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Making Your Cycling Experience Awesome

Outside of Marin County, you might not be familiar with Mike’s Bikes, an independent bike shop that sells the best brands at affordable costs.

If so, use this Mike’s Bikes review to introduce yourself to the little company with over 9,000 Instagram followers.

To help you understand what this company is all about, I’ll look at a couple of their goods, their mission, and how their customers feel about them.

The first Mike’s Bikes opened its doors in 1964. They were among the earliest Schwinn bicycle wholesalers in Marin County, California. Since then, they have continued to maintain a limited geographic range while growing to 12 more sites across the state.

Due to its focused expansion, Mike’s Bikes has been able to concentrate on what matters most to them: bicycles. Numerous admirers who respect them for their exquisite variety and committed customer care have flocked to them as a result of their independence.

The aspects that clients enjoy about Mike’s Bikes will be highlighted in the next portion of this review.


  1. Sells some of the world’s top bike brands.
  2. Recipient of several readers’ choice honors.
  3. Orders over $49 are delivered for free.
  4. Alternatives for international shipping.
  5. 30-day returns.

I’ll examine some of the best things that Mike’s Bikes sells on their website in this review. These bikes are not their only product. Brands like the following are all over their shelves…

  1. Liv.
  2. Juliana.
  3. Santa Cruz.
  4. Cannondale.
  5. Salsa Cycles and more.

Given that Mike’s Bikes carries so many different brands, it is reasonable to infer that they also have a wide variety of bike models. In this instance, they’d be accurate. They have electric bikes, dirt bikes, mountain bikes, and road bikes.

A brand’s bestsellers are the best indicator of the quality of its repertoire. This section of my Mike’s Bikes review will focus on some of the distributor’s most well-liked rides.

Since it might be difficult to locate a bike that is suitable for young children, the bulk of the goods I’ll highlight are for kids…

The first bike in my review of Mike’s Bikes is also a great option for your child’s first bike. The HotRock 20 from Mike’s Bikes is provided by HotRock and is designed to last for years alongside your child.

In order for your child to master the mechanics and fundamentals of biking, its frame and gears were designed to be simple to use.

Its framework is built to withstand road imperfections so that your youngster may practice riding bikes without being concerned about falling over. The Mike’s Bikes HotRock 20 normally sells for $450, but it’s presently just $360.

The following item in my Mike’s Bikes review is for individuals who want to begin riding as soon as possible, whereas the HotRock 20 was excellent for those who are beginning to get the hang of bike riding but need to perfect their technique.

Children as young as 18 months and as old as 4 years can participate in the Mike’s Bikes Hotwalk.

There are no pedals or gears on this item. Its main goal is to teach kids the motion and balance required to ride a bike.

They can put their feet on the ground and move the frame along thanks to its design. Additionally, it includes a set of large tires that can overcome any obstacles in its path.

The Mike’s Bikes Hotwalk costs $225 to purchase.

The Jett 24 from Mike’s Bikes was designed to expand with your child. Naturally not literally, but it has adjustable handlebars and a frame, so your youngster can use it for many years.

This is fantastic from both a financial and a user-experience standpoint. Your child will become more accustomed to riding as a result of having more time to do so.

Furthermore, this bike is incredibly light. It boasts a frame made of A1 aluminum, an alloy fork, Pathfinder tires, and other components that make gliding easy. Instead of paying $600, you can get it right now for $480.

The best-selling bike in the US is the last item in this evaluation of Mike’s Bikes. That is understandable considering that the Mike’s Bikes Electra Townie Original 7d Step-Thru includes linear-pull brakes for trustworthy stopping, gears to suit the majority of daily demands, and an aluminum frame that is lightweight.

Basically, it has all the features you’d expect in a bike that can carry you from one place to another.

For $630 right now, you can buy the Mike’s Bikes Electra Townie Original 7d Step-Thru.

Who Are Mike’s Bikes Perfect For?

For those who want to be sure they’re getting the right bicycle for their requirements, Mike’s Bikes sells a variety of products.

Customer Reviews

The ratings for the products I discussed in this Mike’s Bikes review are listed below. These ratings are all taken directly from the company’s website.

Mike’s Bikes Electra Townie Original 7d Step Thru – 5/5 stars based on 10 ratings.

Mike’s Bikes HotRock 20 – 5/5 stars based on 9 ratings.

Mike’s Bikes Hotwalk – 5/5 stars based on 7 ratings.

Mike’s Bikes Jett 24 – 5/5 stars based on 2 ratings.

Even if those ratings are excellent, they do not adequately capture all facets of Mike’s Bikes practice. In light of this, I gathered the ratings from several other websites’ reviews of Mike’s Bikes and added them to another list.

Better Business Bureau – 5/5 stars based on 1 piece of customer feedback.

Facebook – 4.1/5 stars based on more than 400 pieces of customer feedback.

Yelp – 4.5/5 stars based on more than 200 pieces of customer feedback.

Many of the favorable evaluations I read praised the customer service abilities of the Mike’s Bikes staff. Here’s an example from a customer review that demonstrates what I mean…

“By my mistake, I recently ordered a T2 pro XT 2 bike add on and wanted return it. Mike’s Bike has excellent customer care and quick refunding.”

Another Mike’s Bikes review emphasized the effectiveness of the company. They said that their delivery procedure was simple and dependable and added, “I bought some road bike tires that I couldn’t find anywhere else. Price was right. They shipped promptly and kept me up to date with tracking, etc. Perfectly satisfied.”

I want to share one more Mike’s Bikes testimonial that demonstrates their commitment to client satisfaction, “Ordered 2 bikes from Mike’s Bikes this month and received both bikes within 2 weeks (despite slowed UPS delivery due to the I-70 wildfire closure in western CO). Responded quickly to my inquiries. Despite increased demand for bikes this year, these guys delivered quickly.”

Is Mike’s Bikes Genuine?

I found nothing that led me to doubt that Mike’s Bikes is anything but authentic, given their local roots and passionate following.

So, Are They Worth It?

If you live in one of the regions that Mike’s Bikes ships to, I think they are absolutely worth it.


Do they ship internationally?

Many nations can receive shipments from Mike’s Bikes. They predict that it might take up to 5 business days for their orders to arrive at their destination.

This shipping policy?

Free delivery is available from Mike’s Bikes on all purchases of $49 or more. They provide a wide range of shipping choices, such as…

  1. UPS Ground
  2. UPS 3-day select
  3. UPS 2nd-day air
  4. UPS Next-day air

This return policy?

If you want a refund, you have up to 30 days to return any Mike’s Bikes merchandise.

However, the items must be unopened, brand new, and/or unused, with all of the original box and contents. You are eligible for a full refund from Mike’s Bikes less the cost of shipping.