“Embark on Your Journey in Style: Explore Calpak Travel’s Chic and Functional Essentials!”

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New Customer Offer! Get 12% Off Your First Purchase

New Customer Offer! Get 12% Off Your First Purchase
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    SALE!! Get Upto 45% Off On Sale Items

    SALE!! Get Upto 45% Off On Sale Items
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    Get $5 Off Your Order Sitewide

    Get $5 Off Your Order Sitewide
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    Checkout Our New Arrivals Collections Starting From $75

    Checkout Our New Arrivals Collections Starting From $75
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    Shop Our Best Sellers Collections Starting As Low As $28

    Shop Our Best Sellers Collections Starting As Low As $28
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    Get Free Standard Shipping On All Orders Over $75+ Purchase
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    Signup & Get 10% Off Your Order Sitewide
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  • Are you in search of a bag that’ll probably outlast you?  Or perhaps you simply need that little unique flair for your upcoming trip. Calpak’s selections of luggage, bags, clothing, and travel accessories make the ideal travelling companion. What more could you ask for when traveling, if not a trustworthy case?

    This company has been around for more than three decades. Their years of consistent work have attracted over 228k Instagram followers, as well as mentions in travel conversations from Expert World Travel, Business Insider, Vogue, and many other publications. It’s reasonable to assume that a lot of individuals are familiar with and like this brand a lot.

    However, we’re all about sifting through conventional wisdom to get to the reality. That entails carefully examining the offerings, costs, rivals, reviews, and other factors. In the end, this review will decide if this is the brand to buy for your upcoming major vacation.

    This brand was created in 1989 by Edward and Judy Kwon from their ideas, which had modest family origins. The two first began as purses and wallets, gradually advancing into duffels and soft shell cases, and then becoming the hard-shell cases we see today.

    When their children Roy and Jennifer joined the business, the two modernized the brand’s look by making certain changes to the established logo and framework. The brand’s simplicity was maintained while presenting fresh and entertaining perspectives on what baggage may be through partnerships and a few new patterns and styles.

    The brand debuted in the garment industry in 2021. This includes clothing and health items including masks, hand sanitizers, sweatpants, and casual clothing. And its a good thing that the brand started offering these new items, because who doesn’t want relaxation throughout their travels?

    Due to a variety of consistent traits, this brand continues to hold its own against its rivals despite the generational shift. Want proof? For a complete summary of what this brand has to offer, I’ve mentioned some of their highlights below…


    1. Portable cases.
    2. Reasonable costs.
    3. It is a family-run business.
    4. Financing alternatives offered by Zip.
    5. Compression cases with extensible features.
    6. They’ve more than 30 years of experience in this Industry.
    7. They provide sets of straightforward and durable travel bags.

    There is a lot to say about this brand, but before we truly dive into the specifics, let’s start with the broad strokes. In this instance, it refers to the most selling items that have made this brand popular. We’ll be concentrating entirely on baggage and all things travel-related, but be sure to browse their clothing for some entertaining travel wear.

    Considering its large inventory, our review considered it appropriate to focus on a handful of its top selling items. These featured items are taken from some of this brand’s bestselling collections. They are best-sellers for a reason, but let’s not spoil too much…

    The Calpak Ambeur Carryon Luggage, is one of the brand’s originals and a customer favourite, that’s why it maintains its position their number one best seller.

    One of the lightest cases this business has to offer is this dazzling one in a beautiful Rose Gold. Travelers may bring more belongings with them because of the case’s reduced weight. Particularly when the expandable 2 inches are included.

    The inside is all about soft storage, with a hard side to keep everything safe from the worst. It’s not difficult to understand why consumers keep choosing this one because it has a lot of compartments, straps, and a lock that has been certified by the TSA to keep everything in place. Additionally, this product is offered in 2-piece and 3-piece sets for individuals who truly adore it.

    You can get this case for $195 and choose from one of four colours. Or you can get the 3-Piece set, which is on sale for $495.

    All you fans of the past! Well we’ve got you covered, this is just what the tourist or doctor prescribed.

    The Calpak Trnk, which is a replica of the traditional design of travel trunks, lightens the burden to make the operation more efficient than conventional hauling. While maintaining the appearance of the old belt, this case modernizes things with smooth wheels, corner guards to prevent bumper car bags from slamming against the contents, and a TSA-approved lock for additional safety and security.

    In addition to all of that, this bag also provides an extension, which adds even another variation on the conventional travel trunk. For those last, difficult-to-fit things, this case can be extended up to 2 inches. This carry-on is organized in a vintage-inspired manner.

    To travel in fashion act quickly and get it on sale for $220 or get the 2-piece set for $353.

    With the Calpak Jen Atkin Carry-On, any traveler may have a carry-on that matches their vibrant attitude. The bling is the star of this suitcase. Although it is available in three colours, we strongly advise choosing gold. This one will certainly stand out from the others crammed onto the plane or train because it is shiny and gorgeous.

    Even better, stickers are included with this bag to truly personalize. To embellish this item and make it uniquely yours, have fun and go wild.

    The bag’s access without a zipper is another wonderful feature. Yes, the zipper is totally concealed to calm any worries, that it would burst and spill all the valuables and delicates within the bag. We’ve all experienced or at least constantly thought about this nightmare at least once.

    Lock things up tight with this Jen Atkin collab on sale for $214. It also comes in three sizes, which are also on sale.

    Instead of bringing additional backpacks, use this to keep your items well organized.

    This one’s title pretty much says it all, but there’s a reason we decided to include it in this list. The fact is that this carry-on case is all about accessibility, although it does come in larger sizes for people who adore the design.

    It has a sizable pocket in the front for storing the laptop, a few amusing items to pass the time during the journey, and one or two magazines. The laptop pocket is visible and accessible at all times, but more significantly, it is secure. Any tablets or other devices housed inside this pocket are completely protected from injury thanks to the use of a hard shell that mirrors the rest of the casing. No pressure is applied to any goods stored inside this pocket. The bigger portion of the container has TSA-approved locks, and the entire thing was made to safeguard all inside components. As it pertains to this situation, security is crucial.

    You can pick up one of these in any of the five unique colours for $225.

    If we’re being really truthful, a large portion of our enthusiasm for the Calpak brand stems from their famous Kaya line of products. There isn’t much about these bags that we don’t love, they are sleek in appearance and larger on the inside.

    The Calpak Kaya Laptop Backpack isn’t really just a travel accessory, we have to be honest. But that’s something we’ll cover later.

    With this bag, style is the first word that springs to mind. Although it has a basic appearance, the smooth synthetic leather has a lot of useful properties. Grab one of the 11 colours or more we won’t tell. Then proceed to the airport with all necessary items close at hand.

    This is not just a travel bag that is stored in the closet when at home, as was previously said. This is a stylish bag with plenty of compartments. A 15-inch laptop fits easily inside one zippered compartment, which entirely isolates it from the other pockets to safeguard the equipment.

    With ease, go to friends’ homes, presentations, work, or school as needed. This bag can accommodate the necessities and blend in with any look you’re striving for. Add this functional bag to your cart for $128.

    Who said our arms and shoulders had to be burdened with totes that would constantly fall off as we walked? With the Calpak Kaya Backpack, keep things simple.

    This compact yet fashionable backpack just holds the necessities. This bag may easily be fastened to the back for hands-free transportation and fits neatly over the baggage handle of any bigger item. This synthetic leather bag, which is offered in three colours, fits any traveler theme you’re trying for while still getting the job done.

    What makes a bag of this size the best is that, it’s not limited to just travel. This bag is the ideal substitute for leaving your purse at home and can also be used for picnics, treks, or even trips to the mall. At checkout, you may easily add security with 2, 3, or 5 year warranties.

    For $72, add it to your wardrobe and travel in style.

    Without mentioning one of our favourite Calpak items, we couldn’t write about the company. Yes, we are discussing the extremely popular Calpak packing cubes.

    Customers may match their baggage with this five-cube set’s 12 colour and pattern selections, or they can go crazy and set their cubes apart from their significant other. After seeing how unique and versatile it is, everyone in the home will want their own set.

    These cubes, which are available in four different sizes, keep everything organized on journeys so that whatever is needed at the moment is simple to grab. So, you can stop searching through luggage now. These cubes are designed to lessen the tension that comes with the typical packing Tetris game we all encounter. They have a sturdy mesh that adjusts to really fill these areas as well as a water-resistant bag.

    We can’t all keep waiting for the buddy who always manages to fit everything in to lend a hand before each trip. It will save everyone time if you have everything squared away. After all, they are cubes!

    You can get these practical packing cubes for $68.

    Who Is Calpak Perfect For?

    This is the brand to look at if you’re a wanderer, traveller, adventurer, or something else. There is something to be stated about the quality of Calpak cases that has enabled them to endure and prosper for so many decades, despite the fact that it is simple to be seduced by the swanky new features of modern and fancy brands.  

    Travel is the focus of this brand. Calpak is on the lookout for anyone who needs some ready storage for travel, whether they are travelling internationally or just across town. This company knows where the priorities lie and precisely how to reach them, keeping things simple, easy, and accessible for a hassle-free journey to any destination.

    Customer Reviews

    Are you prepared to fly through some client surveys? Without asking the general public if their perceptions of the brand are accurate, we can’t precisely suggest it. Even though this is a review of Calpak, it is a truthful one.

    It’s safe to state that we’re pleased to learn that most consumers are satisfied with their purchases. Based on more than 4,840 reviews from real consumers, Calpak’s own website has received 4.8/5 stars. The majority adore this brand’s minimalism, emphasizing practicality above anything else.

    “First, it is so light! I can’t believe the functionality! It holds everything and exceeds my expectations. Tons of organized storage including a shoe sleeve. I love all the compartments for organization. The trolley sleeve fit perfectly on my suitcase handle so I could easily roll through the airport. This is by far my favorite bag!”

    The goal of this business has always been to provide an inexpensive substitute for well-known baggage manufacturers. They have concentrated on keeping things light, slick, and basic for frequent travel, aiming for straightforward approaches that have been shown to perform.

    The foundation of this brand’s values is organization. Customers also adore the quantity of pockets, which makes packing easier, as this 5-star review of Calpak noted…

    “I love this bag! The material feels buttery and I love the matte black color. Not only does this bag have pockets, but it has different sized pockets that make it easy to decide how to organize. Would recommend!”

    This website isn’t the only one that receives positive comments. Products from Calpak that are sold on Nordstrom have a comparable audience. Customers adore the neat design, countless compartments, and lightweight, silky materials that make it easy to keep the wheels moving.

    The 5-Piece Packing Cube Set, a recent addition to their catalogue, has been holding its own with 4.5/5 stars based on 85 ratings. These cubes keep everything organized and convenient to grab when needed since they properly fit in the packing area of Calpak baggage.

    “Yes! These saved me so much space when packing my suitcase. I like that they come in different sizes for various suitcase sizes. I highly recommend it. They saved me so much room and kept everything very organized, which I struggle with when traveling.”

    Not simply new items are receiving positive ratings. View some further Calpak products with excellent reviews on Nordstrom’s website…

    Luka Soft Side Duffle Bag – 4.9/5 stars based on 15 ratings.

    Silk Travel Neck Pillow & Eye Mask Set – 4.7/5 stars based on over 35 ratings.

    Astyll 22-Inch Rolling Spinner Suitcase – 4.4/5 stars based on over 65 ratings.

    When you get right down to it, it’s simple to see why people adore the company and the goods they provide. Even Business Insider is enamored with the brand, citing examples from such instances as, “expandable, affordable, easy to maneuver around the airport, and super lightweight. What can I say, sometimes simpler really is better.”

    The actual star of the show is always constant simplicity that performs just as you desire, despite the fact that many luggage firms nowadays are attempting to integrate more aspects to stand out.

    Are They Worth It?

    Everyone may agree that a compelling and straightforward style tends to succeed when it comes to durability, even though we will admit to being persuaded by the glitzy elements of new cases. Despite the new luggage’s many bells and whistles, our Calpak review team suggests purchasing this line.

    Put your faith in the economical, reliable, and family-owned company that has been serving the market for over 30 years. They must be doing something right since they have been in the industry for this long.


    Special Offers & Discounts

    We’re constantly looking for great bargains. Although there aren’t any major deals going on at the time this Calpak review is being written, the company does provide the following typical discounts…


    Referral Scheme.

    Rewards VIT (free to register, earn points for every purchase).

    Where to Buy Calpak

    We’ve discovered that the brand is online only (calpaktravel.com), with other third-party or partner sites, much as with many other bag manufacturers. When it comes to this company’s products, Nordstrom and Amazon are the two options to look into.

    Do they ship internationally?

    They don’t, though. Calpak only delivers within the U.S at the moment.

    Their shipping policy

    As we get into the section of our review that discusses shipping, we must clarify up front that this company presently only offers delivery to the 48 contiguous US states.

    For customers, especially around the holidays, this business aims to keep things simple, affordable, and fast. This implies that Ground Shipping has a set fee of $8 for all orders and is free for those making over $75. In essence, this implies that delivery is free on all Calpak baggage orders.

    This brand provides 2-Day shipping in addition to Ground Shipping, with costs based on the weight of the item(s) being ordered. Rather than discussing how much something weighs, this is actually simply about how bulky it is to transport. It will cost extra for that quick shipment if it requires more truck space.

    Every order comes with a tracking number. This info is supplied as soon as the order ships out, however it might take a day or two for information to correctly be updated on where the item now is. Once the item ships, that’s it. No more costs or concerns. Just follow the tracker and get ready for a new suitcase or other items, to store for the next big trip.

    Their return policy

    We regret that this situation has ever arisen, but occasionally, products don’t quite match our mental images. We prioritized include all pertinent return information in our Calpak review, beginning with the policy time restriction.

    When it comes to return policies, this brand is quite unusual. However, any things bought between November 19 and the end of the calendar year have until January 31 to be brought back for a full refund. Normally returns must occur within 30 days of buying the product.

    The online Returns page is where all returns start. This page enables fresh options for any exchanges or merely provides a tour of the refund procedure.

    Have in mind that any returns will need to be processed with the associated email and order number, so keep those details handy. Include the following information as well…

    1. The object must be brand-new.
    2. It cannot be a product for final sale.
    3. It needs to be delivered back in its original packing.

    Thus, keep everything tidy, give it a little test run, and swiftly assess whether it is worthwhile retaining. No matter how much the consumers fight, wear and tear is not acceptable.

    There is a short list of items by the brand of products that aren’t eligible for returns. Select items are…

    1. Gift Cards
    2. Silk Travel Set
    3. Hand Sanitizers
    4. Linen and Room Sprays
    5. Sample or flash sale items
    6. Non-Medical Double Layered Face Masks
    7. And any other items marked as final sale.

    To be honest, the most of those are sanitary. In light of the above, if you’re unsure as to whether something qualifies for a refund, email their customer care staff a brief note and they’ll assist arrange things; their contact information is included in the following section.

    Even if the label is supplied during the Return portal procedure, all return shipment incurs a fee. Different costs apply to products of various sizes. Prices are shown as of right now at…

    • Apparel – $5
    • Bags & Accessories – $8
    • Luggage – $15

    Got it all? If something is still unclear, please get in touch with their reliable customer care for clarification on any issue.

    Contact Info

    According to our research, customer assistance is available Monday through Friday from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm PST. The following are the simplest methods to contact them…

    Email address – help@calpaks.com.

    Submit their online contact form.

    Utilize their website’s messenger service.