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Snuggle, Snooze, Repeat

Little Sleepies creates their signature line of pajamas and sleepwear sets for you and your child. This online business, best known for its one-piece jumpsuits, promotes quality, comfort, and style throughout the manufacturing process.

Little Sleepies has a constant Instagram following of 174K followers and has been published in various online magazines, including Motherly, US Weekly, and USA Today. They are also linked to other online celebrities, including Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen.

Do you consider yourself a stylish parent? Is it time to update your child’s PJs? Continue reading for a deeper look at the brand, its goods, customer ratings, promos, and more to help you determine whether they’re worth checking out.

Maradith Frenkel was in the throes of motherhood. She found it stressful to come home and care for her second-born kid, Gavin, after working long hours at her corporate job. She was especially frustrated by the absence of acceptable sleepwear alternatives for children, since most were of poor quality, inconvenient, and costly.

Frenkel took the initiative to address her own situation. As a result, Little Sleepies ‘yawned’ its way into the children’s apparel business in 2016. This Los Angeles-based firm strives to create styles that are both comfortable and trendy.

Little Sleepies features an eco-friendly fabric that is specially designed for delicate skin. They emphasize on kid-friendly patterns and colors, such as rainbows, trucks, and bananas, to keep their designs dynamic and new.

The company now sells adult-sized sleepwear sets, so parents can join in on the fun. Let’s go over the early benefits and drawbacks before we begin this Little Sleepies pajamas review…


  1. Various sleepwear options for kids and their parents
  2. Made from a silky bamboo viscose combination that is sustainable.
  3. Designed to be adjusted to accommodate growing children (this includes fold over foot cuffs and a large sizing range)
  4. Little Sleepies supports children with cancer by donating a part of their profits to the Alexa’s Lemonade Stand Foundation.
  5. Offers Sezzle as a different form of payment
  6. If you spend $25 or more, delivery is free.


  1. A little more expensive than other stores

Shopping for children’s clothes is a parent’s worst nightmare. It’s not just pricey; it’s frequently also useless. Given that we know kids will outgrow it in a few months, why bother?

Thankfully, Little Sleepies hears these problems clearly and has created practical solutions, like convertible foot cuffs, twin zippers for simpler diaper changes, and a wide choice of sizes.

Additionally, they provide adult outfits, bibs, blankets, swaddles, and other items. In order to assist you in making your choice, our Little Sleepies family pajamas review will now briefly examine some of their best-selling styles.

Yes, it includes children as well; pajamas should be stylish and durable. Little Sleepies offers a sensible solution to ensure that your wallet stays full, relieving parents of the worry of having to buy clothing for growing children on a regular basis.

The need of adaptability is prioritized by this internet brand. To guarantee that your child can wear their pajamas for longer durations, they’ve included a number of crucial elements to the range, including a seasonless, bamboo viscose blend that’s both breathable and comfy.

Parents may easily change the foot cuff into a standard ankle-roll up to solve the “height” issue for growing toddlers and newborns.

Do you need additional information about what distinguishes this pajama brand from its rivals? You’re covered by this Little Sleepies pajamas review, so don’t worry.

How to Wash the Sleepies?

Baby’s lack of a sense of hygiene is not meant to be offensive. During feeding time, they are known to get very dirty with their excrement, burps, and vomit. If your power bill has increased over the previous several months, don’t be shocked.

Simply throw the matching Little Sleepies pajamas in cold water and use your dryer’s lowest setting to wash them.

In order to ensure that the bamboo viscose fabric is protected during each cycle, the manufacturer advises washing them separately from abrasive items like Velcro or hardware. To prevent the colors from fading, customers should flip their Little Sleepies children’s pajamas inside out.

Don’t simply choose any worn-out pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Take this as a cue to enhance your standard set of pajamas! This online retailer offers solutions that are cozy and stylish for both adults and kids.

Do you need advice in selecting your options? Below, this Little Sleepies pajamas review will discuss a couple of their fan favorites.

Guys, you need to realize that workout shorts are only appropriate for the gym. Following this precise course of action may leave some people feeling “bottomless,” in which case it may be time to purchase a pair of the Buffalo Plaid Men’s Bamboo Viscose Pajama Pants.

These sweatpants, which are designed to be seasonless, can withstand cold Christmas mornings or sweaty July nights. These Little Sleepies adult pajamas are soft on skin and have a relaxed fit that is strengthened with a red elasticized waistband.

The $27 Buffalo Plaid Men’s Bamboo Viscose Pajama Pants are a great deal and have two pockets to hold all your fantasies.

Make a steaming cup of hot chocolate and curl up with the family dog. a Buffalo

The fabric of the Plaid Women’s Bamboo Viscose Pajamas Pants is designed for comfort. These trousers have a straightforward lumberjack pattern and a crimson ankle cuff for contrast.

It’s very plush bamboo viscose construction may cause you to reconsider purchasing those pricey silk pajamas from your neighborhood lingerie store. Additionally, this Little Sleepies pajama set features a spacious elasticized waistline and two side pockets.

Cozy up in comfort with the Buffalo Plaid Women’s Bamboo Viscose Pajamas Pants for $25, which go best with their matching long sleeve shirt. It was believed to have cost $32 upon launch.

Leggings are fantastic, don’t get me wrong, but occasionally they only come in neutral hues or designs. The Pastel Rainbows Women’s Bamboo Viscose Pajama Pants give a cute, kid-inspired variation for people who find the majority of their sleepwear selection to be just “bleh.”

This gorgeous outfit might bring back memories of those happy bedtime story nights because to its brilliant array of kaleidoscope hues. These tight-fitting pants include two side pockets and a lovely pink elasticized hem in addition to their snug silhouette.

The Pastel Rainbows Women’s Bamboo Viscose Pajama Pants are available for $32 and are made of a non-abrasive eco-friendly combination.

The Roses Bamboo Viscose Zippy, which has a lovely design of spring flowers, is the ideal option to use when it starts to rain in March and April. This infant romper features a gorgeous hot pink flower print with coordinating forest-green tones. The wrists and ankles are finished with blush-toned cuffs.

This outfit is not only elegant to dress your child in, but it is also quite adaptable. This Little Sleepies zip romper sleeper set has a double zipper for changing diapers, fold-over mittens, and detachable foot cuffs. You can adjust any of these components to fit your growing bean.

The regularly $33 Roses Bamboo Viscose Zippy, which can fit a newborn to a fully grown toddler, is now only $28.

The Infant Knotted Gown in Bamboo and Viscose, Bananas, doesn’t play around. This outfit, which has fold-over cuffs and a bottom that can be fastened anyway you choose, prevents your child from scratching themselves over the course of the evening. Don’t be shocked if you get a sleeping “goo” from them if you use this cute, tropical fruit pattern.

This Little Sleepies zippies swaddle is constructed of a soft, bamboo viscose fabric and is designed to be hypoallergenic, breathable, and anti-bacterial for the most delicate of newborns. The Bananas Bamboo Viscose Infant Knotted Gown costs a total of $33 and is best suited for infants who are 3 months or younger.

This brand has a nice assortment of two-piece suits for both adults and kids if rompers aren’t your style. There are plenty of adorable designs, including playful fruits, animals, patterns, and more.

A short selection of some of the customer favorites in this area will be shared in our Little Sleepies pajamas review.

The Buffalo Plaid Two-Piece Bamboo Viscose Pajama Set is everything you need to finish your matching family set because it is the smaller version of its adult counterpart. This black and white garment features a tartan-like pattern that is contrasted with red cufflinks at the wrists, ankles, and collar.

Additionally, it has additional length that you may adjust to accommodate your growing child. This outfit may easily serve as a Little Sleepies Christmas pajamas gift if you’re seeking for ideas.

The $33 Buffalo Plaid Two-Piece Bamboo Viscose Pajama Set is currently on sale for $25 and is made from a very soft, bamboo stretch weave.

Anything but “simple,” the Bananas Two-Piece Bamboo Viscose Pajamas Set is stylish. This design has a bright pattern of tropical fruits falling from the sky and is available in a striking shade of vivid blue.

This kid-friendly outfit has a “appealing” feel to it because to the white cufflinks that are placed around the wrists, ankles, and collar. Due to its additional length, this 2-in-1 pair, which includes a matching sleeved top and bottoms, is easily adaptable to a bigger size.

The Bananas Two-Piece Bamboo Viscose Pajamas Set is a very affordable $33.

With the Polka Dots Pajama – Blue Trim Two-Piece Bamboo Viscose Pajama Set, you can easily identify your child. Compared to those vivid, printed designs, this white and blue outfit has a more neutral tone and is patterned with black speckles.

The fact that these Little Sleepies toddler pajamas are absolutely seasonless is their finest feature. Both freezing winter evenings and the sweltering summer can be worn by toddlers. Getting your child ready for bed has just become hassle-free since there are no snaps or buckles to fiddle with.

The Polka Dots Pajama – Blue Trim Two-Piece Bamboo Viscose Pajama Set costs $33 and has additional length to prepare for those sporadic growth spurts.

When it’s time to take a break from patterns, the Sky Blue Two-Piece Bamboo Viscose Pajama Set is a gorgeous, azure-hued choice. This long sleeve and bottom set, which is really soft and cozy, can help keep those tears down and those joyful “goos” up.

This outfit is designed with toilet training in mind and has extra length to ensure a proper fit. The Sky Blue Two-Piece Bamboo Viscose Pajama Set, which costs $33, makes getting dressed 10 times simpler by eliminating the need for buttons, snaps, or inner tabs.

Customer Reviews

This Little Sleepies pajamas review has uncovered a deluge of glowing endorsements for the business. Most of their best-selling items receive thousands of comments on their corporate website.

The Green Koalas Bamboo Viscose Zippy, for instance, has over 2,277 comments and a perfect rating of 5/5 stars. Customers have remarked that the pajamas are cozy, practical, and constructed of premium materials.

One delighted customer wrote, “Little Sleepies are the best pjs I ever found. They are the best material, soft, light-and also great customer service. We love Little Sleepies in our house!”

Their extensive assortment of patterns and styles mesmerized others. The photographs of newborns wrapped in the Little Sleepies brand’s pajamas made this pajamas review melt. In her review, one consumer sang the brand’s praises, “These pajamas are so super soft and comfortable my kiddos…literally cry if I have to wash them. Living in South Texas finding good pjs that work well in summer and winter are tough but these are the perfect pairing for all seasons. And of course, it’s a super bonus that the whole family can match in cute prints!”

The most reviews may be found on JudgeMe, where Little Sleepies received an astounding complete score of 5/5 stars based on 9,674 comments. Many customers reported being pleased with the way their pajamas fit since they had extra length and other customizable features.

Many parents discovered that their sleepwear was incredibly comfortable and sturdy after being washed and dried. A new mother provided a testimonial on practicality, “I absolutely love these pajamas! It’s so fun to match my daughter. I am breastfeeding my 4 month old and love how these pajamas are both cozy and nursing friendly.”

A few media sites mentioned their sleepwear line favorably, according to this Little Sleepies pajamas evaluation of those publications. According to a Motherly article, the brand’s utilization of its exclusive bamboo viscose blend is seen as a game changer in the children’s apparel sector. The author appeared to like how light and versatile their outfits were for all seasons.

This Little Sleepies pajamas review found only a few internet red flags. Customers on complained that Little Sleepies’ infant pajamas had an unusual fit and poor quality.

So, Are They Worth It?

We give Little Sleepies a gold rating for quality, functionality, and variety of style based on what we’ve observed thus far. Their clothing is not only fashionable but also durable for growing kids.

For parents of children who are fast developing, having to buy new sleepwear on a regular basis may be quite irritating and wasteful. Little Sleepies confronts this issue head-on rather than ignoring it. They are creative and economical since they can help you save money over time. They also include extra length and adjustable foot cuffs.

Their wide selection of colors and designs also won our approval. Their rompers and two-piece outfits all appear to be lively, bright, and enjoyable to wear. Customers have said online that this brand doesn’t skimp on comfort, viewing their renowned bamboo viscose combination as a reliable answer.

Overall, don’t sleep on the Little Sleepies family matching fun if you’re searching for a company that doesn’t compromise on aesthetic and functionality.


Do Little Sleepies have a large fit?

According to this Little Sleepies pajamas review, their sleepwear sets are marketed as being true to size. Despite this, customers claim that they often fit two to three times longer. We advise consulting the Little Sleepies sizing chart on their website for more specific dimensions.

Their shipping policy

The good news is that Little Sleepies offers free delivery on purchases of $25 or more, as noted in this review of their family pajamas. The typical delivery time for domestic deliveries is 5 business days, with FedEx and USPS serving as their primary carriers.

Customers will receive a tracking number in their email of confirmation, which they may use to keep track of the progress of their order. As far as we can tell, this online retailer does offer international delivery to some particular nations.

Their return policy

Product returns are accepted up to 30 days after purchase. To qualify, products must be unopened and in brand-new condition. Little Sleepies will pay for delivery as long as the purchaser asks shop credit in exchange.

Buyers will be required to pay $6 for return shipping for refunds. Unfortunately, this Little Sleepies pajamas review discovered that this policy does not apply to foreign orders.

Customers may enter a return portal on the Little Sleepies website to start this procedure.