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The clothing company Equipment is a name that every stylish, contemporary fashionista will be familiar with. This brand is dependable, straightforward, and simple to style. It specializes in both contemporary and traditional women’s apparel with androgynous forms.

Regardless of whether your fashion sense is more feminine, more masculine, or somewhere in between, this clothing collection is sure to contain a timeless core item that will capture your attention. It therefore comes as no surprise that it has a devoted and fanatical audience, even possessing over 207k Instagram followers.

Although the Equipment line has seen tremendous popularity in recent years, is it still worthwhile to add a few pieces to your wardrobe? You may make that choice with the assistance of this Equipment apparel review. We’ll go into greater detail about the brand’s collection, customer reviews, promotions, and other topics in the sections that follow. By the time you’re done, you’ll be in the best position to make purchases.

According to their website, Equipment was established in 1976 in Paris, France, and “uses unparalleled French sophistication with an air of effortlessly chic style.” This brand aims to combine old and contemporary trends into something that is both timeless and innovative. It draws inspiration from classic European aesthetics.

Christian Restoin originally founded the business, which has changed ownership a few times over the years but, most significantly, was relaunched by Serge Azira in 2010. Since that time, a number of famous people have been seen wearing Equipment, including Anne Hathaway, Diane Kruger, and Kate Bosworth.

Although the business was founded in France, its present headquarters are in Los Angeles, California. Equipment continues to produce magnificent, androgynous apparel in keeping with its commitment to traditional European beauty.

Today, Equipment is available in more than 600 retail locations worldwide, including Nordstrom and Holt Renfrew.

Before diving into our Equipment clothes evaluation, it is important to weigh the company’s benefits and drawbacks, which include…


  1. They offer numerous essential pieces of clothing, such as equipment pajamas, camis, shirts, jackets, and more.
  2. They only use premium materials, such as cashmere and 100% silk.
  3. Offer possibilities for financing with AfterPay.
  4. 30-day policy for returns.
  5. On U.S orders, shipping and returns are free.
  6. Offers shipment to other countries.


  1. There are no consumer reviews on the brand’s website.
  2. High prices due to expensive fabrics.

You probably already know how trendy capsule wardrobes have become if you read fashion blogs or follow minimalist YouTube videos. The Equipment essential clothes line is a great place to start, whether your goal is to truly reduce your wardrobe to only 20 pieces or you simply want to add some functional, classic pieces to it.

The company provides timeless items in flattering designs and high-end fabrics, including shirts, camis, and pants. However, it often updates these timeless styles with colorful patterns and creative accents. We’ll expose you to the items that buyers like most in the next portion of this Equipment apparel review.

Next, you’ll learn about some of the most recognizable items from the Equipment apparel line. Your new go-to wardrobe essentials may be waiting in this assortment, from business dresses in colorful designs to traditional silk blouses with fanciful patterns.

The Signature Silk Shirt, which draws inspiration from clothing from the 1970s, offers a contemporary take on a necessary classic.

This oversized shirt has two roomy front pockets and can be worn in a variety of ways, including tucked into chic pants or with a timeless pencil skirt. Even better, for a more laid-back appearance, you may wear this item untucked with a pair of slim-fitting jeans.

Bright white and genuine black are the two tones that this Equipment silk shirt is offered in, and it’s priced at $230. The Equipment Slim Signature blouses are a good option if you want something with a more tailored fit.

The Equipment Long Sleeve Adalyn Silk Shirt has a collar and a deep v-cut and is effortlessly stylish and airy. Given that it fits loosely, the user will seem more dressy than casual.

A brand staple among other well-liked materials like the Equipment cashmere line, this shirt is made entirely of silk. This top must be lovingly hand washed with mild detergent, just like the other pure silks in its line. The item must then be dried on a line; it must never be placed in a dryer.

Wear the Long Sleeve Adalyn Silk Shirt, which comes in a timeless brilliant white color, to work with a high-waisted skirt or tone it down with a pair of skinny jeans. Normally $230, this Equipment shirt is only $127 off its regular price. Simply throw on one of the Equipment sweaters when fall arrives to finish the outfit.

The Equipment Layla Silk Cami is a definite wardrobe must since it is “simple enough to go with everything you own but still delicate enough to flatter in all the right ways,” Wear it beneath a jacket for a more professional look or tuck it into a pair of mom jeans for a weekend outfit.

This cami, which is made entirely of silk, has thin, adjustable straps for a custom fit. It measures 30″ in length and has a modest v-cut. White, cream, and black are the three traditional colors that customers can select from. For $98 you can get this silk shirt from Equipment, a real investment.

The Equipment Slim Signature Silk Shirt is for anybody seeking for a timeless item with a dash of excitement. This item was reintroduced in a more contemporary, leaner cut and is inspired by a brand-archived design.

100% silk was used to create this shirt. It has two pockets and a traditional collar and button-up design.

Each color choice has a starry pattern as a playful touch. The colors available to customers include black, blue, white, and green. But the black variant with white stars, which has gotten the most attention, is what this Equipment apparel review is drawn to. Whichever choice you select, this Equipment star shirt has a suggested retail price of $280.

If not just for the leopard print, the Equipment Aubrey Silk Dress is without a doubt one of the boldest items in the brand’s line. It reaches just above the knee, giving your legs a brief glimpse.

Due to its loose fit and elbow-length sleeves, the basic shift dress silhouette made of 100% silk is fluid and airy. The front hip pockets on this dress are another feature that this Equipment clothes review wishes to draw attention to (because who doesn’t want a dress with pockets!). The typical price of this leopard-print Equipment dress is $295.

Is Equipment Apparel Perfect For You?

Although equipment creates apparel for women that does not mean that anyone, regardless of gender, cannot wear their clothing. The brand’s emphasis on flowing, loose-fitting, androgynous shapes means that any number of its items can be worn by anyone so chooses.

Additionally, equipment is not made for a certain age group. The brand’s clothing is wearable by anybody, regardless of age, thanks to the delicate mix of traditional and contemporary elements in its designs. However, the brand does not provide a plus-size selection, and just a few models go up to a XXL.

Additionally, the organization does not create designs with a particular identity, ability level, or cultural background in mind. In summary, Equipment is an upscale label that is accessible to everybody.

Customer Reviews

Despite the fact that the brand’s items appear promising, this Equipment clothes review wants to hear from actual consumers. As a result, we gathered evaluations from several websites, including Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Amazon, and Revolve, since the business doesn’t provide client feedback on its website.

Here’s an overview of how some of Equipment’s most well-liked items are regarded online…

  1. Equipment Layla Silk Cami –8/5 stars from 12 reviews at Bloomingdale’s.
  2. Equipment Long Sleeve Adalyn Silk Shirt –7/5 stars from 20 reviews at Revolve.
  3. Equipment Slim Signature Silk Shirt –5/5 stars from 52 reviews at Bloomingdale’s.
  4. Equipment Signature Silk Shirt –3/5 stars from 69 reviews at Nordstrom.
  5. Equipment Aubrey Silk Dress – 4/5 stars from 4 reviews on Amazon.

As you can see, there aren’t many internet reviews on Equipment clothes. Given that the Slim Signature Silk Shirt is one of the most talked-about items at Bloomingdale’s, we decided to go further into the comment area there.

Customers claim that the fabric is “ridiculously smooth and rich” and that the placement of the pockets flatters the chest. Several ladies also value the variety of patterns and colors.

Another customer, meantime, adores how adaptable this blouse is, “it is the perfect fall wardrobe staple. Button it all the way up and wear it with jeans and some booties, or unbutton it and wear it tucked in with skinny jeans or riding pants… this blouse literally fits the bill for virtually every occasion…. No matter where or how I wear this blouse, someone always comments on my outfit.”

The Layla Silk Cami was the next item we decided to research on Revolve. Customers adore the 100% silk material’s premium quality and the airy yet not baggy fit. In fact, some users mention that they only purchased one hue at first but ended up returning for more since they enjoyed it so much.

Due to the adjustable straps, it appears that the Layla Silk Cami fits ladies with bigger chests better than the last item we examined! Consider this client’s experience, “I bought this is the black with white stars and went back the very next day to get the white one with the black stars. It’s a great cut and flattering for busty girls with small shoulders. Love it!”

Despite the company’s lengthy history, it appears that most customers choose to shop for its assortment in their neighborhood department store, which is probably why there aren’t any reviews. Additionally, it does not provide a forum for comments on its own website.

Customers appear to perceive these items as investments that will last in their wardrobes based on the evaluations of Equipment clothes that we did locate. Additionally, we discovered several testimonials mentioning the praises individuals got when sporting this assortment, which is always a bonus!

Final Verdict

Equipment is a brand that is unquestionably worthwhile for anybody looking for opulent, high-quality essential clothing. Each item from the company is promised to be manufactured of high-quality materials and to survive for several seasons in your wardrobe.

In other words, this is a brand you’ll buy from when you want to stock your closet with flexible, classic items rather than the hottest new trends. We discovered several Equipment clothes reviews that praised this quality of the line and mentioned that its pieces are investments that can be used indefinitely.

The clothes from this brand may be worn in a variety of ways because they are generally basic. They look truly exquisite as they are constructed of premium materials like cashmere and 100% silk, hence the slightly expensive prices, starting at about $100.