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I’ve always sought comfort, like almost everyone else on the planet. Keywords in this context? “In quest of,” as in, comfort isn’t always a given—even with things like beds, couches, and the all-powerful bean bag.

My search naturally led me to Moon Pod, a zero-gravity chair with ergonomic support. Sitting on one of these high-density beads results in a weightless sensation and complete comfort for painful joints. Another feature that piqued my interest is that the cover is machine washable and quite sturdy, allowing children and dogs to find comfort as well.

In a brief search, I found the brand in almost every major media outlet, including CNN, Good Housekeeping, Forbes, and USA Today. Moon Pod’s Instagram profile already has 80k followers, while their Facebook page has 16k.

So, what can we expect from this Moon Pod review? I’ll take a thorough look at the firm and its best-selling goods before delving into reviews, promos, and other information to help you determine if it’s worth all the hype.

If you’re wondering how it all started, Moon Pod officially launched in 2018, due to a successful Kickstarter campaign that saw them exceed their funding goal by over 500%.

You’ve certainly heard of John Fiorentino’s tremendously popular Gravity Blanket, a weighted blanket that fosters relaxation and calm that swept the globe by storm just a few years ago.

Fiorentino designed the Moon Pod, like this blanket, to promote ideal relaxation and general wellbeing. Its ergonomic design can aid in the improvement of circulation and the relief of back and neck problems.

The bead-packed pod also gives you just enough support to sit, relax, or lie down. Today, the brand provides a variety of accessories to completely personalize lounging.

Something I like about the company is that they employ a sustainable production approach and repurpose any surplus components in future projects.

Although its covers are manufactured in Asia, Moon Pod’s headquarters are in the Greater New York Area, where they fill and ship their items.

Are you ready to settle in? Now that you’re familiar with the brand, I’ll move on to a few key topics before we get started in my Moon Pod review…


  1. An ergonomic, supporting lounger with Flotation Therapy-inspired accessories.
  2. It relieves neck and back pain and promotes circulation.
  3. Utilizes recyclable materials.
  4. Outdoor protection that allows you to take your Moon Pod outside.
  5. 3 or 5-year coverage plans available
  6. Installment payments available through AfterPay.
  7. When you recommend a friend, you will receive a $25 credit on your future order.
  8. Options for free delivery

Moon Pod, like myself, takes comfort seriously. Its zero-gravity bean bag chair alternative provides users with a weightless sensation, similar to Flotation Therapy.

If this seems like your dream come true, I’ll go over all the information on their distinctive chair, as well as its utilitarian and extra comfy accessories, in the next portion of our Moon Pod review.

I’d heard that the Moon Pod is a pleasant and helpful way to unwind, and after seeing it, I can see why.

I’ll walk you through the brand’s best-selling chairs, including single and double models, as well as a few ultra-comfortable extras that may be used with or without the distinctive pod, just ahead.

In life, I’ve discovered that sometimes one isn’t enough. I like the notion of a comfy Moon Pod, but I have other people in my life who might want to join in on the fun. That’s why I like the Super Moon Pod.

This plush seat comes to the rescue, with enough room for two individuals to enjoy its otherworldly luxury.

Here’s a surprise: Super Moon Pod is actually two smaller pods joined together by an extra-large cover. So, what does this mean for relaxing? The extra-large cover is ideal for watching movies, working from home, or canoeing.

The Super Moon Pod comes in three colors and costs $500 (down from $675).

With today’s stresses, finding the appropriate approach to unwind has been difficult for me, but it is critical. My house lacks the room for a designated lounge area, and I lack the funds for a large, comfortable couch.

This is when the Moon Pod comes into play. Its maximum dimensions are 56″ x 24″ x 24,” so it won’t take up a lot of valuable room in tiny houses.

Despite its diminutive size and uncanny resemblance to classic bean bag seats, the Moon Pod was built differently. They’re filled with high-density beads (not beans) and designed to resemble floating treatment.

They’re also really unique small beads. Moon Pods are designed to cradle any body shape, and folks as tall as 6’8″ have remarked they’re still really comfortable.

What can you do with a Moon Pod? You can sit, recline, or lie down, making it ideal for reading a book, watching TV, or taking a much-needed afternoon sleep. The Moon Pod’s ergonomic support can also assist reduce the discomfort of back and neck issues—ideal for someone like me who sits at a computer all day.

There are presently five color options available, including traditional black and charming baby pink. The Moon Pod weighs 12 pounds and costs $300 (down from $400).

While the Moon Pod is the ultimate in relaxation, it isn’t always possible to lie down. I prefer using the Crescent to watch TV, play video games, or do some casual weekend work, all of which become a lot more fun when my neck is adequately supported.

The Crescent was designed to elegantly cradle anybody relaxing on the Moon Pod. It may also be utilized on the sofa, in bed, or anyplace else when extra support is required.

It’s constructed of the same high-density beads as your Moon Pod, so you’ll receive the same zero-gravity comfort, plus it comes in five distinct colors. Choose one to match your Moon Pod or try a different color combination.

Give your neck a break by purchasing Crescent for $130 (down from $170).

The Moon Pod might become everyone’s new favorite seat, including your pet’s! Don’t worry about hair and grime; simply replace the Sleeve.

Your Moon Pod will already come with a sleeve, but having an additional one on hand for those “just in case” times is a good idea. Have you had a spill? smudged paw prints? Don’t worry, all of the covers are machine washable. Score.

You’ll have a few color options here. While the colorful Neptune Blue may look amazing, Cosmic Ash may be a better fit for your zen-themed living area. Having an extra sleeve on hand allows you to change the Moon Pod’s mood whenever you choose.

The Moon Pod Sleeve is available in the same five colors as your Moon Pod and costs $74 (down from $89).

The finest suggestion in this Moon Pod review is to add 3 or 5-year coverage to safeguard your cover from damage.

Total relaxation is simply not possible for me unless I put my feet up. Elevating the bottom part of your body is also beneficial, as it improves circulation and promotes healthy blood flow. So, how does Lunar Lift assist?

It’s basically a little Moon Pod with the same high-density beads and easy-to-clean cover. Because it’s the same height as your Moon Pod, it promotes the enhanced circulation and physical healing that I described previously.

The Lunar Lift is about 20 inches across, so it won’t take up much room. Sit back and relax with this space-age footrest, which costs $130 (down from $200).

One of the reasons I’m enamored with the Moon Pod is its small weight. With a weight of about 12 pounds, it’s simple to transfer from room to room or even outside.

Because the basic Moon Pod cover won’t withstand the weather and you don’t want to get it soiled, acquire the Outdoor Cover for all of your excursions.

It’s water-resistant and washes clean, so you can enjoy the sun next to the pool while knowing your Moon Pod is safe.

Wherever you want to relax, the Outdoor Cover has you — and your Moon Pod — covered for $100 (down from $150).

Where Do Moon Pods Come From?

While it’s always a positive when a company manufactures in its own nation, in our instance, the United States, I’ve learned that occasionally the greatest work is done overseas.

While the exterior and inner shells are tested and manufactured in Asia, I was relieved to learn that the Moon Pod’s filling and assembly is done in the United States.

Is A Moon Pod Beneficial to Your Back?

Every vertebra in your back and neck is supported by the MoonPod. To me, this is a big yes. According to the numerous customer comments I read, the product does actually offer customers a “weightless” feeling.

Having said that, some MoonPods are more helpful than others. The Anti-Anxiety Float Chair, for example, is “uniquely constructed to support any body form for optimal comfort and relaxation.”

Furthermore, this option lets you to recline, sit, or lie down as needed to soothe your back.

What do Moon Pods contain?

Each MoonPod is “packed with custom-made high-friction beads that are enclosed by supporting shells,” according to the brand’s website. The exterior shell is a one-of-a-kind material combination that retains Moon Pod’s form while dynamically morphing to your body.”

I appreciate that the company prioritizes sustainability by using recycled materials in all of its goods.

Is MoonPod Suitable for You?

If you want a pleasant, supportive, and long-lasting lounger for your house, I think you’ll like the Moon Pod. However, because it is technically a low chair, it should not be used by individuals who find it difficult to lower themselves to the ground.

The MoonPod’s support makes working from home, reading, or resting much more pleasant for anybody who suffers from stiffness, back difficulties, or neck discomfort.

Customer Reviews

I used the internet to locate useful customer reviews for this section of my Moon Pod review. Following are reviews from the brand’s website, Mattress Clarity, and Reddit that give information about the firm and its best-sellers.

I saw thousands of favorable reviews on, many of which highlighted how comfy its products are and how much they assist ease neck and back discomfort. Here’s a breakdown of how its bestsellers fare.

Moon Pod – over 1.4k ratings and an average of 4.9/5 stars.

Super Moon Pod – 31 ratings and an average of 4.9/5 stars.

Crescent – 322 ratings and an average of 4.9/5 stars.

Lunar Lift – 97 ratings and an average of 4.9/5 stars.

Outdoor Cover – 19 ratings and an average of 4.7/5 stars.

One skeptic was concerned about the expense but has come to appreciate how the Moon Pod helps her relax.

“Before purchasing, I was very [weary] about the product due to the price, but at the end of the day, I’m so happy that I decided to purchase the moon pod. It is very very comfortable and is just a great product overall.”

Users also like Crescent’s moldability, comfort, and pain alleviation. Many users say they use it for more than simply lounging: “I’ve replaced my pillows with the crescent to sleep with.” Super comfy and gentler on my neck.”

I didn’t come across many bad reviews for this product, and even with ratings less than 5 stars, people appear to appreciate the cushion. One of them says, “The downside to the product is that it’s not as firm as I would like it to be. I would love it if it was fuller in the arms as it is in the back.”

Marten Carlson’s Moon Pod review on Mattress Clarity discusses the product’s benefits and downsides. Carlson recounts the Moon Pod’s sensations…

“Lying back on the Moon Pod, the chair does conform to the shape of my body and, even though I weigh 250 lbs, I don’t drop right through to the floor. The fill seems to mass together to support me… I did feel pretty weightless while using the Moon Pod.”

Carlson reported that the Moon Pod has significant downsides, primarily that it is difficult to exit…

“Getting out of the Moon Pod is no easy task, and people who significantly trouble to move around might need help. Even those without mobility issues could find it difficult to push themselves out of the Moon Pod.”

The more I looked, the more I discovered that Moon Pod Reddit reviews are mixed. While some Reddit users enjoy the idea of the pod and say that it has helped them sleep better, others completely dismiss the firm.

One satisfied Moon Pod user stated, “the bean bag cradled my neck, shoulder, and arm in a way that was optimum for side sleeping.”

Other Reddit users, who are long-time “floaters,” have an issue with the way the Moon Pod is marketed. These users feel the weightless claims are disingenuous:

“Nope, the whole idea of floating is to lose the sensation that you are in the water or have pressure on your body essentially losing your sense of physical self. This is not that.”

While I take bad Moon Pod reviews seriously, it is worth noting that many customers stated that the pod provided a weightless feeling. To clarify, the company claims that the Moon Pod, “mimics the sensations of Flotation Therapy,” not replicates it.

So, what’s the bottom line? The Moon Pod is fantastic for resting and relieving back discomfort. However, if you have mobility concerns, getting in and out of the pod may be too difficult, especially if you live alone.

So, Is It Worth It?

Is it worthwhile to invest in Moon Pods? Customers absolutely adore this comfy lounger, in my opinion. Many people claim that it reduces pain and gives comfort in ways that conventional chairs cannot.

Personally, I think it’s ideal for a little flat like mine. It’s portable, tiny, and comfy, and it’s also less expensive than other possibilities. In addition, MoonPod frequently has promotions and AfterPay payment arrangements.

Is the Moon Pod a real thing? It actually does deliver on its claims, in my experience. Though some die-hard “floaters” disagree, I’ve found that it performs an excellent job of delivering a zero-gravity experience, supporting users rather than allowing them to sink.

But, whether you want to get bogged down in lingo or not, there’s one thing I can’t dispute at this point in my Moon Pod review: the brand’s high-density pods are quite comfy. And that is precisely what I came here to find.

Their Shipping Policy

Because of the unique design of the Moon Pod chair, the firm only ships within the United States. Your shipping choices and pricing are determined by your location and will be displayed at checkout if they change.

Moon Pod ships to Alaska and Hawaii, however there is just one shipping option available, which costs $125.

To check the progress of your Moon Pod order, go to and input your order number in the ‘Track Your Order’ section. You may also utilize the tracking number supplied in your delivery confirmation email.

Their Return Policy

If you need to return your Moon Pod order, you have 14 days from the date of delivery to do so. Return requests received after that time will not be accepted.

Follow these steps to guarantee your return is accepted…

  1. Begin a return using the Return Portal.
  2. Obtain an RMA number.
  3. After your return is accepted, follow the steps provided by Moon Pod.
  4. Securely package your return.
  5. Pay for return postage and a restocking charge.