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Timeless Pieces with a Relaxed Elegance Since 1977

Drake’s apparel embodies the phrase “relaxed elegance.” This clothing line provides a variety of fashionable jackets, coats, slacks, and sweaters but is most recognized for their assortment of seasonless men’s clothing.

Drake, who has a consistent Instagram following of over 230k, has also received attention from a number of media sites, including the British GQ and The Telegraph.

And if you want to improve your own style? Perhaps you can find some quality products from this brand. In order to help you determine if Drake’s apparel is worth adding to your wardrobe, keep reading as this study will examine the brand, its assortment, user reviews and more.

Drake’s was created as a fusion of upper-class society with London street life, drawing on historic English conventions.

This apparel store, which opened its doors in 1977, quickly gained recognition in the fashion world because to the fact that many people in the Vogue-ready cities of Milan, Paris, and Tokyo frequently wore their creations.

This high-end fashion brand, founded by Michael Drake and now run by acting CEO Michael Hill, specializes in old English menswear.

Each item in their carefully chosen collection is flawlessly tailored for fit and fashion. Drake’s maintains a slick reputation in the industry by taking pride in quality and craftsmanship.

In a motivational remark left by the company, Drake’s stresses perfection and upholding elegance, “paired with our idiosyncratic design sensibility, is a bedrock for creating enduring garments and accessories of real worth. In the words of Michael Hill, ‘we make things that people can and will want to wear, for years and years to come.”

Let’s go over some of the benefits and drawbacks of the brand before diving into this Drake’s clothing review…


  1. A wide selection of fashionable apparel, including shirts, chukkas, jackets, ties, and much more.
  2. Provides classic apparel with a long lifespan (as compared to fast fashion.)
  3. Possesses a fashion advice editorial blog.
  4. Offers free worldwide and U.K. shipping.
  5. Owns physical shops throughout Asia and Europe.


  1. Very Few consumer reviews.
  2. More expensive than other stores.
  3. Only provides a limited return period of just 14 days.

What results from blending traditional English grammar with fast-paced modern music? Of course, you receive Drake’s clothes! Their line of double-breasted jackets, polos, t-shirts, shorts, jeans, and swimwear is available in a classic silhouette.

They also provide shoes and accessories like hats, belts, and ties to assist complete that sophisticated look.

It’s important to note that this company is unrelated to the Toronto rapper. Sorry, folks. Maybe the next time we’ll write a review on Drake’s owl apparel line.

Say good-bye to your hoodies. For the time being, at least. This Drake’s apparel review will highlight some of their top-selling items that can catch your eye and your money.

On your way out, don’t forget to grab a jacket! We’re not channeling our inner mothers, either. We’re just reminding you that coats are a crucial accessory and shouldn’t ever be overlooked.

This Drake’s clothes review will highlight a few amazing pieces that come in a variety of shapes, fabrics, and styles and may provide some fashion design cues.

This coat may serve as an exquisite alternative to those worn-out bombers and hoodies thanks to its seasonless silhouette made comprised of a relaxed lapel and beautiful stitching.

This chic garment, which features a black button fastening, would look fantastic with a dark turtleneck and fitted jeans. We advise adding a Drakes pocket square to the outfit to give some refined flair.

The Deep Rust Selvedge Needlecord Five-Pocket Chore Jacket costs $725 and has an autumnal style ideal for coffee outings and days spent at the library.

The scene consists of a foggy day in London, a grove of pine trees in the background, the sound of breaking waves, and an inside log house with a warm amber warmth. So, what do you dress in for such a solemn outdoor event? As your primary outerwear option, choose the Forest Green Japanese Linen Five-Pocket Chore Jacket.

Due to its woodsy tint, this fashionable item exudes a mild rustic atmosphere and is best combined with a Drakes scarf for warmth. The Forest Green Japanese Linen Five-Pocket Chore Jacket costs $695 at checkout and is finished with large buttons for a touch of fairy-like beauty.

I apologize, graphic shirts. We’re not here to enjoy your famous, classic grunge. Today, we’ll be concentrating on the Drakes apparel line’s upscale elegance. This clothing brand, which caters to more than just parents, has a wide selection of collared button-up shirts.

Put on a pair of oxfords and some khakis because we’ll be looking at some of their most well-liked styles that might be worth a second glance.

Your big-screen debut is about to happen. Wear the Light Blue Melange Linen-Cotton Knitted Polo Shirt to photo sessions, fashion shows, and everyday street strolls.

This t-shirt exudes a light 70s influence of the metropolitan city and has ribbed cuffs and a three-quarter sleeve. We’d even argue that it has a hint of business casual style.

You won’t be shocked if you keep grabbing for this shirt because of how soft and timeless it is. The Light Blue Melange Linen-Cotton Knitted Polo Shirt retails for $425 and looks best when worn with corduroy pants and a matching pair of Drakes Chukkas.

Tom Holland might be on the cover of GQ, in my opinion. The Navy Linen-Cotton Knitted Polo Shirt elevates the standard “dad” shirt into a high fashion fantasy when paired with a suitable pair of cigarette khakis. You are prepared for date night or casual outings with this timeless beauty’s three-button fastening and traditional fold-over collar.

If Pinterest isn’t inspiring you, we advise combining this shirt with the Drakes Chore Jacket for a casual yet stylish look. The Navy Linen-Cotton Knitted Polo Shirt costs a staggering $425 for a timeless item that is truly fantastic.

Nothing brings an entire outfit together like a tie, the appropriate neckpiece may give a pair of pants and a suit a professional look.

Need assistance selecting a design? By looking at two of their popular options available on their website, this Drake’s clothes review has you covered.

You don’t like competitive ski teams? Without going overboard with bells and whistles, the Navy Double Multi Stripe Grenadine Silk Tie adds a little bit of design. This gorgeous cravat can give some color to any gloomy outfit thanks to its understated design of intersecting green, beige, and blue lines. We suggest adding a Drakes Alden Poc Handkerchief as a final touch to fully cement that gentlemanly attitude.

The Navy Double Multi Stripe Grenadine Silk Tie costs a cool $205 for a look that a Kingsman character would approve of. In addition, a 3-pack is available for $495.

I’m not sure about you, but some fathers have a dreadful assortment of outrageous cravats stashed away in their wardrobes. We’re referring to the vintage 1980s and 1990s patterns. So, the Blue Water-Skiing Pyramid Print Silk Tie is a great choice if you’re looking for a traditional Father’s Day gift. For styling advice, opt for a monochrome ensemble made up of any of the Drake shirts, a blazer, and, of course, a pair of pants.

Sadly, their website is presently sold out of the Blue Water-Skiing Pyramid Print Silk Tie. But when it becomes available once more, you may buy one for $195 or three for $495.

The 1940s are on the phone, and they want their chukkas back. These fashionable boots, which look as though they just leaped out of a vintage Polaroid, have a retro feel to them thanks to their worn-in style.

This Drake’s clothes review will look at some of the section’s top sellers, which are available in rich espresso tones.

Add an oxford vest, tweed pants, and a dressy white button-up to the ensemble. The Crosby Moc-Toe Chukka Boot Light Brown Roughout Suede shoe is exclusively designed for the gloomy academic look. These stunning shoes, available in a deep Arabica shade, have a sophisticated appearance that suits the traditional collegiate lifestyle.

This unusual pair of sneakers may be saved for special occasions since it has modest stitching detail around the perimeter and an adjustable lace-up front. Style suggestions include pairing the $495 Crosby Moc-Toe Chukka Boot Light Brown Roughout Suede shoe with a Drakes Polo Shirt and a pair of slacks that go with it.

The Crosby Moc-Toe Chukka Boot Tobacco Suede

There’s no need to slog through ditches, trenches, and dirt paths to achieve that weathered appearance. Similar tough styling can be found in the Crosby Moc-Toe Chukka Boot Tobacco Suede shoe, but without the mud.

These lace-on shoes, which are stained a rustic espresso brown, give off a little 1940s vibe that goes great with khaki slacks and an Oxford sweater.

These Drakes shoes might help you project the air of sophistication and professionalism if you’re striving for the paperboy or distinguished professor image. The Crosby Moc-Toe Chukka Boot in Tobacco Suede costs a whopping $395, so start saving up.

Drake’s is obviously geared for people who have some extra money to burn. Their handkerchief and a basic polo shirt both cost between $300 and $600 on average.

Additionally, we need to talk about their sense of style because not everyone will like it. There’s a potential that Drakes clothes will score a home run with you if you enjoy old-English, academically influenced attire.

Customer Reviews

This Drake’s apparel review looked everywhere for consumer feedback on this high-end retailer. Unfortunately, there weren’t many internet reviews to be located. As a result, we are unable to present a complete picture of the brand.

On the other side, a few customers were content with their online reps and went out of their way to emphasize the attractiveness of the designs they were offering.

According to a Trustpilot reviewer, “Obviously really great, high-quality products. Always have been and only get better each season. However, the staff in the store is pretty bad. Also, the shipping time for e-commerce is really really slow.”

Additionally, we found several reviews on sites like Knoji, Yelp, and BritainReviews. We’ll present them below in point form to make it easier to read…

  1. BritainReviews – 5/5 stars in terms of ordering, service, pricing, and delivery.
  2. Yelp (for their Savile Row location) – 3 reviews with a 4.5/5 star rating.
  3. Knoji – 35 reviews with a 4.4/5 star rating.

These 3 sources indicate that buyers are typically pleased with the caliber of their products. The intricateness and elegance of several people’s ties, sweaters, and jackets received glowing remarks.

One Yelp user submitted a review, “Their ties are indisputably of high quality, and Drake’s have a nice choice of non-silk ties (i.e. wool, wool-silk blend and cashmere) ties as well as bow ties and handkerchiefs.”

This Drake’s apparel review turned up a few unaffiliated sites that criticized this high-end label. Websites like Mens Flair and Permanent Style gave their clothing assortment positive reviews. They have excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail, which contributes to this.

In a statement from Mensflair.com, “I was also considerably impressed with both the aesthetics and apparent quality of the other items in Drakes online store; beautiful cashmere shawl collar cardigans, and Fair Isle sleeveless jumpers. Nearly every item was to my particular taste,”

Readers have reportedly flocked to Permanent Style’s comment area to express their support for this clothing line, according to an article published there.

This contains the following uplifting comment made by one user, “The ‘Drakes Look’ is so distinctive yet simple, and it is also quite attainable. Their new Easyday range makes it that bit more accessible now too.”

Overall, when it comes to both quality and customer service, Drake clothes occupies a brief middle ground. To assist build a more accurate image of this brand’s validity, we are hoping that additional customers will come forward and share their stories.

So, Are They Worth It?

We endorse this brand if you have some extra cash to splurge. Having said that, we strongly advise having some buyer’s reluctance owing to the dearth of authentic web reviews.

Overall, we adored their traditional English design. Although it does have a tendency to go toward the more traditional side of fashion, each item is very tasteful and classic.

Drake’s plays around with the shape or color to keep things young, helping to change that really formal workplace style to a pleasant, bookish aesthetic.

With all of this in mind, there’s a possibility that if you decide to try an independent clothing business, you’ll come out satisfied and fashionable.


Where is Drake’s clothing made?

The website claims that their shirts are created in Chard, Somerset, their knitwear is made in Scotland, and their tailoring is done in Italy.

Which sizes does Drakes offer?

Sizes 36 to 46 are available for shirts at Drake’s. For precise dimensions, we advise consulting the product handbook for your chosen item.

Their shipping policy

This Drake’s Clothing review is pleased to announce that all U.S. orders receive free expedited shipping. In addition, they provide worldwide delivery in a few nations, including France and Canada.

Additionally, readers should be aware that if they reside close to one of their locations, they can select to pick up their clothes items. Buyers will be given a tracking number via an email confirmation in order to keep track of the progress of their orders.

Their return policy

Customers have a 14-day opportunity to return orders to Drake’s. Unfortunately, all associated shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer under this policy. Users can enter the returns portal on their website to start the procedure.