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We all want the greatest skincare products and treatments that, smells nice, actually works & is healthy for us. I believe I can speak for everyone when I say this.

For males, Dr. Squatch makes handcrafted, all-natural soap. In recent years, the men’s care business has grown into perfume, hair and shower products, and other necessities. They have undoubtedly attracted notice in the manscaping community, but soap continues to be their staple, with the option to subscribe on a monthly basis.

Bustle magazine recently commended Dr. Squatch, and the site Celebrity Insider profiled its CEO last year. Even 600k Instagram followers are credited to it. You undoubtedly came to this page to see if the specialty bar soap is, in fact, exceptional, and I have the answer for you.

In this Dr Squatch Soap review, I’ll provide you a detailed analysis of the company, its offerings, client feedback, special offers, and more so you can determine whether they’re worthwhile investments.

Future CEO Jack Haldrup, a young man passionate about all-natural products, served as the first source of inspiration for the Dr. Squatch brand. A hole in the personal care sector became apparent during his search for the finest soap for guys (this was in the early 2010s).

Jack assumed that other men also desired natural soap with stronger fragrances. Although I tend to choose the delicately scented soaps in the organic section, I am aware of his difficulties and have found that there aren’t many alternatives for males.

Jack chose to try his hand at making soap since he was a chancer and a keen smell enthusiast. In 2013, Dr. Squatch made his debut to the general public after some time spent experimenting with substances and smells in his modest cellar. I find the name’s underlying idea to be rather humorous. Jack himself says, “During the first World War, BIG SOAP began stripping natural ingredients from soap to make production cheaper and faster … The term “natural soap” was as rare and mysterious as the Squatch himself.”

I enjoy the mysterious Sasquatch metaphor of natural soap. Rewind to the present day. Dr. Squatch’s present headquarters are in Los Angeles, and the website brings in about $12 million annually. There is a lot more to this Dr Squatch Soap review than just the interesting genesis story and rise to popularity. Are the goods truly worth the marketing blitz? Read on.

In my Dr Squatch Soap review, I’ll talk about the benefits & drawbacks about this brand. But first, let’s start with some of their high points…


  1. No harsh chemicals, preservatives, or skin irritants; only natural ingredients.
  2. All skin types can use their selection of soaps, each with a distinctive aroma.
  3. Customers may use Squatch Quiz to determine which types and smells of soap are ideal for them.
  4. All items from Dr. Squatch come with a Sudisfaction (Satisfaction) Guarantee.
  5. Subscribers to soap and hair care services in the US receive free delivery, and the entire site is 15% off for all subscribers.
  6. Men and women can both use their soaps and hair care items.

Dr. Squatch is known for its 11 masculine-scented, thick, frothy, lathery soaps. Each soap in the line nourishes your skin by combining coconut and olive oils with natural glycerin. Your skin will feel silky because there aren’t any harsh chemicals or preservatives.

You may use the Squatch Quiz Dr. Squatch designed to determine which soaps and smells are ideal for you. It’s a fairly useful tool, in my opinion. These soaps come in a variety of patterns and textures, and frequently include remnants of their core ingredients inside.

To be complete in my Dr Squatch Soap review, I’ve included information on their full lineup below. However, take in mind that my overview only includes the essential parts further information may be available on the website.

It seems very obvious to me that Dr. Squatch provides a good selection of smells. The aromas that make you smell like you’ve just returned from a tropical ocean swim, like freshly made coffee in the morning, or like one of those really ancient and tall Redwood trees, tend to attract girlfriends and spouses the most, since I’m the one writing this piece. Let me just let you know.

Regarding the Alpine Sage soap bar, a Dr. Squatch Gal expressed her approval, “Love it! Bought for my hubs, but I use it too! “

If you decide against the soap subscription, you may purchase a bar of soap for $7, two bars for $14, or three bars for $21 at standard retail pricing. Every bar weighs 5 oz, thus purchasing in “bulk” won’t save you any money unless you choose a bundle or subscribe to the service. Following this, I’ll go into detail about it in my Dr. Squatch Soap review.

When it’s time for certain men to take a shower, I’m not sure what occurs, but I know a few that like the 1-2 technique. I’m all for conserving water, but being clean is also beneficial.

For guys who don’t have much time, getting a Dr. Squatch Soap Subscription makes showering a bit more bearable. It naturally has benefits, such as…

  1. On each bar, you save 15%.
  2. Free delivery on all items.
  3. Make Your Own – Select the amount, fragrances, and delivery schedule that work best for you.
  4. Optional delivery schedules include quarterly (saving $1/bar) and monthly (plus $1 for handling).

The cost breakdown is as follows…

Monthly Subscription – $13 for two bars each month or $19 for three bars.

Quarterly Subscription – $38 for 3 bars, $36 for 6 bars, and $54 for 9 bars.

The subscription includes all 11 perfumes, plus there are optional add-ons available for the initial delivery.

You can cancel or alter the Dr. Squatch Soap Subscription’s soap smells, quantity, and/or frequency at any time. This is intended for the indecisive men out there.

To pick from, there was simply shampoo, conditioner, and a combo package after a few clicks and scrolls on the company’s website for this Dr Squatch Soap review. As you can see on the webpage, they truly include a ton of components. I will discuss the main organic components below (otherwise, we would be here for the entire day).

Although I am aware that males aren’t very picky about the shampoo they use, I believe all of you give some thought to how your hair appears.

Dr. Squatch Men’s Moisturizing Shampoo is designed to strengthen your hair and revive the health of your locks. The nettle leaf in the shampoo provides vitamins that help develop strength, while tea tree calms the scalp and restores damaged hair. You get an upbeat ocean breeze smell when you combine it with the fragrant aroma of Cyprus oil.

Depending on the kind of hair, Dr. Squatch advises using the shampoo 1-3 times a week. If your hair is curly or fragile, you should only shampoo once a week. If your hair is straight and/or greasy, you can get away with washing it three times each week. 2x/week is ideal if your hair is somewhat dry, curly, or both.

After using this shampoo, one client remarked on how clean their hair felt, “I love the feel of it after I use it. There is not a lot of chemical feeling when I rinse my hair. I just feel clean!”

You just need to use a dime-sized amount of this strong shampoo since it works well in little amounts. At the same time, it offers a mild rinse that assists in removing surplus sweat, oils, and grime from your scalp without causing it to become dry. Each 8 fl. oz. bottle costs $20.

Many men believe that using conditioner is unnecessary and that 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner solutions are just as effective as the two products separately.

I’m here to inform you that this is untrue, though. In any event, this will cause your hair to become dry, so if you’re committed to enhancing the condition of your locks, I’d suggest using a conditioner as well.

Calendula moisturizes your mane while peppermint stimulates your scalp to encourage growth with Dr Squatch Men’s Daily Conditioner. Clary sage helps to restore the pH balance of your hair, which also works to reduce dryness. An uplifting cool mint/orange smell is produced by the mix of the components, which are once again not listed in full.

Another pleased client offered the following feedback on this item, “I get compliments all the time about what kind of product I use in my hair, and I just show them this.”

Like practically other conditioners, Dr Squatch Daily Conditioner focuses on hydration. This gentle product was created exclusively for daily usage; other conditioners are not. The conditioner comes in a 12-fl. oz for $20.

Have I persuaded you to use a conditioner? Read this if you’re considering adding a bottle to your basket along with the shampoo:

The $38 Hair Care Kit can save you money on shampoo and conditioner. You will ultimately save $2 as a result, which is better than nothing.

When you sign up for the Hair Care Subscription, which is exclusively offered for quarterly delivery, you may save even more money. You get free delivery and a $6 discount, just like with the soap subscription. You get to decide how many items, at usual prices, will be sent to you…

  1. Kit for Hair Care Subscription – $28 (a 18% savings).
  2. $17 for a shampoo subscription.
  3. $17 for a conditioner subscription.

Additionally, you may add fragrance add-ons to your first membership order, However, I’ll discuss that in a little.

My experience with bar soap has been that it either sticks to the tub’s edge or inconveniently rolls down the edges. Both the Soap Saver and Soap Gripper are designed to prevent both of those occurrences and to assist you in avoiding technical troubles.

The Soap Saver, which costs $15, is designed to protect your bars by enclosing them in a wood block with a rustic appearance. For an additional $25, you can upgrade to the Bigfoot Soap Saver, which can hold three bars at once. These blocks, according to Dr. Squatch, increase the lifespan of your soap by up to two times by preventing it from sliding off shower or tub ledges and dissolving.

For the clumsy guys who frequently drop their bars, there is the Soap Gripper. I’m not condemning; I myself frequently engage in it. Even this reviewer acknowledged having difficulties using his bars, “say goodbye to soap stacking and soap sticking to the shower with this incredible little piece of wood. Now I can have up to THREE bars in the shower and my wife doesn’t have to ruin them by putting them back in the boxes while they’re still wet!!!“

With the help of discreet small spikes, this elegant ergonomic soap attachment may be attached to any Dr. Squatch soap bar. You can also get a Travel Bag for your soap for $10 so you can transport it without making a mess.

I can tell that Dr. Squatch wants you to shave the old-fashioned way by the 19th century-inspired items. It’s very elegant-looking. The guys in Peaky Blinders or any period drama starring Tom Hardy come to mind when I use this shaving kit. What contains the kit?

The Shave Brush has a robust handle and bristles made entirely of synthetic material. These bristles are gentle to the touch, quick to dry, and provide a thick, frothy lather when you swish them against your beard. After using the brush, rinse it out and hang it to dry on the included stand.

The organic Shave Bar contains nourishing bentonite clay, hydrating castor oil, calming cocoa butter, and fragrant peppermint and eucalyptus oils, making it more nutritious than gels and foams. In essence, it combines an aftershave with a shaving soap.

The Dr. Squatch seal on the porcelain Shave Mug adds to its vintage appeal. To prepare the mug for your shave, fill it with warm water, dunk the brush inside, and then swirl the brush over the surface of the bar to create lather. At this point, you’re ready to apply the foam to your face.

I appreciate that the Shave Kit is $40 ($7.50 in savings), or you may buy any of the items separately…

Shave Bar – $10.50

Shave Brush – $17.50

Shave Mug – $19.50

Dr. Squatch stays with the bearded men. CEO Jack Haldrup himself has a beard. Natural essential oils used in Dr. Squatch beard oils moisturize and nourish your beard. The two types each cost $18 and come with a dropper for efficient application.

The Lakeside Whiskey Beard Oil brings to mind dockside relaxation with a fine glass of bourbon and canoe excursions. To get the Smooth Bourbon smell, this beard oil comprises sandalwood, myrrh, and grapefruit. Definitely one of my favorites.

The woodsy combination of cedarwood, fir needle, and hemlock spruce in the Fresh Fir Beard Oil has a subdued citrus undertone. It smells like fresh-squeezed OJ, mountain air, and Christmas morning. Definitely an intriguing combination.

One customer of Fresh Fir gushed over the product’s texture and scent, “Great stuff my beard is softer and less frizzy. The natural oils and the woodsy fragrance are fantastic. “

It’s hardly unexpected that they expanded into cologne given Dr. Squatch’s obsession with smells. The Crushed Pine and Beachwood Bourbon smells, which are based on essential oils, seem fantastic to me, so I’m sort of glad they did.

Since they are designed to go together and complement one another, their smells are just slightly different from the beard oils. These Dr. Squatch perfumes cost $21 apiece.

Dr. Squatch gift packages come in 4 “bundles,” allowing you to personalize each box (to a certain extent). Bundles appeal to me, especially for gifts. They allow you to test out a few things with a friend to see what works.

If the recipient of the present doesn’t take frequent showers, it’s clever to refer to these gift boxes as a subtly offensive way to say, “You stink.” Alternately, you could just email it to a someone you know will appreciate it.

Each Dr. Squatch Gift Box costs $49 and is sent directly to the recipient’s house in a personalized gift box. They all include Moisturizing Shampoo and Daily Conditioner in addition to a selection of…

Crisp IPA, Deep Sea Goat’s Milk, and Pine Tar soaps are included in the Squatch Bundle.

Pine Tar, Cedar Citrus, and Gold Moss soaps are included in the Forest Bundle.

Bay Rum, Crisp IPA, and Nautical Sage soaps are included in the beach bundle.

The Fresh Bundle includes the soaps Spearmint Basil Scrub, Cool Fresh Aloe, and Eucalyptus Greek Yogurt.

You may choose to include any of the company’s candles, which are produced in all of their distinctive smells. The candle with bay rum is my favourite. The scent of this candle, which includes crushed cloves, cinnamon sticks, fresh pine, and tangy citrus, evokes a white-sand beach. The Caribbean is where my family is from, so this absolutely transports me there.

Customer Reviews

This is the most important part of my evaluation of Dr. Squatch Soap because, despite what a company may claim, it all boils down to how satisfied its customers are.

The bar soaps have gathered more than 1000 reviews apiece, and almost every product on the website has at least 70 reviews. Each product receives a rating of 4.5 or 5. Here are a few that I thought were noteworthy…

Hair Care Kit – “Ever since I started using this my wife can’t stop running her fingers through my hair. The smell is fantastic and the tingle on the scalp is so refreshing every time I shower.”

Bay Rum Candle – “I put it in my room and lit the wood wick and sweet mercy It filled the air with everything I wanted a candle to be.”

Nautical Sage Soap – “Smells great and gets oil and grime off from my mechanic work without being harsh on my skin.”

Cool Fresh Aloe Soap – “Great smell and leaves me feeling smooth. My skin also feels much more hydrated.”

Additionally, I discovered a number of Dr. Squatch Soap reviews from female users who now only use the soap, shampoo, and conditioner. I can understand why; Milk Choccy sounds like my kind of music. I give Dr. Squatch more credit for this.

I surely can’t rely just on online evaluations, so I did some research to get the whole picture. Here are some examples of the brand’s typical ratings…

Irreverent Gent – 4.5/5 stars

Amazon – 4.3/5 stars

TrustPilot – 4/5 stars

Better Business Bureau (BBB) – 3.33/5 stars

Here is what one client had to say about Dr. Squatch Soap in their Trustpilot.com review, “The soaps have left me feeling cleaner than ever, sometimes with poor quality shower gels I would still smell bad after using them and showering…The deodorant is fresh falls again and is superb. I will certainly be coming back for that and don’t want to use nasty sprays again.”

However, not everything with this brand was rosy. Others weren’t very happy with the merchandise overall, while some noted shipment problems (around COVID). The most frequent problem I experienced? YouTube has just too many advertising. That is understandable infuriating, yet it doesn’t exist if you watch a few less guitar videos. Even if some unfavorable reviews are valid, I don’t believe that many of them should be taken into consideration.

The BBB granted Dr. Squatch accreditation and assigned it an A- rating. While some customers complained about late shipments and unreachable customer support, I encountered numerous pleased customers who were satisfied with the subscription and “swear by their soap,” etc. A few of these unfavorable assessments were published before COVID-19, but the majority date from that event.

On the other hand, outside of the internet, Dr. Squatch soap has received a lot of excellent reviews. The Zoe Report, TheGamer, and many other media sources gave Dr Squatch Soap positive reviews and dubbed it “the greatest bar soap for men” in their evaluations of the product.

It is difficult to process all of this contradictory information. But I’m pleased to report that this brand has received mostly favorable reviews. It makes the next portion of my review of Dr. Squatch Soap extremely simple.

My Opinion on Dr Squatch

How do you feel about Dr. Squatch? Overall, in this Dr Squatch Soap review, I recommend the product. Although they have millions of satisfied customers, much of the negative evaluations about them were written during the unusual COVID-19 period.

Some consumers will inevitably slip through the holes at any multimillion dollar business, but overall, people are content.

In this section of my Dr Squatch Soap review, it’s also important to note that, with the possible exception of the Shave Kit and Colognes, I am aware that the items are more expensive than the norm. Paying $7 for a bar of soap may seem excessive, especially if you use it up quickly. Even while the subscription does provide savings, this brand is not the best option if you have a limited budget.

In this instance, I believe they’re worth the expenditure since if you do have the money, it’s obvious that you’re receiving high-quality things.

The line-up is entirely natural and environmentally friendly, which is the most significant summary in this Dr Squatch Soap review. Did you know that the skin is the body’s biggest organ and that it takes in a lot of pollutants from the environment? True incident Even though I’ll concede there are more affordable natural goods available, I appreciate the flavors, components, and general design of this brand.


Their shipping policy

Local Shipping

Packages from Dr. Squatch reach customers in the US in 5–10 business days for Standard Shipping and 3–4 business days for Priority Shipping. Within 1-3 business days of placing an order, you will receive tracking information. deliveries made by USPS and Newgistics.

Worldwide Shipping

USPS Priority Mail is used for international shipment; shipping costs are determined at checkout and vary depending on the destination country and the amount of the item. Dr. Squatch ships to Australia, Great Britain, and Canada, but not to countries where free shipping is available. Any taxes or customs are not covered by Dr. Squatch.

Their return policy

In my research for this Dr Squatch Soap review, I came across the Sudisfaction Guarantee, which states that if you’re not satisfied with your purchases within 30 days of purchase, you’ll get a full refund (this applies to all orders). Returns are not accepted by Dr. Squatch.