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Think Inside the Box - Nugget Couch Ideas

Nothing evokes nostalgia like the recollection of making forts with your siblings out of leftover blankets and pillows from the couch. A tent in a forest, a movie theater, a space station, and a host of other settings were somehow created in the living room.

You find yourself suddenly a parent and once more experiencing the world from the perspective of a child. However, your child tracks Cheeto dust all over the place, and you can never predict what they’ll do when given a marker. And you don’t think your white sofa can stand up to that.

Fortunately, Nugget has the ideal solution: a toy that can also be used as a sofa, letting their imaginations run wild. It is delivered in four parts that may be put together in a variety of ways to allow for building, climbing, and play.

On Instagram, the company has a whopping 455k followers, while Facebook has 109k likes. Their feeds show scores of happy smiles captured in amusing situations. Because of the brand’s clean aesthetic and creative, adaptable design, prominent media sites like Forbes, Motherly, Buzzfeed, and others have taken notice.

Are you eager to learn more about what this company offers? Read our evaluation of the Nugget sofa while you sit back and unwind. We’ll go through all you need to know about the business, its best-sellers, client feedback, and more. We hope the final decision will assist you in selecting the best product for your child!

We had always known that a sofa might serve as a fort, but taking the family couch apart on a typical Tuesday afternoon to put blankets on dining room chairs was undoubtedly impractical. Fortunately, Nugget provides an excellent and fashionable answer.

In 2014, Hannah Fussell, Ryan Cocca, and David Baron collaborated to come up with the brilliant concept for the brand. When the three of them first met, Baron said he wanted to reimagine the traditional futon used in college rooms. Fussel ultimately decided to use one of the designs in her lesson, where she found that the students adored it.

From then, things grew quite rapidly, and Nugget was particularly well-liked throughout the epidemic. Kids enjoyed the bright colors and variety of styles and forms, while parents appreciated the multipurpose idea.

Fabric for Nugget goods is supplied from Vietnam, China, and El Salvador and is made in Butner, North Carolina. In Mount Airy, North Carolina, it makes foam.

This Nugget sofa review will first go through several brand features before getting into the comfortable couches…


  1. A comfy and enjoyable to play with children’s couch.
  2. High-quality, washable, and replaceable coverings that may be removed.
  3. 30 day test.
  4. A 12-month warranty.
  5. Within the contiguous us, delivery is free.

Children frequently have vivid imaginations. You may have previously owned a sofa that served as a fort, castle, or rocket ship, but did you own one specifically for that purpose? It turns out you don’t have to choose between watching TV and playing with your kids as your child constructs a fort in the same room as you. The unknown

The goal of the sofa is to inspire and spark children’s imagination so they can turn a few plush construction bricks into something lovely. Furthermore, it features a modular design that looks fantastic in the living room or pretty much any other area you wish to put it in.

Nugget frequently walks the narrow edge between “bestseller” and “sold out.” We know there is a demand because their new products frequently sell out within days of being released. Are you wondering what has consumers so fixated? Let’s look at the brand’s best sales list.

The Nugget Couch is finally here. A sizable, strong, and durable foundation, a thinner seated cushion, and two triangular back pillows make up the four elements that make up this item.

The bigger pieces include soft handles that make them easy to drag around and manage as well as fold conveniently for various combinations. And, as we already indicated, this sofa can be stacked and moved in whatever direction you (or your child) want to make anything you want.

Depending on the fabric and color you select, the Nugget Couch retails for $229–269 and comes in 15 different color combinations.

The Nugget brand is widely recognized for its comfortable and adaptable sofa, as this Nugget couch review has already said. To enhance every creative experience, it also has a few extra tricks in its sleeve. We’ll provide the essential components on the website that will enable you to fulfill your child’s wildest desires down below…

We can think of a lot of various situations when you would wish to switch up your Nugget sofa covers with a new Cover Set. Even though they are washable, youngsters occasionally get their hands on materials like permanent markers or paint that aren’t quite simple to wash out.

You also occasionally want to change up your decor. If you enjoy seasonal decorating, perhaps you’ll want a rich green cover to go with your tree during the holidays or a vibrant orange set for Halloween.

A second cover set might be useful if the first one becomes dirty and you don’t have the chance to wash it right away. Simply replace it, let the children to continue playing, and worry about doing the wash later.

Each Cover Set package includes a cover for each of the couch’s four parts. There are 15 distinct hues available, however they have various prices:

Classics – $99

Limited Edition – $129

Special Edition – $149

A Pillow Pack will provide you a few extra suggestions and construction alternatives when it comes to the best building solutions. They may be utilized as an area to rest your legs when being used as a sofa or to support up the larger pieces.

They’re also great for sprinting about the room like the floor is lava and building castles and moats. You see what I mean! The options are genuinely limitless. For a seamless upgrading, you may also mix and match the various colors with the sofa you currently own.

The Pillow Pack costs between $99 and $129 and is available in 20 different color variations.

Is The Nugget Couch Perfect for You?

The Nugget sofa is perfect for complete families even though it is made primarily for kids. The couches can be moved around easily for recreation and also connect parents and kids. Making memories is vital, and assembling these blocks into various patterns will help you do just that.

Considering that they plainly serve as a useful sofa, they also age nicely. The Nugget may also be used as a pet bed, providing your four-legged pals with a cozy place to relax. It is really simple to clean and resilient to filthy paws and jagged claws.

What Is the Nugget Made From?

The microsuede fabric used to make Nugget couches has a matte, velvety texture. Some variations can also be found in a little shinier and more opulent double-brushed microsuede material.

A bonus is how simple it is to wash this material. Children are messy, and Nugget is well aware of this, so it only makes logical for the covers to be readily detachable and washable. This is how it goes…

1. Unzip the filthy coverings first, then scoop out the foam filler.

2. Place the covers in the washing machine and use a light detergent on the gentle cold cycle.

3. Dry by hanging to avoid shrinking

4. Reinstall the foam after it has dried, then zip the covers.

It truly is as simple as 1, 2, 3, and 4! For this couch, the microsuede material is perfect since it is highly resilient and machine washable. It continually maintains its fresh appearance despite being used for a long time, having soiled fingers, and going through several washings.

Ever wondered how cloth is made? To make a thicker, smoother soft pile fabric, a superfine polyester is first brushed with a steel brush. With each wash, the rich texture just becomes better.

A thick, lightweight, and very plush polyurethane foam may be found within. Little ones can build vast structures without difficulty thanks to this, and after they’ve settled down, they can make themselves comfortable. Additionally, it is CertiPUR-US certified and devoid of formaldehyde, lead, and mercury, so you can relax knowing that it is safe for your children to use.

You’ve heard the expression “a match made in heaven”? That is precisely what the opulent combination of poly foam and microsuede fabric is for this Nugget sofa review!

What’s included in the Box

Are you curious what’s inside the large orange box? Well, each Nugget sofa is made up of four parts. A substantial, thick base, a thin seat cushion, and two bolstering, triangular-shaped cushions are all present.

However, when they arrive in vacuum-sealed packaging that has been rolled, they might not first seem exactly as stated. It ought to reawaken once you release it. Oh, and it already has the colorful cover you selected while you were checking out!

Customer Reviews

We wanted to share some customer comments with you as our evaluation of the Nugget sofa comes to a close so you can get a sense of what the company is actually all about. To find out why there is so much buzz about the company on social media, we collected comments from their official website and a few unaffiliated sites.

Nugget has received an outstanding 4.9/5 ratings from 44,654 reviews on its website. The bold pink color choice impressed one content customer, “My daughter and I absolutely love how vibrant lolly is! It is gorgeous. The fabric is easy to wash, durable, and a nice texture to provide stability for nugget builds.”

Did we mention that these couches may be shaped as the mind desires? One shopper did, making a list of several things the sofa has evolved into, “They have been used to make slides, forts, caves for angry animals, and towers for dictating to the minions of their kingdom. They have been used as ice floes in arctic waters, and rock formations when the floor is lava. They have been clouds for bounding through the heavens, and they are always a soft place to land when the tumble downs get rough.”

A reviewer on Chrissy Marie Blog describes how the couch won her over after her kids spent the entire night playing on it while she went to a friend’s house for dinner, “Despite all the various ages and interests, and our kids were finding different ways to play with this toy. On the ride home my husband looked over and smugly said “Admit it- you’re thinking we should get the kids a Nugget for Christmas.” At that point, I happily got on board.”

One customer explains how their children, a toddler and a 9-year-old, became rapidly attracted to the Nugget. She did the same, “When my kids went to bed and I went to move the Nugget out of the middle of my living room, I instead found myself laying on it while watching a movie. Before I knew it, the Nugget was being used nearly all the time by someone in our family.”

The big cushions on the Nugget sofa offer countless options and will keep children of all ages happy and engaged for hours on end and for years to come, according to the evaluations. The color choices are also incredibly fantastic because they readily match any décor and truly get youngsters excited.

So, Is It worth It?

The Nugget brand is highly recommended for this evaluation. Toys for kids tend to wear out quite quickly, but this couch holds up well over time. You can rely on it to last because the fabric is strong and simple to clean. Additionally, you may change the covers to fit your style.

You won’t have to worry about kids being bored because their imaginations are unlimited, especially given the couches countless configurations and applications. It may function as a plaything when they’re young and as a comfortable personal sofa as they become older, smoothly bridging the gap between childhood and adolescence.

A flexible item like this is well worth the cost because you know your child and household will use it for many years to come. You’ll get to see your child discover the extent of their creativity, and that experience is irreplaceable!


How long will it take for the Nugget to expand once you've opened it?

Although we are aware that you’ll want to use your Nugget right away, it is supplied in compressed packing to reduce waste. For the finest appearance and play, you should let them around 1-2 weeks to fluff up. It’s worth the wait, we promise!

Do they offer a warranty?

The foams and textiles of your Nugget sofa are covered by a guarantee if they fail for any reason. Within a year of purchase, if there are any problems or defects, just get in touch with the company and provide them with images and your order number.

Do they offer international shipping?

Sadly, the company presently only distributes to Canada and the US, as one Nugget review found out. In order for families everywhere to enjoy these adaptable couches, we expect to see some growth soon!

Their shipping policy

Nugget’s current manufacturing time for popular goods, which are created one at a time, is up to 10 weeks. Within 3 to 7 business days after the items have been dispatched, they should arrive. Shipping inside the contiguous US is free. Each nugget, pillow pack, and cover set costs around $49 for purchases going to Canada, Hawaii, or Alaska.

Their return policy

For your initial purchase, Nugget provides a 30-day trial so you can assess whether the sofa is a good fit for your home and your lifestyle. Customers are encouraged to assemble all the possible combinations and test out the comfort at the brand’s invitation. In the event that things don’t work out, they only want to be contacted for a refund.

Items from Nugget can only be returned within 15 days after the initial purchase. They must be in their original box and be entirely unopened. Send the company an email with a picture of the unneeded item and a return authorization number to begin a return. Then, all you have to do is deliver your box to a nearby post office using the free return slip they will issue you!