in the office.

The trousers are available in several shades of black, brown, white, and two types of camouflage. The earthy tones have many variations and are aesthetically attractive. Men’s Double Knee Pants are available in two-tone and denim in a pricier style.

Maybe you need a pair of jeans that are comfortable for lounging or your line of work requires a little more agility than the average day job. In either event, the Men’s Chase Sweatpants is well regarded in this Carhartt review.

When you consider that these are firm and useful sweatpants, the $98 price tag on the trousers may not appear expensive. Both comfortable and sturdy, the cotton and polyester combination.

The pants also have tapering ankles, which are typical of modern joggers. The pants have a lovely, slim fit thanks to this and the adjustable waistline.

Compared to the double knee pants, the Men’s Chase Sweatpants are more laid-back, but they are still a reliable pair of bottoms.

Here, Carhartt WIP deviates a little from the norm. Their sweatpants resemble regular joggers more, while their joggers resemble work trousers with a more laid-back aesthetic. Instead of the customary tapering ankles, they have a drawstring waistline.

The Men’s Lawton Jogger Pants have a loose fit, straight legs, and a lowered crotch to convey a laid-back attitude. This is made worse by the 92% cotton bands’ incorporation of twill, which increases the pants’ mobility. Only three colors, black, navy, and wall (the beige shade of Carhartt WIP) are offered for the $138 price tag on the pants.

Converse and Carhartt WIP worked together to create each pair of sneakers. This Carhartt review will be centered on those wonderful Chucks, despite the fact that they have other branded agreements with Nike.

You’ll be thrilled to find that most of Carhartt’s shoes fit the bill if you like camouflage and high-top Chuck Taylors.

What you would anticipate from two torchbearers of hard American design are the Converse x Carhartt WIP Chuck 70s. They are tough and uncompromising, just how a pair of Converse ought to be.

These sneakers are available in three camouflage patterns: brown, green, and winter. Only the winter camo pattern is also offered in low top form. They are all constructed of a canvas and cotton blend and run half a size bigger.

The sneakers are unisex, much like most Carhartt WIP items and every pair of Converse. It is thus OK to purchase a pair of shoes in a woman’s size if your feet tend to be a little smaller or narrower.

Each pair of sneakers costs between $110 and 115 dollars, which places them in the same price category as other high-end Converse models but still below the infamous Converse x COMME des GARONS PLAY.

Sadly, despite the company’s beginnings in workwear, it doesn’t sell hardhats. Instead, two of Carhartt’s most recognizable products, the bucket hat and the traditional beanie are highlighted in this article. Keep in mind that they are all unisex.

The Bucket Hat from Carhartt comes in a number of variations. The costliest of these are their High Plains Bucket Hats, which range in price from $65-78. These hats are only offered in camouflage patterns and are made of a material that resembles fleece.

The Kilda bucket hats from Carhartt WIP are more suited to summer and warm weather. Similar to the High Plains Bucket Hats, these caps are lined as well, however they come in black and olive green.

The Kilda Bucket Hats may be identified by their accessories. They have a nice side pocket that is rarely used and a detachable neck cord. They almost seem to be pleading with you to take them for a hike, according to one Carhartt review.

The Beanie

You are referring to this beanie if you are discussing Carhartt WIP. Why it’s so well-liked is clear. It’s soft, as durable as anything else from the company, and it comes in enough colors to give one to each month of the year.

The elastic acrylic material of the Short Watch Hat, which only comes in one size, is ideal for winter and people of all head sizes. The length, however, can be problematic since it might gobble up certain people’s heads if they have tiny faces. All of the beanies are $25, which is a reasonable price for such a reliable winter cap.

Despite the parent company’s emphasis on workwear, hard labor was not considered while designing Carhartt WIP. Yes, it has the same hardy construction as the original Carhartt, but WIP is more appropriate for daily usage.

Carhartt WIP may be right for you if you’re hanging with your friends and want something classic but reliable.

Now that we’re kicking, let’s talk about kickflips. For more challenging pastimes like skateboarding, Carhartt WIP is ideal. Their emphasis on fashion and high level of durability ensure that they will withstand any knocks and bruises you may receive while learning the ollie.

Customer Reviews

Because Carhartt WIP items are only sold at a few outlets, it might be difficult to find reviews of them online. However, we put on our virtual detective hats to find out what customers truly thought about the company. Unfortunately, the company’s website does not contain reviews.

119 reviews for Carhartt WIP have given it a 2.1/5 rating on Trustpilot. Customers appear to be really satisfied with the workwear components’ construction in general.

One customer remarks, “As for the quality of the clothes I am always very pleased- I have some Carhartt WIP items that I’ve been wearing regularly for years and they still look almost brand new.”

Despite the fact that the Carhartt WIP website expressly indicates they exclusively ship to the US and Canada, there have been some concerns from the UK regarding shipment. In fact, the policies of the organization rather than the caliber of their clothing are the main focus of the unfavorable evaluations.

Customers reported that among the favorable evaluations on Trustpilot, the purchasing procedure was the, “Smoothest purchase you can imagine.” Another five-star review sang praises for the quality of the items: “The quality and value for money is impossible to beat. “

Based on two reviews from the Burton website, the Men’s Burton x Carhartt WIP Fairburn 3L Car-Lux Hooded Jacket gets a flawless 5-star rating. One client stated they, “Love the styling on the jacket and it seems to be completely water resistant.”

Esquire praised the Master Pants and said, “the Master Pant finds the perfect balance between slim-fit pants and wider workwear pants.”

The double stitching and cotton and polyester fabric mix, they subsequently asserted, make the trousers almost indestructible.

Burton and Nordstrom both struggle with a dearth of reviews, but we were able to get this small sample of one client’s feedback on the company’s Payton Wallet, “Cute. Lots of “storage” space inside with pockets and folds.”

Customers are happy with Carhartt’s products overall, according to this evaluation, citing their outstanding quality and the fact that the price is more than justified.

So, Are They Worth It?

The clean aesthetics and flexibility of Carhartt WIP clothing make them worthwhile investments. They are both practical and stylish. If you want a laid-back look, you may easily include them with the majority of ensembles and professional dress.

Products from Carhartt WIP are among the toughest clothing options, even for casual wear. The only exceptions are if you don’t require durable textiles or if your sense of style doesn’t align with the brand’s streetwear approach. Overall though, we strongly advise at least perusing the collection!


Do they have clothing for women?

Indeed, they do! Since neither of these lines specifically categorizes clothing according to gender in terms of fits or styles, you’ll probably find something interesting in the guys’ department.

What sort of leather is used in the items made by Carhartt WIP?

No product made by Carhartt WIP contains any real leather.

Are the Carhartt WIP jackets' trims made of real fur?

They don’t use real fur on the trimmings of Carhartt WIP Jackets, keeping true to their claims of being more environmentally friendly.

How is Carhartt clothing supposed to be cleaned?

Carhartt WIP clothing should be washed in cold water without bleach. If you set the drying machine to medium, you may put them in there without risk.

Their shipping policy

For purchases over $50, Carhartt WIP offers free delivery if you live in the contiguous United States. Canada is the only other nation that the website ships to.

Canada has a $40 fixed shipping fee, and it takes 3 to 10 business days for your order to get there.

There are three distinct delivery choices available for US orders (with the exception of shipments to Hawaii and Alaska)…

  1. 2 to 5 business days are required for UPS Ground delivery, which costs $8.
  2. The same amount of time and money (2 to 5 business days) are required for UPS Ground Delivery with a Signature Required, however purchases above $500 are exempt from paying this price.
  3. The quickest and most costly choice is UPS Overnight Delivery. These orders cost $28 and promise delivery in 1 to 2 business days.

Their return policy

They use the following procedure for returns of US orders…

  1. You must receive and complete a return permission form within 14 days after delivery (the form can be found on their returns page).
  2. You have seven days to return your item to Carhartt after your request has been accepted.

You will be compensated for the item’s cost with a refund or credit toward another Carhartt product, and returns cost $7. The fact that this credit may only be used online should not be overlooked. If you decide to exchange the item for another item or shop credit, the $7 cost is waived.

Online-purchased goods cannot be returned or exchanged at physical stores. Oh well, we know. Items must be unopened and have all of their tags and packing attached. Shipping fees will not be refunded either. But all sales to Canada are final.