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Lashify is a premium cosmetics business that offers a revolutionary lash system with their distinctive Gossamer lashes and a variety of accessories.

This lash technique has become quite famous. The Lashify Instagram has over 554K followers, which should be your first indication that the business has made an impression in the beauty market.

Lashify has been published in a variety of publications, including US Weekly, Coveteur, Vogue, Elle, Who What Wear, Birdie, Glamour, and The Cut. Celebrities such as Rosala, Renée Zellweger, Janelle Monáe, and Sigourney Weaver are fans of the brand.

Celebrity makeup artists are also fans of the brand. Lashify even worked with celebrity cosmetic artist Sonia Lashuk to develop the Sonia Kashuk Lashify mascara.

This Lashify lashes review will go through the brand and its goods, as well as user ratings, promos, and more, to help you determine if their items are worth purchasing.

Because there was a need for something that didn’t exist, Lashify was created. Lashify was founded by Sahara Lotti, who “saw a hole in a marketplace that was uninspired and sought to fill it. She scoured the globe to find a lash that met her standards. It didn’t exist. So, she broke all the rules. And cracked the lash code.” 

Sahara, who launched Lashify in 2016, is still the company’s CEO and owner today. Although these items are made in Korea, Lashify’s headquarters are in North Hollywood, California.

Gossamer lashes, the Fuse Control Wand, and the patent-pending Underlash method were all developed by Sahara. To date, the brand holds 50 trademarks and 70 patents.

Lashify provides a complimentary 20-minute one-on-one video conference with a Lashify educator who can assist you with applications or any issues you may have after acquiring a Lashify proprietary system since they want you to feel confident using their products.

Additionally, Lashify supports “equality, fierce women, and people of all colors.”

They are also proponents of openness. Not just in the way they market their eyelash extensions, but also in the caliber of each pair they give out.

Speaking of openness, the company is delighted to assist not just the causes they believe in but also animals. Road Dogs & Rescue and both get donations from Lashify on a regular basis.

To assist you get a quick summary of the highs and lows, our Lashify lashes review compiled a list of benefits and drawbacks…


  1. Comfortable lashes designed to prevent harm to your natural lashes and maintain their health.
  2. They utilize the finest and highest-quality synthetic silk available to create their products.
  3. All items are free of animal testing.
  4. Provides Lashify one-on-one assistance to assist with any inquiries or provide usage instructions for their goods.
  5. Select items allow for installment payments.
  6. For domestic orders over $45, delivery is free.
  7. Offer international shipping.


  1. Multiple reviews about poor customer service.
  2. Lashes don’t last as long as they claim to.
  3. Higher price point in comparison to rivals.

Gossamer lashes, a fuse control wand, a lash curler, a led mirror, a cleaning puff, a lash holder, a bond setter, and eyelash brushes are all part of the Lashify line. We’ll examine the foundational components of the Lashify system.

These give a lovely curl that creates the illusion of huge, bright eyes, Gossamer Lashes provide a charming doe-eyed appearance. They are available in black, and due of their curl, they have a striking appearance.

These lashes include 35 unique fibers per Gossamer and 12 Gossamer lashes each cartridge. They are made from 100% Premium Korean PBT Silk. Purchase this Lashify set for $20 over 4 $5 Sneezle installments.

Some important features of the Lashify Curl Gossamer Lashes include…

Length options – 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, and 18mm.

Thickness – 0.07mm

Curl – D Multi Curl

The natural and attractive hue of the Lashify Fluffy Truffle Gossamer Lashes blends chocolate brown and black. They seem softer than conventional black false lashes and are 100% Premium Korean PBT Silk. They are also cruelty-free.

The fluffy lashes give off a full, fluttery appearance with a variety of multidimensional lashes that offer your eyes a distinctive and attractive augmentation.

Strong curling on these lashes may give the impression that they are shorter (keep that in mind when choosing a length). The company claims that the Lashify F12 length looks well on most eyes. The suggested retail price for these lashes is $25, or $6.25 with 4 interest-free Sezzle installments. There are 52 distinct fibers in each of the 12 Gossamers in a set.

Other major features of the Lashify Fluffy Truffle Gossamer Lashes include…

Length options – F8 8mm, F10 10mm, F12 12mm, F14 14mm, F16 16mm, F18 18mm.

Thickness – 1mm

Curl – Strong

Available in clear or black, the Lashify Whisper Light Dual-Sided Bond is a substance made to hold the Gossamer lashes in place on your natural eyelashes.

The Biotin and Micro-flexTM technology in this product guards the roots of your natural lashes. The Aubex and Micro Mascara applicators from Lashify are also included in Whisper Light.

The manufacturing facility where the Lashify Whisper Light Dual-Sided Bond is created in Korea has ISO certification. This product is suitable for sensitive eyes because it contains no hazardous components.

Retailing for $28, the Whisper Light Dual-Sided Bond is safe for your lashes. You may purchase this lash accessory for 4 Sneezle installments of $7 to lessen the damage done to your financial account as well.

People who see you wearing the Lashify Amplify Gossamer Lashes can mistake them for your genuine lashes because they are light enough to wear every day.

These black Lashify lashes have a lovely soft curl providing the appearance of lengthy lashes without using makeup. We love how effortlessly they seem, which is quite enviable.

Retail price for these 100% Premium Korean PBT Silk lashes is $20 (or 4 Sneezle payments of $5). There are 12 Gossamer lashes in each cartridge, and each Gossamer has 35 Individual strands.

Other significant considerations relating to the Lashify Amplify Gossamer Lashes include…

Length options – 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm and 18mm.

Thickness – 0.07mm

Curl – J Curl

A crucial component of your Lashify regimen should be the Lashify Night Bond. This product keeps your lashes in place and secures them so they won’t fall out.

For maximum lifespan, the Night Bond should be used after the Whisper Light and Fuse Control. It only comes in black to enhance your daytime or evening appearance.

Priced at $23, Lashify Night Bond is final sale. This extra-strong lash grip is also available for 4 Sneezle installments of $5.75.

The ideal makeup and eyelash remover for Gossamer lashes is Lashify Melt Away. This product is extremely delicate, safe near your eyes, and moisturizing enough to feed your lashes and maintain their health.

False lashes and lash extensions may be very difficult to remove and potentially harm your real lashes. On the other hand, Melt Away is made to gently remove your Gossamer lashes.

It is hypoallergenic and suitable for eyes with sensitive skin. Sneezle payments of $5.25 for Melt Away are sold for $21 1/4. There are also TSA-friendly 80ml and 200ml bottles available.

The ideal initial step to prepare your lashes before application is the Lashify Pre-Cleanse. To ensure that the fake lashes stay in place when you apply them, it cleans off any oil or makeup that has remained on your lashes.

The Japanese cleansing water works well as a toner for taking off makeup. It costs $31/4 Sneezele installments of $7.75, is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, and comes in a TSA-friendly package.

Everything you require to begin your luxury eyelash journey is included in the Lashify Control Kit, including…

  1. A Glass sealer.
  2. The Fuse Control Wand.
  3. A set of Gossamer lashes.
  4. A dual-sided Whisper light bond.

Beginners may choose between 12mm and 14mm lashes with this Lashify package. You also have the option between the black or white kit, as well as the A, B, or C Gossamer lash core collections.

The Control Kit includes access to the Lashify Concierge and a 1:1 training session with a Lashify specialist. This package costs $145 in four $36.25 Sneezle payments.

The Luxe Box is a subscription service from Lashify that offers up to 50% off Gossamer lashes. You have the option of receiving your packages every 2 weeks, 3 weeks, month, or 2 months.

You can easily cancel your membership after the first two deliveries. Gossamer lashes come in a variety of styles, including…

$10 for the Core Collection.

$10 for the Intimates Collection.

$12 for the Prismatic Collection.

$18 for the Volume Collection.

You may also save 10% on items like adhesives and cleansers. Control your lashes and appearance with accuracy, confidence, and, most importantly, attractiveness. For returning customers, the subscription to the Lashify Luxe Box is free.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews on the official website served as the foundation for our Lashify lashes review. The vast majority of site reviewers like their lashes, as shown by their comments about the Gossamers, for example “replaced lash extensions” and being “great quality and comfortable to wear” are frequent.

Now we’ll see, how the items in this Lashify lashes review fare on their website…

Fluffy Truffle Gossamer Lashes – 4/5 stars out of 329 reviews.

Curl Gossamer Lashes – 5/5 stars out of 2237 reviews.

Amplify Gossamer Lashes – 5/5 stars out of 1341 reviews.

Whisper Light Dual-Sided Bond – 5/5 stars out of 281 reviews.

Night Bond – 4.4/5 stars out of 860 reviews.

Melt Away – 5/5 stars out of 1399 reviews.

Pre-Cleanse – 5/5 stars out of 970 reviews.

The Lashify Control Kit – 4.5/5 stars out of 49557 reviews.

The brand received 4.5/5 stars out of 482 ratings on TrustPilot, according to this Lashify lashes review. The few unfavorable reviews bemoan the fact that the lashes fall out and that customer support is hard to reach.

Customers who are unable to leave the house to have the lash looks love being able to experience them at home, according to several evaluations and comments on Reddit.

One customer stated the following in a good Lashify Reddit review, “I use it and I love it. I started having the worst reactions to extension glue and tbh my tech wasn’t great. Now I can do my lashes at home in 10 minutes and they last up a week, and I can customize my look however I want. It’s fantastic.”

Although the majority of the reviews on Reddit were favorable, some of the evaluations for Lashify lashes that were visible in 2020 included remarks about how the business may control the feedback. But there is no evidence to support these statements.

According to a dissatisfied Lashify lashes user, “it’s not the most user friendly, the owner got into a controversy, and it’s really expensive. It’s probably better to get professional extensions or get falsies with a clear band.”

Many consumers contrast Lashify with Falscara and with Glamnetic. Although consumers have tried Glamnetic and Falscara and have compared them to Lashify, there isn’t a true comparison between the two.

Systems like Glamnetic and Flascara are not meant to be worn for longer than 24 hours. They are neither of superior quality nor a better value, even though they are both less expensive than Lashify.

So, Are They Worth It?

If you enjoy wearing lash extensions or simply want your lashes to look extra gorgeous, Lashify is worthwhile. People appear to adore their lashes based on the numerous favorable customer evaluations that this Lashify lashes review discovered.

Lashify is a terrific choice if you’re searching for a system that you can personalize and use at home. Although some consumers have complaints about the lashes’ durability, you must keep in mind that these are not lash extensions.

Although the customer service has received less-than-stellar evaluations, the majority of consumers adore their items and never need to speak with their customer support staff. If you truly need it, their one-on-one assistance can be just what you need to learn how to use the items effectively.

This Lashify lashes review adores the convenience of applying your lashes at home and having the choice to wear them without causing damage to your lashes for days at a time!


What is the price of Lashify?

The Control Kit, which includes all of the devices you’ll need, is initially priced at $145. You may buy refills for the retail price when you complete the Gossamers in the kit.

Gossamer eyelashes cost $20–25 per when purchased separately, whereas equipment like the bonds cost $23–28. Cleanser sells for $31 and removers range in price from $21 to $38.

You can also join Luxe-Box for a discounted rate to receive tools and bonds for 10% off as well as Gossamers for up to 50% off.

Do Lashify lashes actually work?

Yes, Lashify lashes are effective. This is the ideal simple and quick lash solution. Depending on the amount of activity users engage in during the day, their experiences may alter.

How should Lashify be applied?

Applying Lashify is as simple as the following…

Prep – Make sure your eye’s surrounding region is clean before you begin (pre-makeup). In order to ensure that your lashes and lids are free of any products or natural oils, use the Pre-Cleanse using a cotton pad or disposable spoolie.

Bond – Apply a coat of Whisper Light on your lashes, wait 30 to 60 seconds, then apply another coat, focusing on the root of your natural lashes this time. When you are ready to apply the Gossamer lash, wait 30 to 1 minute before placing dots of the transparent, whisper-light product 1-2 mm above your waterline.

Gossamer – Using your fingertips, carefully remove the Gossamer lashes from the container. Apply the Wandoms to the wand’s tips if you’re using the Fuse Control wand, then move the wand slowly. Use the Fuse Control wand to apply the Gossamer to the bottom of your top lashes once the bond has cured. You should be able to see your lash roots after doing this, which should be done 2 mm above the waterline.

Fuse – To fuse the Gossamer to your natural lashes, shape the Fuse Control wand’s curved end to match the curvature of your eyelid.

Seal – To seal in the products and make sure there is no stickiness, apply Glass to the area beneath the lashes, paying particular attention to the base of the lashes.

Can Lashify damage lashes?

Lashify was developed with the safety of your natural lashes in mind and won’t harm them. The Gossamers are incredibly thin and will eventually break down.

Ingredients in the Whisper Light bind will shield and hydrate your lashes. Your lashes are moisturized by the Melt Away remover, which also enables the Gossamer to be removed softly.

How long can you expect the Lashify lashes to last?

This Lashify lashes review discovered that they may be worn for up to 10 days or removed every day. The Gossamer lashes break down over time.

Is it possible to get Lashify wet?

Since Lashify lashes are water resistant, you may swim, take a shower, and work out while wearing them. You can re-fuse them with the bond if they start to unravel.

How can you get Lashify off?

Shake the Melt Away, apply on a cotton pad or disposable spoolie, and place over your eyelids for a few seconds before slipping Gossamer off to remove Lashify.

This method for removing Gossamers is incredibly secure and efficient without removing or harming your natural lashes.

How can Lashify be cleaned and reused?

Lashify lashes may be cleaned and reused by soaking them in 91% alcohol for hours (or days) until the bonds break and you can start over.

Can you use Lashify and Latisse together?

Customers may use Latisse with Lashify exactly like they would with normal lash extensions, thus the answer is yes. When wearing Lashify, this will make your natural lashes stronger.

How does their subscription work?

Their monthly membership is called The Lashify Luxe Box. You may get up to 50% off Gossamers and 10% off other goods without paying a membership fee. To join Luxe Box, just select your frequency, Gossamers, and any extra goods.

After two deliveries, you can end your membership if you like. You may also decide how frequently you want to get your things.

Their shipping policy

This Lashify lashes review discovered the following delivery policy…

  1. Prior to 3 PM PST, Monday through Friday, all overnight and next-day rush orders will be handled that day.
  2. Every order will take between three and five days to process.
  3. After your purchase, you will get a tracking number in 72 hours.
  4. Shipping is free for purchases over $150.
  5. On orders that meet the requirements and are over $45 (subject to a $4 shipping cost), Luxe Box members will receive free domestic USPS standard delivery.
  6. On purchases of $100 or more, Luxe Box subscribers will receive free worldwide delivery.
  7. FedEx is used by Lashify for international and Canadian shipping (not including China)
  8. For all online orders, Lashify offers Route Shipping Protection.

Their return policy

The Control Kit may be returned within 30 days after receipt. The whole original contents of the package must be present. Your refund will be less shipping and handling costs.

Dispatch the item with the order’s tracking number. The sale of any other items is final. Shipping and handling are included in the two normal return prices ($11 and $7 respectively).

Please allow two to three weeks for refund processing. Contact their staff and provide photographs of the problem if you have one with the quality of the things you bought.

The issue will then be handled, which may entail a refund or store credit, within a week of receiving the item, along with a description of the problem and an image of your packing slip.