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T-shirt battles have begun. It’s nearly hard to distinguish between one brand and the next because so many are effectively reinventing the traditional t-shirt.

In this Good life Clothing review, we examine a few of the company’s signature t-shirts as well as some of their other apparel to determine whether Good life belongs in your wardrobe.

What could a premium t-shirt possibly have that is so great? I asked myself that when I was inexperienced and young (i.e., a total noob).

But after trying a number of the top brands in the industry, witnessing giants rise and fall (well, not that epic), and finding new labels that outperform the competition, I’ve come to realize that the perfect outfit may set the tone for your whole day.

The simple t-shirt is the most essential item there is. None, I counter. That’s why I made the decision to purchase many t-shirts as well as some other goods from the up-and-coming company Good life Clothing.

I’ve been sporting one of their t-shirts for a while now, and I’m prepared to provide my opinion. If you want to find out if Good life is the best fit for you, keep reading…

Let me begin by stating what Good life Clothing is not.

I recently came across an advertisement for a dress shirt company that features a front zipper and faux-button placket. The advertisement asked, “Do you ever get bored of buttoning your shirts?”

They just created an issue that flies in the face of every man’s experience and then attempted to market a bogus solution. Contrary to many other direct-to-consumer companies, Good life doesn’t try to invent an issue before offering a shoddy fix.

Good life uses the finest textiles to create high-end clothing. They identify as an “aspirational” brand, emphasizing the emotional impact of the clothing.

This review will now warm things up with some pros and cons of the brand.


  1. Some of my favorite t-shirts are those. Although each fabric combination is distinct, the fits are all the same and quite flattering.
  2. It’s awesome to wear the Essential Twill Pant. I appreciate how it has certain characteristics of a stylish chino but still has a more casual and laid-back appearance. They appear upmarket yet are still casual enough to go nicely with the t-shirts.
  3. All of the textiles that Good life uses are amazing.
  4. I admire that Good life created the Good life Loop initiative, where they turn used shirts into insulation for homes, as a practical and direct step toward sustainability.


  1. The fit of the t-shirt is rather snug in the chest and arms, so if you’re a husky gentlemen, you might want to choose one size up from what you usually purchase.

Things to think about before Buying from Good life

In contrast to many other manufacturers, Good life Clothing refuses to join the “race to the bottom.” Their aim is to provide high-quality clothing that fits perfectly, feels amazing, and makes you feel amazing while you’re wearing it.

Good life isn’t the only company doing this, though, and I believe that more and more men are realizing that if they spend a little more on the appropriate brands, they can get clothes that fit them better and give them greater self-confidence.

For that superior fabric and construction quality, you should be prepared to spend some money. Not for those looking for a deal, Good life Clothing. Additionally, not everyone has the money to spend $50 or more on a t-shirt, even though I believe it is worth it to spend more money on clothing you love, not just from Good life but in general.

T-shirts are where Good life got their start, so that’s where I’ll focus much of my review. Good life makes more than just t-shirts, so I also bought a few other items to evaluate how the company is doing in areas other than t-shirts.

There’s a variety of fabric blends to choose from, but most importantly, the fit is on point for all of Good life’s t-shirts. Each fabric blend has its own strength, but you can’t go wrong.

My haul of Good life t-shirts was impressive. There are various different mixes and colours, if you didn’t know, but as far as I can tell, they all fit the same. I’ll go into the distinctions between these materials and explain why you may select one over the other, along with showing you how the fit look in the images. I purchased the following shirts…

  1. Denim Shirt
  2. Supima Scallop Crew
  3. Tri-Blend Scallop Crew
  4. Sunfaded Slub Scallop Crew
  5. Essential Twill Pant

While I enjoy a nice t-shirt, I’ve lived close enough to Silicon Valley to understand how simple it is to fall into the trap of donning the same shirt every day. I deviated from the norm and chose one of Good life’s brand-new denim shirts.

Indigo, Medium Indigo, and Light Indigo are the three color choices available. I selected Medium Indigo.

This shirt has a very western appearance thanks to the mother of pearl snap buttons. The fit here is excellent, much like the t-shirts from Good life. I chose a size big, and it has a great, sleek taper across the torso and fits well in the shoulders.

I’m more athletically built, so my hips and shoulders are both rather broad. For me, an attractive shirt makes my hips and shoulders appear more proportionate. I’m a big admirer of Good life because all of their shirts meet the bill there.

The Supima Scallop Crew is a different animal altogether, it’s all about softness.

This shirt feels amazing since it is made with a 50/50 combination of modal and Supima cotton that is farmed in the US. This shirt will gradually lose its shape and super-soft texture, though that will still take some time. As I purchased the brilliant white, so I don’t wear it as frequently as my Tri-Blend.

I rarely wear white because, as anyone who has spent time with me will attest, I have a tendency to spill on the front of my shirts.

I love the Supima tee because of how soft material is, which makes it a great choice for special events where you still want to be casual but want your basics to look great.

This weave, which is the strongest offered by Good life, is created from a combination of polyester, rayon, and cotton. It retains its color and form exceptionally well even after several washings because it is largely synthetic.

Given its breathability, Good life advises wearing this t-shirt while exercise. Having said that, I’m not a great fan of working out in garments made of mixed fabrics because they often emit a foul stench after a while. I have experienced it with other types of clothing, but I haven’t with this Good life shirt, and I don’t want to misplace it.

The name’s “scallop” component alludes to the hem’s curled shape. I really like this style over a traditional hem (hence why all my shirts from Good life have the curved hem).

I seem taller and thinner because to the longer torso, which is advantageous. Due to its breathability and the number of times you can wash it without it losing its shape or color, the Tri-Blend Crew is an excellent everyday shirt.

In addition, I purchased the Sunfaded Scallop Crew, which is heavier in weight than other Good life shirts and made of 100% cotton. The pigment colored fabric, the slubby cotton weave, and the fading hue are this shirt’s main selling characteristics.

It’s important to note that it was already my old favorite t-shirt when it came in the box. Although the cloth appears worn, the hem and collar do not since they are both sturdy.

Good life claims that this t-shirt improves with usage, which excites me because I enjoy the tee as is. Over time, it should continue to age and become softer, which will further enhance its allure.

A big fits me well. For perspective, I weigh 200 pounds and am 6’2″. Around the chest and arms, the shirts were a bit too tight. If that describes you, you might want to try ordering a size larger than you typically would. I know some huskier guys who prefer to have a bit extra room in certain regions.

I typically wear a large, but the Good life large fits more like a giant medium on me. You can do whatever you want if you are chiseled. You can probably shop at Baby Gap and still look good. This review is for the rest of us.

We’ve established that Good life can sew a shirt. Do they, however, know how to sew an outfit for the lower extremities?

I adore joggers, but thanks to this comprehensive gathering, I now have more than enough to last me a lifetime. So, I didn’t get any of the joggers or sweats from Good life and instead bought their Essential Twill Pant.

It’s a unique pair of jeans that I don’t own anything else like in my closet. They have a chinos-like feel, but their structure is more like that of a pair of linen trousers. These have a very casual feel due to the elastic waistband and front drawstring.

I’ve been wearing mine with a small roll at the bottom to reveal some ankle and up the cold factor. The cut is straight below the knee.

Two rear pockets with buttons make it convenient to take your phone and wallet around, and there are two vertical pockets at the tips that resemble chinos. There is a faux-fly for decoration and no zipper.

Overall, I really like these pants, and since they have a more relaxed, beachy vibe to me, I anticipate wearing them more in the spring and summer than in the colder months.

Is Good life Perfect for You?

If you have a bit extra money to spend and want to fill your closet with just the greatest items, Good life Clothing is a great company. You’ll like Good life if you think that owning two fantastic t-shirts is preferable than owning five mediocre ones.

Customer Reviews

Most online comments mention “quality,” and many reviewers claim that these shirts are the most comfortable they have ever worn. The Supima/Modal mix from Good life, in my opinion, may be argued to be the softest premium tee, but other blends are superior in terms of durability, etc.

The shirts are fitted across the chest and shoulders and have a thinner profile than typical t-shirts, which is something to keep in mind and something I saw in most unfavorable reviews.

The majority of high-end shirts tend to run smaller than well-known brands, but that’s what makes them flattering and expensive, which is something I’ve grown to anticipate.

Order the following size larger if you’re a huskier man who prefers extra space in your t-shirts. You can try the big size if you’re in between sizes (for example, if you’re between a medium and large, though you could also like the extra-large), too. I only say that if you prefer having roomier shoulders and chest. Your usual size is your best choice if nothing else.

Final Verdict

Good life Clothing has certainly earned my respect. Their USA-made t-shirts are expertly constructed with premium fabric. Despite the fact that each fabric mix has a certain strength, whether it is durability or softness, the most crucial aspect is that they all fit incredibly well.

Good life is a bit pricey for essentials, but if you’d rather have two outstanding t-shirts than five that are only passable, you’ll be happy with your purchase.

The t-shirts fit closely across the shoulders and chest. Many people find this to be a pleasing design, however if you’re a bigger guy and prefer extra room in the chest, you might want to get one size up. The torso features a good taper, so you’ll still have a beautiful fit.

And Good life’s success extended beyond their t-shirt line. I’m a fan of the brand now that I’ve worn the Denim Shirt and the Essential Twill Pants.

As Good life continues to produce high-quality, fit- and fabric-focused essentials that redefine what a casual wardrobe may look like, I’m excited to see them broaden their product line.