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Learning to Love Fashion & Believing in Its Transformative Power

Eloquii’s 2012 debut was aimed at showcasing that fashion can suit people of all sizes. Beyond basic dresses and up to date designs and trends, Eloquii fashion offers plus-sized ladies items. Eloquii clothing, available in sizes 14–28, gives curvier women unrestricted access to a stylish wardrobe by constantly introducing new things to their ever-expanding assortment.

Chrissy Metz, Rebel Wilson, Aidy Bryant, Lauren Ash, and other A-list celebs have all sported pieces from this line, which is becoming more and more well-liked and praised for its shape, fit, and style. But is this company deserving of a trip down your own red carpet? Our Eloquii dresses review will provide you with all the greatest information on costs, client feedback, items, and more to assist you in determining whether or not they are worthy of your money.

Eloquii was established in 2012 with the intention of demonstrating that size 12 is not the end of fashion. Eloquii plus size dresses follow all the newest trends and offer you the self-assurance you need to flaunt yourself as you stride through the streets since they believe in “the transformational power of fashion.”

We ensure that you receive accurate sizing based on your actual size and form rather than typical proportions by providing three sizing guides.

You don’t need to worry whether your bust or hips are larger than your waist or thighs since Eloquii jumpsuits, jackets, and jeans are all tailored to fit you exactly as you are.

Beyond Eloquii jackets or typical goods, the brand often launches new collections and updates their websites with fresh inspired styles.

Before we become overly enthused by the prospects this brand presents, let’s review some highlights…


  1. Provides an incredible selection of apparel, including dresses, skirts, suits, shirts, and much more.
  2. Sizes 14 to 28 are available.
  3. To better fit your body type, designs come in three fits (normal, viola, and gena).
  4. Numerous a-list celebrities have acknowledged and appreciated the fashion-forward company.
  5. Options for financing are provided using affirm.

Eloquii has a wide range of goods and collections. Beyond basic Eloquii jeans, the inventory is constantly expanding to include a variety of styles under this heading.

We’ve focused our post to just cover some of our favorite skirts, swimsuits, and, of course, dresses from Eloquii to truly highlight those timeless designs in order to reduce the overwhelming quantity of goods.

Take on each meeting and workplace with a slimline Eloquii skirt. For this list, we’ve chosen some customer favorites to show off the stunning possibilities available.

With the Tiered Maxi Skirt in the Pretty Wild design, float about the room. This outfit is constructed entirely of viscose and has an A-line silhouette to best highlight your contours. This seamed panel skirt is made more comfortable by the elastic waistband.

The Tiered Maxi Skirt is now on sale for $15, down from $85 so now is the perfect time to go with the flow and get a few new skirts for the wardrobe!

When it comes to the Neoprene Pencil Skirt, you could be adding a few different skirts to your shopping basket. You’ll most likely be considering more than one of the 15 colors and designs Eloquii provides for this item.

Eloquii will soon provide two additional pattern possibilities in addition to its current selection of 10 solid color selections and 5 patterns. For any event, use them with any blouse in a solid hue to create a statement.

The price of these skirts is usually $60, but there are a number of bargains going on for various colors and patterns, so check out the website to get discounts on some chic new styles.

Nothing starts off the products list like a review of an Eloquii outfit. Eloquii dress designs provide distinctive and entertaining looks for plus-sized ladies to feel brave and confident. They are created for all sizes.

To give you a taste of the amazing plus-size apparel the brand has to offer, we selected a few bestsellers.

The Eloquii white dress you’ve been searching for is here. For a cool $100, you can have the Eloquii Flare Sleeve Scuba Dress in 8 distinct designs and 7 different solid color selections.

With its snug fit bodice and column fit from the hip to sweep, this crewneck dress is made to cinch your body. You’ll wow the onlookers in a simple and comfortable way thanks to the polyester and spandex double-knit scuba fabric.

Don’t overlook the flared sleeves, which are the main highlight of this style. Could you possibly BE more stylish? In our opinion, no!

Show off your style with this gorgeous kimono-inspired outfit. The Eloquii Wrap Maxi Dress features an eye-catching but understated style. These dresses are ideal for spring through fall fashion and are made to be worn with a pullover, making getting ready for the day more convenient than ever.

The flared silhouette, which is emphasized by the inset elastic waist, offers just the perfect amount of fitting. Want to hone your appearance? It comes with a belt to let you adjust the fit. The Summer Garland design is presently on sale for $25 instead of its usual $130 cost.

The Nabela Dress, a highlighted favorite, completes our examination of Eloquii garments. This dress exposes your contours while keeping the body in place thanks to its closely fitted bodice that falls out to a voluminous skirt.

You’ll look like a fairy thanks to the delicate two-tier puff elastic sleeves, and you’ll think the dress could even be magical. The Nabela Dress, which is knee-length, costs $170.

Eloquii swimwear raises the bar for summertime enjoyment. In one of these hot swimsuits created to highlight your greatest curves, you’ll dazzle the beachgoers.

What could be more enjoyable than adding a little ruffle to your clothing? With the Eloquii Drama Ruffle One Piece Swimsuit, you can enjoy some quality time in the sun with a little flare.

This suit is made to last because it is made of heavyweight tricot fabric. Additionally, it has rapidly become a client favorite, thus it is currently out of stock (for now).

When it comes to the Lace Up One-Piece Swimsuit, every perspective is favorable. With its plunging V-neck and lace-up front ties, this navy blue garment will make you seem chic and sophisticated.

Along with the soft cup underwire bra, two adjustable straps help you display your assets while maintaining your poise and dignity.

Unfortunately, this item is currently sold out, but keep an eye out for it or sign up for the waitlist to be informed when it becomes available again. You’ll want to know, we promise!

The Eloquii Crisscross One Piece Swimsuit will draw attention. This two-tone black and blue pattern crosses you in all the right places and looks sensual and supple.

A delightful little peep is provided by a peekaboo keyhole without being overtly ostentatious. You will have a flawless figure thanks to the heavyweight fabric’s ability to stretch, which you’ll be happy to display at any beach.

With its exceptional support and shaping provided by its underwire and inner sling bras, this item has you covered in more ways than one. Eloquii thought ahead, so you won’t have to worry about anything moving about as you swim! This bikini is presently sold out, just like the other well-liked ones.

Can Eloquii Clothing Be The Perfect Fit For You?

Eloquii has sizes 14–28 for plus-sized ladies. Although many plus-sized teens would fit the sizes, the company is targeted towards adults and offers outfits for business casual, formal dress, and working professionals.

Numerous A-list celebrities have worn their more formal and fashionable attire on red carpets. No matter your size, dress to impress and feel stylish.

Customer Reviews

We need to look for the genuine experience and find out what actual consumers think of the company in order to provide you the finest Eloquii dresses review possible.

There are some excellent and some not-so-good things about Eloquii dresses, we have to admit, but we’ll start with the positive and work our way down to the juicy details.

Facebook gives the business the highest rating of any review site. Based on 220 evaluations, the brand receives a perfect score of 5/5. Women’s Facebook evaluations often include images of satisfied clients wearing gorgeous Eloquii skirts and dresses and seeming confident.

Many express their satisfaction with the fit, value, and quality of the items, frequently remarking on how amazing it was to find such fashionable clothes in a plus-size option, “As a plus size woman, clothes don’t often fit properly and are made of poor quality. I love that you offer quality clothes at great prices.”

Customers on Facebook have also praised the designs, saying that Eloquii offers distinctive, colorful, and enjoyable patterns that aren’t frequently accessible to plus-sized ladies.

What are the genuine product reviews on Walmart’s website saying about the clothing? It turns out to be rather good, in fact.

Out of 17 reviews, the Flare Sleeve Scuba Dress has a rating of 4.5/5 stars. Customers were quick to comment on the amazing fit, the dress’s overall elegance, and the affordable pricing (it doesn’t hurt that it’s now on sale too). Here is what one happy customer had to say, “I love this dress. It arrived quickly and I was so nervous because I don’t have experience with the Eloquii brand and as a plus-sized woman, we tend to get disappointed quite a bit ordering online. But I took a chance and I’m glad I did. The dress is lovely; the fabric is good quality; my fit was perfect. Makes me glad I ordered one in white and in red!!! Fits perfectly!!!”

We cannot contest that. At the end of the day, Eloquii is clearly in the right because there are many more favorable online evaluations for the company than unfavorable ones.

Final Verdict

When it comes to plus-size apparel, Eloquii has a substantial selection. They merit your consideration simply because there are so many possibilities accessible.

Some readers might be turned off by the Walmart acquisition, yet many others who bought clothes through Walmart had nothing but positive things to say about the brand. It’s safe to state that results may vary.

The company sells fantastic, one-of-a-kind products for plus-sized figures that were previously unavailable in these sizes, but the prices they want and the concerns about the quality make us a little leery. But ultimately, we believe their stuff is worthwhile to purchase!