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If you’ve ever attempted to buy cookware, you know how intimidating the process can be. After all, there are several brands that can be bought, and they all tout the same excellent characteristics. With so many alternatives and well-known brands available, it’s simple to be dubious when a “new” brand starts to trend. In this Carote cookware review, we will present one to you today.

Technically, Carote is not brand-new. They have been around since 1992, after all. Nevertheless, Carote products have seen tremendous growth in popularity in recent years despite their recent entry into the American market. In fact, they may take pride in having the second-best skillet ranking on Amazon’s bestsellers list. So, we were aware that we had to investigate the commotion. Continue reading for our evaluation of Carote cookware.

The Carote team has spent the last 30 years producing goods, developing their brand, and gaining a following since the first plant opened in 1992. Starting in Italy, Carote traveled through Europe and China before making its way, in 2018, to American households via their Amazon store. Cooking has no language barrier, thus Carote, which sells cookware in more than a dozen nations, is committed to this mission.

All Carote cookware features a die-cast aluminum base that is covered in natural granite stone material that is sourced from Switzerland. When compared to so many identical products, Carote stands out thanks to its gorgeous brown-gray surface produced by the stone cookware.

To prevent hand burns and the necessity for a potholder all the time, Bakelite handles, a man-made plastic material, are used on all Carote items.

Additionally, cooking with cookware is more pleasant and maneuverable thanks to the ergonomic handles.

Various frying pan sizes, covered saucepans, covered casserole and stockpots, and Dutch ovens are all available in Carote cookware. There are three primary product categories – Bio Green, Terra & the Essential Woody.

Now let’s take a look at some of their products…

1. Carote is cookware composed of granite stone with a 5-layer DURIT Granitec non-stick coating.

According to the company, “DuRIT Granitec is used to layer 5 distinct materials in the Carote granite stone cookware, giving it superior non-stick performance and a more robust body than other pans on the market. Its metal core may provide excellent heat dispersion and increase the effectiveness of your cooking.

2. Non-toxic, free of lead, and suitable for usage. Our pots and pans are produced using aluminum and Bakelite handles, according to Carote. The interior has a Swiss ILAG nonstick natural granite-delivered coating that is 100% free of PFOS and PFOA and has passed safety tests from the FDA, SGS, MA, and CNAS.

3. Surface that is nonstick. The non-stick surface of the cookware allows you to use less oil or butter, which can result in less calories being consumed.

4. Simple cleanup. Simply use a soft cloth or brush and warm, soapy water to clean the kitchenware. The cookware does not need to be put in the dishwasher because of the non-stick surface, which is simple to clean.

5. Universally compatible with stovetops. The pans’ bottoms are made of magnetic stainless steel, so they may be used on induction cooktops as well as electric, gas, etc. cooktops.

This Terra cookware set is composed of brown granite and has all the essential pieces.

The materials used to make Carote cookware come from Switzerland and are devoid of PFOS, PFOA, and other dangerous chemicals. It ensures that the food you prepare every day is both healthier and safer.

Granite materials with five layers and remarkable nonstick qualities are available. The five-layer DURIT high-Level technology enhances the performance with increased durability and a healthy level.

The smooth inside is perfect for avoiding snags and food buildup. It’s easy to clean: just wipe it off with a paper towel or run some water over it. This makes cooking considerably simpler while also improving the experience.

The cookware warms up fast and uniformly thanks to its extended 4mm magnetic stainless steel bottom.

Key Features

  1. 5 layered, tough, non-stick granite stone surface.
  2. The thick stainless steel base allows for excellent heat transfer on all cooktops, including induction, gas, ceramic, and electric.
  3. Because of the non-stick surface, cleanup is simple.
  4. Bakelite grips that keep you cool.
  5. Die-cast design without rivets.


  1. Easy to clean.
  2. Great value for the money
  3. Great heat distribution.
  4. Lightweight design.
  5. The durable surface is scratch-resistant.


  1. Not intended for use in an oven.
  2. Not suggested for dishwasher use.

Who Is This Recommended For?

For those looking for a set of non-stick cookware that is affordable and simple to clean, this is the perfect option. This is the set for you if you’re searching for a lightweight set that you can use on all stovetops.

How Should Carote Cookware Be Used?

Wash your Carote cookware with warm, soapy water and a gentle sponge or towel before using it for the first time.

Your cookware’s non-stick surface can be damaged by using abrasive cleaning agents like steel wool, abrasive cleaning pads, or strong detergents.

Customer Feedback

“Some of the best cookware I’ve ever used and awesome prices too for such quality!!! Thank you!!”

“Without a doubt the best cookware set I have ever bought. Would definitely buy again.”

“I absolutely love this set! Easy cleaning, they are so pretty & washing by hand is fast and simple! Cooking is stress-free for me, now that I have added this set to my home kitchen. The customer service is amazing!”

What’s included in the set?

11 inch Fry Pan.

9.5 inch Fry Pan.

2.3 QT Covered Casserole.

4.3 QT Covered Casserole.

1.5 QT Covered Saucepan.

3.66 QT Covered Sauté pan.

4x interchangeable silicone sealed glass lids.

You may create the Essential Woody cookware set by taking the 10-piece Terra cooking set and changing the color. The granite covering is highlighted by the black Essentially Woody set, and the Bakelite handles feature a light brown wood grain pattern. I find the overall appearance to be more visually attractive than the Terra brown, but only by a little margin. It combines a rustic and sophisticated style.

It’s important to note that the five layers of granite coating on all Carote pans are triple food-grade reinforced layers, increasing their scratch resistance. While using any brand of cookware, wood, plastic, and rubber utensils are still advised to extend the life of your items, granite is one of the greatest alternatives for scratch resistance. In comparison to other covering materials like cast iron, granite is also less prone to corrosion. I don’t know about you, but I like no rust in my scrambled eggs.

Again, the Terra set has the same benefits as the Essential Woody set, but in a different hue. These will undoubtedly improve your culinary experience, whether you’re a seasoned home cook or a novice.

Key Features

  1. Surface that is truly nonstick for the best cooking.
  2. Cookware that is completely safe and devoid of APEO, GenX, PFBS, PFOS, PFOA, lead, and cadmium.
  3. Die-cast aluminum foundation that is 4mm thick and strong for a lifetime of usage.
  4. Weight is distributed evenly and the handle is ergonomic and stay-cool.
  5. Reduce kitchen smoke by 70% and avoid dangerous gases.
  6. Fast and uniform heating reduces gas and energy expenses by 50%.
  7. 10 seconds to clean; use a sponge with soapy water to wash and rinse the surface.
  8. The 9.5″ and 11″ lid fits both the skillet and casserole frying pans.


  1. Affordable price.
  2. Non-stick surface.
  3. Rust- and scratch-resistant.
  4. Works on gas, halogen, and ceramic stoves; induction compatible.


  1. There is no mention of compatibility with solid fuel cookers.
  2. Best to simply hand wash.

What’s included in the set?

11-Inch Fry Pan

9.5-Inch Fry Pan

6-Quart Covered Casserole

2.3-Quart Covered Casserole

4.3-Quart Covered Casserole

1.5-Quart Covered Saucepan

Who Is This Recommended For?

These cookware sets are for cooks who wish to stay away from PFOA and PFOS and are seeking for a healthy alternative. This is the kind of high-quality set you want: non-stick, robust, and simple to clean.

Customer Feedback

Review from – “These pots and pans are fabulous. I use them daily and they clean up after cooking so easily. I have not found ANYTHING that sticks to them. I’d recommend the whole set!!”

Review from – “Nothing to complain about! They are truly non-stick, clean so easily! Even heating and nice deep sides on the dry pans. Will definitely buy again if I ever need to.”

Beautiful white granite was used in the creation of the Ice Cream cookware set, which will stand out in your kitchen.

The materials used to create the Ice Cream cookware set are likewise from Switzerland and are devoid of PFOS, PFOA, and other hazardous substances.

A healthy degree of durability and superb nonstick qualities are added benefits of the five-layer, nonstick granite material.

The manufacturer claims, “Carote Ice Cream Set was made with a specially curated palette of Swiss sleek white granite, creating a natural, creative, aesthetic to your dining and kitchen space, which you will surely love to use in your kitchen.”

Key features

  1. Ice-cream cookware is well-built, comes in packaging made entirely of recyclable materials, is 100% free of APEO, GenX, PFBS, PFOS, and PFOA, and has passed food-grade safety inspections by the FDA, SGS, MA, and CNAS.
  2. Triple food-grade reinforced layers, including a die-cast inner layer and a layer of natural granite mineral coating, provide exceptional protection against warping and scratching and are designed to last a lifetime.
  3. A nonstick surface makes cleanup simple.
  4. works with induction as well as other stovetops.


  1. The most scratch-resistant and durable covering has five layers.
  2. Never shedding, chipping, rusting, or peeling.
  3. Surface that is truly nonstick for the best cooking.
  4. Quickly and evenly heats.
  5. Weight is distributed evenly and the handle is ergonomic and stay-cool.
  6. Suitable with all stovetops (induction, gas, & electric).


  1. Not suggested for dishwasher use.
  2. The handles prevent usage in ovens.

What’s included in the set?

11 inch Fry Pan.

9.5 inch Fry Pan.

White Rubber Turner.

4.3QT Casserole with Lid.

4.5QT Sauté Pan with Lid.

2.5QT Saucepan with Lid and Steamer.

Who Is This Recommended For?

For those looking for high-quality cookware that is also aesthetically beautiful, consider the Carote Ice Cream set. This is the set for you if you want something that is non-stick, sturdy, and simple to clean.

Customer Feedback

“Absolutely love this set.! Best cookware I’ve owned. Wish they could make a matching Utensil set.”

“These pots are easy to use as well as clean. They also cook quickly. It gives me the greatest pleasure in using these exquisite pots.”

What distinguishes Carote from other cookware?

Carote first offers a surface made of five layers of granite stone. When compared to the conventional Teflon nonstick surfaces, this is a more organic choice. For uniform heat distribution, Carote also employs die-cast aluminum. The cookware is also free of PFOA and PFOS.

The carcinogen PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) is used to make Teflon coatings. This hazardous substance is not present in Carote cookware. Additionally, as time Teflon degrades and can emit poisons into your meals.

How safe are Carote pans?

Carote assures the safety and non-toxicity of all the materials and stones it employs. See their demonstration of workmanship for additional details.

Is Carote cookware produced in China?

According to Carote, “Carote products are mainly based in China and Vietnam, all made in world-class factories all of which adhere to our strict ethical manufacturing practices and maintain the required standards for BSCI or SMETA.”

Their granite, however, comes from Switzerland. There are no PFOS, PFOA, or other dangerous chemicals in Carote cookware. Additionally, their goods have passed food-grade safety examinations by the FDA, SGS, MA, and CNAS. So Carote is a terrific choice if you’re seeking for a high-quality and secure cookware set.

Care instructions for Carote cookware

According to the Carote cookware care instructions, you should merely wash the cookware with soap and water before using it for the first time. Use a soft cloth or sponge for optimal results. Food residue is readily cleaned with warm water after cooking. Use gentle chemicals only.

It is advised not to put it in the dishwasher and to wash it by hand after each usage.

What does Carote's warranty cover?

A one-year guarantee is provided by Carote for any manufacturing flaws. Please get in touch with their customer support if you have any problems with your cookware.

Additionally, they feature a 30-day, no-fault return policy. You have 30 days to return your product for a complete refund if you’re not happy with it. Visit their website to view the full warranty details.

Can Carote cookware be used on a stovetop with a glass top?

Since the base of Carote cookware is made of highly magnetic conductive stainless steel, it is compatible with all cooktops, even induction. The nonstick granite kitchen cookware also warms up quickly and uniformly. So, you may use Carote cookware if your stove has a glass top.

Is Carote cookware worth the investment?

Because Carote cookware is high-quality and secure, the price is justified. The cookware is also free of PFOA and PFOS. As an alternative to the conventional Teflon nonstick surfaces, Carote also offers a surface made of granite stone. Additionally, the cookware works with induction cooktops as well as all other cooktops.

Final Verdict

The Carote cookware set is excellent; I’m quite satisfied. Everything has been considered, from the granite surface to the uniform heating. The cookware is also devoid of PFOA and PFOS, which is crucial to me.

I believe it’s a fantastic cookware set all around and would suggest it to anybody seeking for a high-quality, secure cookware set. Additionally, the cost of a whole set of cookware is unbeatable.