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The Best Way to Surprise Your Feet Every Month

The goal of Foot Cardigans is to make your feet feel posh and special. DeLuca and his crew have transformed the socks and mail industry with their innovative and humorous designs. They now give their clients monthly subscriptions to get a random pair of outrageous, high-quality socks. After seven years of ups and downs, Foot Cardigans is still expanding. Last year, the company sold more than $2 million, which translates to seven years of encouraging individuals to dabble in fashion while still adhering to formal dress guidelines and social norms.

Customers are offered brilliance that is created in the United States but manufactured in Turkey and China. The following subscriptions are available for you to choose from based on your preferences…

1. The Crew membership is $12 per month. You get a unique pair of mid-calf socks that are designed just for you at random. These pairs are constructed of elastane, polyester, and combed cotton. Accessible to all sexes.

2. $12 monthly no show membership. You will receive a set of unique, incredibly comfortable no-show socks with a non-slip silicone heel when you subscribe to this plan. Additionally, combed cotton, polyester, and elastane are used to make these models. Accessible to all sexes.

3. Monthly premium subscription cost $14. Depending on your tastes, the most comfortable blend of Peruvian prima cotton, nylon, and spandex was used to create these unique and opulent Cardigan socks. Offered just to guys.

Aside from receiving socks every month, each subscription will come with appealing bonuses. For the purchase of a membership, one pair of socks every month are guaranteed for adults and two pairs for children living at home.

On the other side, since 2014 you may also buy your favorite shoes. You can pick among models for kids, ladies, and adults for about $12 each pair. That’s fantastic if you don’t want a complete subscription.

Their Shipping Policy

With a $3 per pair domestic shipping fee, Foot Cardigan ships straight from the US. You can get free delivery if you purchase at least $40. Your delivery will reach you securely thanks to DHL. The delivery costs are always liable to change.

Their Return Policy

The return policy is really reasonable. As long as your return meets the criteria outlined on their website, they will gladly accept it. Only socks that have never been worn will be accepted for return if there is a problem with them or if they do not fit you. Foot Cardigan will cover the cost of return shipping. But if the reason of your return is because you find the designs or colors were unappealing, then they will not return it.

Customer Feedback

Fairly speaking, Foot Cardigan frequently results in satisfied consumers. Although it is true that their products are of extremely high quality, the majority of customer complaints about the business center on the shipping procedure and missing items.

The customer support service, on the other hand, is highly attentive and active in following the situations described in their unfavorable evaluations and providing unique remedies to each of them. Approximately 20% of the TrustPilot ratings are rated as “excellent,” which convinces us that their items are worthwhile.

Their Customer Service Information

The “Contact us” section, which is found at the bottom of every page, has the details you need to get in touch with them. In addition to this, you may find their contact information on their website and on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Reasons We Enjoy Foot Cardigan

To be completely honest, this apparel brand is unlike any other I have seen before. The website has a new look because to the high quality items, appealing graphics, and inventive product descriptions. Aside from the fantastic sense of humor that permeates the entire website, including customer service, of course.

What We Consider Needs Improving

We believe Foot Cardigan can improve in two key areas to attract even more clients than they already do. First, instead of receiving a random pair of socks that they might not like at all, give them the choice to select the pattern style of the design. If not, at least give them the opportunity to return the socks. Second, and equally crucial, pay close attention to the procedure after collecting payment and ensure that the majority of your customers are satisfied with the service you provide.

Final Verdict

It’s amazing how much Foot Cardigan has expanded since they first began doing business. Their appearance on Shark Tank has significantly increased their marketability. People need to be aware that when they purchase their goods, they are also helping a wonderful concept grow into a successful company in addition to receiving fantastic and unique socks. A project might become your best concept if you put work into it, so keep that in mind.