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Taste Of Nature in a Bottle

The LARQ Water Bottle employs UV technology to purify drinking water and make it self-cleaning while making a significant environmental effect. LARQ offers reusable, eye-catching stainless steel bottles equipped with UV-C LED technology.

The innovative water bottle they produce has been highlighted by CNN, Esquire, Mashable, CNET, and other major media organizations, so the buzz is strong.

This LARQ Water Bottle review will go into great detail about the company and its goods, customer feedback, promotions, and more to assist you in determining whether or not to purchase them.

Although access to pure drinking water is a basic human necessity, not all Americans do. Although US tap water is among the cleanest in the world, contamination can still happen, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and a number of other unpleasant agents can all contribute to this.

LARQ could be for you if you want to be on the safe side when it comes to your drinking water but don’t want to spend additional money on bottled water every week.

In October 2018, LARQ, a San Francisco Bay Area-based company, introduced their first Water Bottle to the US market. After a highly successful crowdsourcing effort in which LARQ raised £1.04 million in less than 30 days, this happened. The people have spoken: they desire pristine, modern water.

LARQ was established in 2017 and is based in Foster City, California. Their goal was to create a cutting-edge system that would make it simple and sustainable for people to acquire amazing drinking water. You are what you drink, according to LARQ, and their award-winning design is based on that tenet.

Without the use of hazardous chemicals like mercury, LARQ’s PureVis technology eliminates up to 99.9% of germs, bacteria, protozoa, and other undesirable bio-contaminants. Not bad, you may think.

LARQ invented the UV-C LED technology known as PureVis. It has long been understood that pathogens may be killed by UV radiation. A research that examined the efficiency of UV-C light and chemicals as disinfectants in hospital isolation units found that they were both equally efficient in lowering the amount of germs on surfaces that were exposed to them.

Not only do the bottles offer delicious, clean drinking water, but one percent of the sales from each LARQ bottle is donated to ocean conservation. In order to get one million single-use plastic bottles out of the water, LARQ teamed up with Plastic Blank. LARQ wants to transform people’s behavior for the better by using their technologies. Given that the quantity of plastic waste entering our seas is predicted to treble by 2040 if we continue on our current trajectory, this is a laudable cause.

The first portable digital water purifying system in the world is called LARQ. Like you, it has a lithium polymer rechargeable battery that never has to be replaced.

LARQ water bottles’ UV-C LEDs have a 40-fold longer lifespan than mercury-based purifying techniques. A mercury lamp can be deadly if it breaks since mercury is poisonous even in little doses.

Here is our overview of the LARQ review if you would want to skim the highlights:


  1. Portable digital water purifying system that is innovative.
  2. 9% of bio contaminants in water are eliminated.
  3. Durable stainless steel that is completely BPA-free.
  4. Environmental effect that is both sustainable and contributes to the improvement of ocean health.
  5. Simple and little upkeep.
  6. Sleek, contemporary style.
  7. Free returns are offered to U.S and Canadian clients.

Two modern bottles from LARQ are available for purchase: the LARQ Bottle and the LARQ Bottle Movement. In this LARQ water bottle review, we’ll offer you a detailed look at both types. Starting with their famous bottle…

So, you need water that tastes clean and fresh and a bottle that cleans itself. When it comes to portable water filtration, the LARQ Water Bottle is ideal.

The container utilizes UV radiation to damage bacterial DNA. That’s correct, wave goodbye to microorganisms that cause odors. In fact, UV light is so successful in disinfecting water that it has largely taken the role of ozonation and chlorination at water treatment facilities.

Did you know that hospitals have been sanitizing operating rooms with the same UV technology for the past ten years? Even recently, it has been utilized to disinfect COVID-19-related materials. Here, we’re discussing some really clever science.

In our assessment of the LARQ Water Bottle, we discovered that the water is automatically cleaned in 60 seconds, six times a day (activating every two hours). Also, the stainless steel is entirely BPA-free. It is doubly insulated and vacuum sealed. That equals 12 hours of hot water and 24 hours of cold water, respectively.

LARQ puts in a lot of work so you don’t have to. It’s time to move on with your travels now that your backwash is sterile.

Better, cleaner, smarter is LARQ’s mantra. The LARQ Water Bottle is 10,000 times more sanitary than conventional reusable bottles, claims the company. There is a chance of infection if you don’t routinely clean your usual water bottle.

You may save spending $1,000 a year on bottled water by utilizing the LARQ Water Bottle. Consider the possibilities for that money. Thinking about Hawaii.

Additionally, a single charge may last for up to a month, and if you want to boost the bottle’s purifying effectiveness, switch it to adventure mode.

There are two sizes and several current colors for the LARQ Water Bottle…

  1. The 500 ml LARQ Water Bottles are each $125, and come in Monaco Blue, Obsidian Black, Seaside Mint, Granite White, and Himalayan Pink.
  2. The 740 ml LARQ water bottles cost $155 each, and is available in Monaco blue, obsidian black, seashore mint, and granite white.

If you live in the US, you may customize your LARQ Water Bottle to increase its exclusivity. The only engraving LARQ provides is for the original bottle. Up to ten uppercase letters and digits can be added to the bottle. What a creative method to personalize your water bottle!

The LARQ Bottle Movement is perfect for athletes and those on the run since it is made of ultra-light stainless steel. Sweet color combinations include white and coral, white and marine, black and onyx, and black and green for the dual-tone bottle.

While you’re on the run, this clean on-the-go water recharges. Very nice.

A silicon sleeve that covers the LARQ Bottle Movement shields it from dings and scratches. With this tough bottle, you can travel anywhere, whether it’s to the tennis court, the gym, on a plane, up a mountain, wherever and it won’t smell. Similar to the original LARQ bottle, this one keeps water hot for 12 hours and cold for 24.

In addition to the extra features for an active lifestyle, this model has the same vacuum sealing, double insulation, daily purification capabilities of six times, and 60-second water cleaning. For $99 and $129, respectively, the LARQ Bottle Movement is offered in sizes of 710 ml and 950 ml.

Customer Reviews

Reviewing the LARQ Water Bottle revealed two opposing camps, skeptical experts and extremely satisfied customers. A microbiologist says that the product was a bad idea from a scientific standpoint. Another scientist endorsed this assessment and claimed that using UV light to disinfect contaminated water only kills the bacteria and not the chemical byproducts that the bacteria release.

The UV radiation in the LARQ Water Bottle, according to the experts, will lose effectiveness with time. A good old biologist would argue that soap and water is the most efficient method.

On the other side, content customers claimed that they enjoyed bragging about their LARQ technology while in motion. They believed that the attractive product provided a strong clean. Customers were delighted that the purifying procedure is quiet and doesn’t disturb conversations on dates or meetings in board rooms.

One reviewer remarked on how stylish the LARQ Water Bottle looks and how much the water’s flavor was enhanced by it, “The taste of the water is amazing and I love the style of the bottle! This bottle is also helping me drink more water because I know the water is clean and tastes great!”

The LARQ Water Bottle is fantastic for travel and eliminates stress for the more daring types. It helped those who were active and genuinely kept water hot or cold all day. The water bottle doesn’t smell, as promised.

The LARQ Water Bottle was lauded by another reviewer for increasing their water intake, “I absolutely love the filtration! The main draw to this bottle for me was that it removes lead and PFAS. I was impressed by how it made tap water taste amazing too — like what I imagine Fiji water tastes like… (But I’m too cheap to actually buy Fiji). I take it with me when I travel because I can’t stand the taste of tap water or buying bottled water. This truly helped me break the cycle of dehydration while traveling!!! Highly recommend!”

The LARQ Water Bottle appears to be LARQ consumers’ new favorite travel accessory overall.

So, Is It Worth It?

Even though we place a high value on scientists, we view the inspection of this product with skepticism because consumers seem satisfied and are experiencing the advantages that LARQ’s science claims. That was the main factor considered for our LARQ Water Bottle review.

While having a good effect on the environment, this amazing LARQ Water Bottle fits into the active, hardworking lifestyle and takes the thinking out of drinking clean, fresh water that has no odor. We are in support of the LARQ self-cleaning water bottle!


Does my LARQ Water Bottle ever need to be washed?

Yes, but… Use a warm, soapy rinse around the bottle and cap every now and again, according to the team’s first piece of advice in our study of the LARQ water bottle. Any accumulation of food- or lipstick-related residue will be removed as a result.

Because it is self-cleaning, you should wash your LARQ Water Bottle, but much less frequently than you would a traditional one. Given that you don’t need to wash the LARQ bottle every day, this is one of its greatest advantages. In reality, you only need to wash it every three to four weeks.

Can you use the LARQ Water Bottle for other beverages?

The use of your bottle for coffee, tea, or other beverages containing milk or sugar is not advised by LARQ. In addition to being known to stain, these drinks can also lessen the effectiveness of PureVis UV-C LED technology. What do these jargon-filled words mean? It stops light from reflecting off the bottle’s electropolished walls.

If you do add any coffee or soda, be careful to scrape the surface with a bottle brush and warm, soapy water. The LARQ Water Bottle will continue to function at its best and the water will continue to taste fresh if you do not leave any stains behind.

Can the cap be washed?

Users of LARQ have a lot of questions about this, however you can definitely hand wash the cap if necessary. LARQ considered every possibility, and the cap is IPX7-rated. In order to prevent harm, kindly make sure the cap is totally dry before charging.

How should the LARQ Bottle Movement sleeve be cleaned?

After removing the sleeve from your bottle, you can wash it, but you should only clean it with a wet cloth or put it in the dishwasher. The fact that it should not be exposed to direct sunlight for an extended amount of time is a key lesson to learn.

How frequently should you charge the LARQ Water Bottle, and whether it needs to be recharged?

The LARQ Water Bottle has a battery life of up to one month and is conveniently rechargeable through MicroUSB. Based on 3–4 usage cycles each day, this time span. Adventure mode lasts 10–12 days, whereas normal mode can be used for up to 4 weeks.

Your cap will glow yellow both before and after a cleaning cycle if your battery is low. It’s time to charge, and here is your cue.

Their shipping policy

There’s good news, LARQ ships everywhere. Orders take between 5-7 business days to deliver to addresses in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, or the European Union. Deliveries take 7 to 14 business days to reach other countries.

Please give LARQ one more working day for processing. For some locations, expedited delivery is an option, and you may choose it when you check out.

Their return policy

All bottles purchased through and approved merchants come with a one-year limited guarantee from LARQ. Repair or replacement of faulty parts or materials is covered under the warranty. LARQ will request a reimbursement. Wear and tear brought on by routine usage, loss, or theft are not covered.

Within 30 days after the purchase date, LARQ allows returns of new, unused items in their original packaging (but not charging cables or customized LARQ bottles). Returns are free in both Canada and the United States. What a perk! Unfortunately, a product will not qualify for a refund or exchange if it is returned, used, or fails inspection.