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New Customer Offer! Get 10% Off Your First Purchase

New Customer Offer! Get 10% Off Your First Purchase
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  • Your Daily SuperBlend is here! Try Ka’Chava At Just $69.95

    Your Daily SuperBlend is here! Try Ka’Chava At Just $69.95

    Your Daily SuperBlend is here! Try Ka’Chava At Just $69.95
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    Get $15 Off On Your Order Sitewide

    Get $15 Off On Your Order Sitewide
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  • Treat Yourself To 5 Delicious Flavors with Ka’Chava

    Treat Yourself To 5 Delicious Flavors with Ka’Chava

    Treat Yourself To 5 Delicious Flavors with Ka’Chava
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    Subscribe & Save $10 Off On Each Bag Order

    Subscribe & Save $10 Off On Each Bag Order
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    Get Free Shipping When You Order 2+ Bags

    Get Free Shipping When You Order 2+ Bags
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    Signup & Enter For The Chance To Win 5 Free Bags

    Signup & Enter For The Chance To Win 5 Free Bags
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  • Ka’Chava – The Whole Body Meal

    We wholeheartedly concur that this meal shake is “the healthiest in the world.” We saw a decrease in hunger and an increase in energy.

    YUMMY protein-rich meal replacement aids with weight loss and muscle growth.

    Includes over 70 superfoods, such as kale, amaranth, chia seeds, and maca root.

    Glowing 4.7 out of 5 stars from 28,114 customer reviews!

    Supports the Rainforest Trust, which has been defending over 100,000 acres of rainforest since 2007.

    What will this Ka’Chava review entail? I’ll walk you through a detailed study of the company, its offerings, and subscription, as well as customer comments, special offers, and more. Let’s get started because there is so much to learn.

    Being attractive is one thing, but Ka’Chava’s creator thinks that health is about much more than appearance. Yes, when we feel well, our bodies show it, but we may also portray “health” by having skinny, clean skin, etc., while actually being severely undernourished.

    This is one of my own objectives, and one I’ve been working on developing over the past 8 years, so it strikes a chord with me. Simon Malone founded the business in 2014 as a method to help people live “in harmony with the world.”

    Malone was aware of the challenges involved in eating well and obtaining a balanced diet from a variety of plant-based sources. Ka’Chava was developed to facilitate that purpose and assist bodies in receiving what they require to function at their peak.

    Even some of the same superfoods utilized in ancient Aztec times, such the Sacha Inchi seed, are included in the brand since it was “inspired by ancient knowledge.” Defatted Sacha Inchi seeds are “a significant source of protein,” according to one research, and their antioxidant capabilities are a fantastic method to prevent illness.

    What else is contained in the tribal superfood supplement Ka’Chava? The Nevada-based company claims to use only the best components. The company is very open about how, where, and why their products are created, and there is a wealth of information online.

    Next in this Ka’Chava review, let me give you a short recap of some of their benefits & drawbacks, before I go further into the details…


    Fantastic flavor


    Transparent brand.

    Natural ingredients.

    Zero calories and sugar.

    Money-back guarantee.

    They provide free shipping.

    It has no adverse consequences.

    Vegan, soy-free, and gluten-free.

    It has 1/7 as much caffeine as coffee.

    Provides a complete source of nutrition.

    They use lots of nutrients that are high in energy. It can be an excellent coffee substitute.


    Can be pricey.

    Possibly not everyone’s cup of tea.

    Ratings Breakdown


    Only USDA-organic-certified ingredients are used in MUDWTR, so you can feel good about what you’re putting in your body.


    You may save 33% on your orders when you use the subscription model, which is a fantastic offer. Shipping is also free!

    Customer Experience

    Enjoy all the advantages of coffee without the jitters, crashes, or restless nights.


    Excellent customer service, the utilization of only the finest ingredients, and wicked discounts are all features of MUDWTR.

    The traditional cure for our current busyness is Ka’Chava.

    You would undoubtedly be perplexed if I told you that there was a method to deal with the activity of the twenty-first century by combining the knowledge of the Aztecs with nutrient-rich superfoods and delectable tried-and-true flavors.

    But that is precisely the idea of Ka’Chava, called “The World’s Healthiest Meal Shake,” from its developers. This all-in-one meal replacement1 is vegan, gluten- and dairy-free, and it strives to provide all the nutrients we active millennials need without sacrificing taste. Does it seem too wonderful to be true?

    The company’s catchphrase, “It’s astonishing what you can achieve when you feel your best,” is the only thing that sounds a little bit more miraculous.

    In today’s fast-paced society, many have resorted automatically to meals that provided the shortest eating experience, even when such foods lacked the required nutrients to allow our bodies to work to their maximum capacity. This is the cold, hard fact that Ka’Chava’s developers had to face.

    Ka’Chava’s creators set out to “rediscover the methods of our predecessors who lived in peace with the planet” in order to overcome this. Practically speaking, this meant looking into some of the nutrient-rich superfoods that were cherished and utilized extensively in ancient societies for health and wellness.

    And fortunately for us, they’ve figured out a clever technique to mix all this deliciousness into a tidy, hassle-free solution to make sure we’d have enough fuel for each day we have to face.

    This could be for you if you’re a young professional on-the-go, an athlete trying to improve your nutrition, or just someone looking to improve their health without spending too much time.

    Ka’Chava’s exponential reach demonstrates precisely how many people are responding to their message with their more than 160,000 Instagram followers. In this Ka’Chava review, we’ll explain what makes the product unique and how it could improve your life. Additionally, we’ve added a few of our very own additional suggestions for creative ways to consume Ka’Chava. if you don’t find a milkshake to be sufficiently enticing. Continue reading to learn more!

    What on earth is so unique about Ka'Chava?

    Meal replacement foods for a healthy diet probably aren’t really novel inventions (at least not in the last ten years), but Ka’Chava has a few aspects that really attracted our attention.

    Before making a decision, you might want to take into account these 3 aspects of a meal replacement product…

    1. Taste
    2. Nutrition
    3. Preparation

    We’ll go through each of the three aforementioned characteristics in turn because one of them may matter more to some clients than the others.

    Why You Should Believe in Ka'Chava?

    The top wellness products, including Ka’Chava, have undergone comprehensive testing and study by our staff over the course of more than 36 hours. Finding the top companies that care about your wellbeing and advance human progress is our aim. We assess supplements based on their adherence to quality standards and the most recent scientific research.

    We frequently ponder the straightforward issue of whether we would purchase the item for ourselves and suggest it to our loved ones. Amy Bells, our in-house dietician nutritionist, wellness expert, and product tester, has carefully examined and medically analyzed this Ka’Chava review.

    What We Did to Test Ka'Chava?

    So that you have enough super-blend for the month, Ka’Chava provides a 30-day subscription service. You receive two meal replacement packets for these 30 days, so I decided to try one chocolate flavor (how can you go wrong with a chocolate protein powder?) and one coconut acai to sample one of the more unusual tastes.

    Ka-Chava asserts that it may improve 11 different areas of your life, including digestion, immunity, energy, sleep, and mental health.

    I’ve always had trouble falling asleep, so I was eager to test this super-blend to see if it might genuinely help me relax my body and calm my thoughts before bed. To the best of my abilities, I wanted to test whether it would increase my energy levels so I could really finish our workouts.

    As our lunch is the meal, I believed I would miss the least, I began the month’s supply by substituting a shake. Needing a drink on the go rather than having to sit down for a complete meal was a major bonus for me because I am so busy during the day.

    Naturally, I began by attempting the chocolate taste by combining two heaping teaspoons of powder with 12 ounces of water. It was so delicious that I combined it in a shake bottle and drank the entire thing in less than 10 minutes. That day, I genuinely had to stop myself from creating another.

    Overall, I discovered that the shake satisfied me for the remainder of the day and prevented me from needing a snack until supper. Even back then, I was only hungry for a smaller meal, so I could easily see how it would aid in slimming down and looking better.

    The coconut acai flavor was the next thing I tried for the second day, and it was shockingly cool and delicious. Once more, it satisfied my hunger and served as a tasty noon beverage.

    Did it aid in my night rest? Yes! I discovered that I was getting longer stretches of deep sleep and waking up feeling rejuvenated after a few days of using the meal replacements.

    My energy level also seemed to improve, and I stopped feeling so lethargic all day. I started coming to the gym after work and discovered that even after a long day of work, I could still knock off a solid workout.

    Is It Nutritious?

    Yes. However, Ka’Chava, a meal replacement, advertises that it offers an explosion of nutrition, including a full complement of vitamins, minerals, proteins, digestive enzymes, antioxidants, probiotics, and other nutrients.

    Other noteworthy ingredients include whole grain brown rice protein, organic tart cherry, organic carrot, organic green onion, organic maqui berry, organic blueberry, organic asparagus, organic celery, organic spinach, organic garlic, organic broccoli, organic cabbage, organic green pepper, coconut milk, and more.

    What Ka’Chava lacks, though, may be even more astounding than what it does have. Ka’Chava adheres to the motto “No Fillers, No Nonsense” and is completely…

    1. Vegan
    2. Dairy-free.
    3. Gluten-free.
    4. Soy-free.
    5. Preservative-free.
    6. Free of artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners.

    We genuinely don’t see anything further that customers would want omitted given that Ka’Chava plainly avoids several allergies that customers may choose to avoid.

    On its website, Ka’Chava clearly offers a complete set of nutritional information for the product in addition to the components and allergies that are avoided. You are heard and seen, all of our label-reading pals out there.

    You’ll be pleased to learn that one serving of a Ka’Chava meal replacement only has 240 calories, 25 grams of protein, and 7 grams of fat for those of us who are content with a high-level summary. The finished product is a substantial meal replacement drink that is unlikely to leave you yearning for any post-meal snacks because the bulk of its contents are satisfying proteins.

    Taste - Is This Going to Be Pleasant to Consume?

    Yes. We don’t blame you if the phrase “meal replacement” brings up images of a pasty bowl of cement-looking gruel. We understand and experienced it as well. The makers of Ka’Chava actually confessed in a funny way that the majority of plant-based shakes, including their own, “taste like twigs and yard clippings.”

    We appreciate how honest they are.

    Ka’Chava, on the other hand, takes pleasure in being “smooth, creamy, delightful, and not overly sweet.” They’ve put a lot of effort into developing a flavor, consistency, and texture that come together to deliver a pleasant dinner, all without sacrificing the amazing health benefits in this jam-packed product.

    When it comes to flavors, Ka’Chava has chosen ones that are both classic and cutting-edge. Just to name some of them, chocolate, vanilla, and their newest flavor, coconut acai.

    Each of the flavors blends nicely both on its own and when added to other flavors. Just to whet your appetite and stimulate your imagination, consider the following:

    1. Coconut Acai + Avocado
    2. Vanilla Ka’Chava + Pumpkin Spice
    3. Chocolate Ka’Chava + Almond Butter

    Customers who worry about consuming the same meal replacement drink every day need not fret, since it doesn’t take much to alter the shake’s overall flavor profile from day to day, and the options are virtually limitless!

    How to drink Ka’Chava - Do You Just Add Iced Water & Call It a Day After That?

    Yes, you could, but Ka’Chava has so much more to offer, and the developers haven’t been shy about spilling the beans!

    It turns out that the powder may be used for a wide variety of various preparations, including baked and non-baked sweets, smoothie bowls, and more, in addition to serving as a “milkshake” or “meal shake” basis. Again, the options are endless, and the Ka’Chava team made it plain that they intended to break up any monotony right away.

    Meal Shake Style

    Simply combine two heaping (not level) scoops of Ka’Chava powder with 12 to 14 ounces of ice-cold water to make the famous Ka’Chava meal shake. The shake can be shaken or mixed. The recipe’s makers advise adding a few additional ice cubes and churning the mixture to achieve the appropriate texture if you want a thicker consistency.

    Ka’Chava may also be combined with other frosty drinks such as, non-dairy milks, coconut waters, etc. And enhanced with other flavorings like, nut butters, frozen fruits, avocados. The possibilities are limitless!

    Ka’Chava Kitchen

    The collection of imaginative recipes in Ka’Chava Kitchen, a separate component of the website, is guaranteed to inspire you to get a bit creative.

    The team of Ka’Chava have ingeniously assembled a list of simply mouth-watering dishes and flavour combinations, using their 3 distinctive flavours as a basis. Several instances include…

    1. The “PBCB” Ka’Chava Smoothie.
    2. The Berry Easy Ka’Chava Smoothie.
    3. The Kiwi Crush Ka’Chava Smoothie.
    4. The Blackforest Ka’Chava Smoothie.
    5. The Tahiti Sweetie Ka’Chava Smoothie.
    6. The Blueberry Blush Ka’Chava Smoothie.

    The Ka’Chava Kitchen explores a wide range of additional dishes if meal shakes are simply too bland for you or you prefer a meal replacement with a little more bite, including…

    1. No-baked goodies like the Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cheesecake Bites.
    2. Baked treats like the Valentine Chocolate Mug Cakes and Banana Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Muffins.
    3. Bowls like the Apple Pie Smoothie Bowl, Chocolate Raspberry Protein Oatmeal and the Chai Smoothie Bowl.

    Even while these recipes require a bit more effort than making Ka’Chava the traditional way, those who have a little extra time will find plenty of variation. Even if you don’t particularly enjoy the usual Ka’Chava meal shake-style, we appreciate how Ka’Chava makes it simpler to incorporate these superfoods into delicious sweets we already know and love.

    Will Ka’Chava help you to lose weight?

    Simply said, yes and no

    Ka’Chava is a meal replacement that is very low in calories and, perhaps more significantly, extremely filling, leaving little room in your stomach for more food (especially any of those late-night snacks we know and love so well). The main focus here is “cutting back on hyper processed cuisine that fills you with empty calories,” not “depriving your body of intake.”

    Ka’Chava’s abundance of probiotics and digestive enzymes is also beneficial4. Your body digests meals more effectively, assimilates the essential vitamins and minerals, and maintains a healthy outflow system.

    However, the typical disclaimers still hold true: A meal replacement can only help you lose weight if you fully commit (i.e., no post-Ka’Chava nibbling on second or third meals), which calls for willpower and a change in lifestyle.

    A thorough explanation of what Ka’Chava includes and how it works as a weight reduction aid can be found on the website.

    Can Ka’Chava help you build muscle?

    Simply said, absolutely. Ka’Chava may really be used as a supplement for muscle growth as well as a meal replacement powder for weight loss (or even as a nutritious snack!).

    Ka’Chava undoubtedly has a ton of proteins5, all derived from dependable, all-natural plant sources. But they’ve also gone out of their way to emphasize that, in order to assist decrease muscle fatigue and speed up muscle recovery6, growing muscle also depends on a full “powerhouse nutritional lineup” containing other vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant foods.

    Again, Ka’Chava went above and beyond to describe the top 7 nutrients that boost muscle growth in Ka’Chava, so if you’re seeking to buy anything to help you bulk up, we’d strongly advise reading it.

    Comparison - Ka’Chava vs. Huel

    Ka’Chava is the meal replacement choice for you if you’ve ever tried Huel and are wondering whether there is another one that is more satisfying. It has more healthy components and tastes better. Customers also prefer it more. Huel gets blown away by Ka’Chava.

    Everyone can enjoy these two products because they are vegan and plant-based. The micronutrient profiles of both are outstanding, with Ka’Chava carrying 26 vitamins and minerals and Huel having 27.

    People frequently transition from Huel to Ka’Chava since the latter has significantly more nourishment. Huel includes far fewer components per serving than Ka’Chava, which has about 70.

    Ka’Chava has additional special nutrients that will benefit you by keeping you fuller for longer and assisting your body.

    The majority of consumers for Huel and Ka’Chava agree that the flavor is also superior than Huel. According to Huel evaluations, the tastes are either too horribly sweet or too bland and dull. Ka’Chava tastes a lot better.

    Given the flavor, components, and advantages of Ka’Chava compared to the other meal replacements, most people concur that it is the superior choice.

    Customer Reviews

    Now that we’ve covered all Ka’Chava claims to have to offer, it’s time to look at the reviews to see how it’s actually doing. (In a nutshell, excellent.)

    Almost all Ka’Chava users are die-hard superfans. On its website, Ka’Chava has received 28,114 reviews and currently has a 4.7-star rating, indicating that it is a popular product. Numerous testimonials on the internet highlight how delicious it is and how satisfying it is to support an active day.

    One client remarks, “Not a breakfast person and Ka’Chava has changed my life. Added to my morning and now have a ton of energy and helps with my cravings all day.” The delightful taste and tangible health benefits were also echoed by another customer: “Felt a positive difference the first day. Been enjoying Ka’Chava every day since. Tastes great, filling, with noticeable health benefits.”

    The product’s rating on Amazon, which is based on 4,483 reviews, is similarly high at about 4.5 stars. Again, many people have remarked on how delicious Ka’Chava is in relation to its nutritious qualities for a balanced diet and how well it satisfies hunger.

    However, other criticisms were mostly based on the cost consideration. When compared to a few rivals, several people complained that the powder was quite pricey as a meal replacement. Others who used it expressed disapproval of the flavor of Ka’Chava.

    Nevertheless, taste perception is subjective and based on the individual taste buds of the user, just like with all other food products. The only surefire method to determine whether Ka’Chava is right for you is to give it a try, which is why it’s crucial to comprehend its price and return/refund policy, which we covered below.


    Ka’Chava provides two price options – $70 per bag for one-time purchases and $60 per bag for members who subscribe.

    How to cancel the Ka’Chava subscription?

    A Ka’Chava subscription’s beauty is that, it can be modified or stopped anytime. Following the actions listed below will enable cancellation at any time…

    1. Log into your account.
    2. Click on ‘Edit’ under the subscription you’d like to cancel.
    3. Select ‘Cancel Subscription’.
    4. Let them know why.
    5. Hit ‘No thanks, I still want to cancel my subscription’.

    If you’re not sure if you want to part ways with Ka’Chava, you may always stop or miss a shipment.

    Their Shipping Policy

    We’ve covered a lot of stuff in this Ka’Chava review, so I won’t go into too much detail now. Along with shipping to all 50 states, the company also delivers to…

    American Samoa, District of Columbia, Guam, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Palau, and the Northern Mariana Islands.

    They provide three shipping choices…

    Standard – 4 to 7 business days.

    Priority – 2 to 3 business days.

    Next-Day – 1 business day.

    The processing of orders takes roughly two business days. And delivery is free if you purchase two or more bags.

    Their Return Policy

    You may test Ka’Chava for 30 days. Within that period, if you decide you don’t like the powder, let them know and they’ll offer you a complete refund, including postage, for the one bag of each flavour you bought. However, if you purchased two of one flavour, they will only return one.

    Call or contact their customer care department to begin a return, and they will tell you where to send it. Drop off your unwanted item packaged at the postal facility that is closest to you.

    Final Verdict

    There aren’t many things in life that provide nourishment, efficiency, and enjoyment all in one package, but Ka’Chava looks to provide exactly that, according to our assessment of the product.

    We’ve come to the conclusion that everything about Ka’Chava is to love, and everything about it that is not to love seems to depend more on personal preference than the quality of the actual product (for example, flavor profiles and cost).

    In the end, there may not be much of a drawback to trying Ka’Chava if you’re someone who is constantly on the move, or in Ka’Chava’s great words, “running a business, marathon, or family.” This may very well be the secret to achieving a whole new level of happiness that you were unaware you were missing.