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Explore Fashion in Ways That Are Gentler on the Planet and Your Wallet

Women’s apparel subscription company Nuuly offers non-committal rentals so you may try out more than 150 brands each month. Customers have the choice to test new fashions or return their favorite goods and receive a discount on them. Popular brands like Free People and Urban Outfitters are available via the subscription service.

For their environmentally friendly approach to subscription fashion, Nuuly has been highlighted on Forbes, VOX Inc., and Green Matters. Over 53k Instagram followers have been attracted to the business thanks to their sustainable business practices and vast range of brands.

In-depth information about the company, their membership procedures, customer experiences, and more will be provided in this Nuuly subscription review to assist you in deciding whether or not you would want to try out this subscription service.

The Story of Nuuly

The URBN family of enterprises includes Nuuly (Urban Outfitters, Free People, and Anthropolgie). URBN continues to uphold its commitment to encouraging customers to express themselves via their wardrobes and home furnishings by offering unique and creative home goods and clothing.

The Nuuly X Anthropologie collection, the Nuuly Urban Outfitters choices, and several other brands with whom the firm is associated are available on the website. These brands include Anna Sui, Electric & Rose, Mod Cloth, as well as a Nuuly maternity area for expectant mothers.

URBN’s strategy was to make sure the brand was built in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner when Nuuly was founded in 2019. The firm takes care of washing and mending clothes as part of their rental business strategy, which not only increases the lifespan of the clothing they supply.

The method used by Nuuly makes sure that the apparel may be worn for extended periods of time and is cleaned with water and energy-saving techniques.

By alternating between using reusable clothing bags produced from post-consumer plastic, Nuuly has successfully avoided the usage of over one million single-use plastic bags.

We will now discuss some of the brand’s benefits and drawbacks in this review…


1. There are more than 150 labels available, including well-known favorites like Anthropologie and For Love and Lemons.

2. Reduce plastic waste with reusable clothes bags.

3. They support companies like Not another Label who follow sustainable business practices.

4. Use water- and energy-saving cleaning techniques.

5. Inexpensive $88 per month membership package.

6. Your subscription plan can be stopped at any time.

7. Free refunds and shipping.


1. Available only in the US.

2. Due to long shipment periods, several consumers said they had trouble maximizing their plans.

3. Every style does not always exist; occasionally, it is rented out, in which case clients must wait until it is refilled.

My Experience

I tried Nuuly for myself, it was an awesome experience. Let me start by saying that everything was carefully wrapped when and it arrived in a reusable shipping box. Inside was a small box labeled “Pinch Provisions for Nuuly” with the message “in case of linty, static-y, wrinkled clothes situations.”

A lint brush, double-sided tape, wrinkle-remover, deodorant-removing sponge, and static-cling remover are all contained within the box. Back to the beginning now, and then we’ll talk about the clothing in the package.

On Wednesday, I was at work attempting to assist a customer in making adjustments to her investments. There were several investments, which necessitated numerous phone calls and online searches for the appropriate documents and all applicable regulations. During one of the long phone calls, I became bored and came across an advertisement for Nuuly apparel rental (I was googling a company and somehow got Nuuly). I’m not hired to shop for clothes, although to be fair, I was attempting to get some work done.

When I put my order with Nuuly, I was unsure how long the package will take to arrive but two days later everything arrived…

So, below is a summary of everything I ordered and how I feel about it…

I tried on a Maeve Parkside Knit dress at Anthropologie and fell in love with it, but I decided against buying it since I have a bad tendency of buying dresses and never wearing them. The item costs $150 at full retail, but that would be a bad choice if I never wore it. So, I had hoped to find it in the 40% off sale but it never did. But I’m still SO PROUD of myself for holding out, because of Nuuly. To wear this dress for a month, would now cost less than $15 with 6 outfits for $88. And it is an excellent, simple dress to wear.

This is it. There are no tights, spandex, or other smoothing garments below. It’s a no-brainer for the office and can be dressed up with jewelry and shoes or down with a denim jacket and boots.

Retail price on Anthropologie was $98. Another obvious choice. I adore funnel sleeves, anything navy, and cowl necklines. It practically works with everything I have. It fits with both the Pilcro pants and the Free People denim skirt I added to my purchase, and my own pair of jeans.

The retail for this on Anthropologie was $120. This looked amazing in the picture, but not so good on me. I put it down to having broad shoulders, which makes the keyhole opening appear more like a huge heart-shaped piece of chicken skin on me. I don’t like the way it appears. Nevertheless, I can conceal it with a scarf and may try wearing it over a thin T-shirt or camisole. I like the color, weight, and sleeves, so I believe I can still make it work.

These Pilcro Jeans retail for $140 on Anthropologie. Here’s when I started to veer off course a bit. I am aware of my Pilcro size, and it differs from the size I bought. Admittedly, I have a propensity of purchasing things that are far too big, especially pants, in addition to the habit of buying dresses that I never wear. You know how sometimes towards the end of the day they’re too big because they become bigger as you wear them? By the time I grab my coffee in the morning and before I leave the home, it generally occurs to me. Since my precise size wasn’t available, I had to settle for a size that was near to it. Be advised, don’t do it.

They act strange around the zipper and have a type of huge waist, although it is not their fault. I’ll continue to wear them. Again, at less than $15, I’m willing to accept that the fit might not be ideal, especially if it’s completely my fault.

They cost $150 on Anthropologie. This jacket is great. If I had bothered to read the reviews and seen that almost everyone claimed it runs small, it would have rocked much more. Although it’s a touch smaller than how I usually wear a jacket, I believe it looks well layered over a t-shirt I slept in and a pair of semi-clean pants. I felt terrific in this and ran to Starbucks and the grocery store. I will surely get my money’s worth out of it because it looks even nicer worn over a thin dress or camisole.

They retail at Free People for $128. This decision was risky and as it reveals a LOT of leg. Although I had never worn it, I had seen a sales assistant from Free People wearing it and thought she looked gorgeous. But seeing as she is 25 and looks stunning in everything, but even so.

I don’t think I fit the target market for this, but I included it in my purchase nevertheless. Although I doubt, I’ll wear it to work, it is SO much fun and matches just much everything I already own. A fantastic essential that is perfect for the unseasonably cool weather that we been experiencing here. Just add boots, a leopard belt, a white T-shirt, a tank top, a jacket, or any one of the three shirts in that sequence. Done.

That concludes my roundup. And it’s a big victory for a box I slapped together in no time at all. In retrospect, I ought to have taken my time and chosen my actions with greater care. But if everything went this smoothly with such little planning and work, things can only go better.

How Do They Work?

A very simple company model is Nuuly. Simply choose any six pieces from their selection that you adore, wear them, and give them back. That’s how simple it is! Imagine getting clothing from a friend, but not having to worry about dry washing them beforehand.

You have the choice to buy one of your selected things at a reduced cost if you really adore it. Bid adieu to friendships that were damaged by borrowed clothing that was never returned.

How does Nuuly operate? Create an account on, develop your profile, and subscribe with a credit card. Nuuly will bill your credit card for the first month’s payment after you confirm your account. Start having fun now!

On the internet, perusing the options might take hours. You must choose at least 6 products, and there is an extra charge for adding more than that. Your order will be shipped as soon as you’ve made your selections and confirmed your shipping.

Make sure you’ve chosen the appropriate things before clicking the confirm button since once you do, your choice is final and you cannot amend it or reverse it.

Nuuly ships by UPS, and UPS will let you know when your shipment leaves the warehouse. They’ll also send any updates by email or text along the journey. Your package from Nuuly will come in a reusable bag. This bag must be kept since it is necessary for returning products.

Your order from Nuuly comes with a prepaid UPS label that needs to be applied to a package for the return trip.

To get the most out of your program when it comes time to say goodbye to your six cherished items, Nuuly advises starting the return procedure two to three days prior to your subsequent paying month.

It’s vital to remember that the account remains locked until Nuuly has received your packages and paid the subsequent month’s price. In between orders, feel free to explore Nuuly if you so like. However, you can only add stuff to your “Closet.”

Until your prior products are returned, your next order cannot be completed. This Nuuly membership review points out that you may return things and pay the monthly charge in advance if you want to unlock your account before the following payment period.

There are no late fines, so don’t worry if you have to return your item after the deadline. However, you won’t be able to order from Nuuly again until UPS has scanned the products. Log into your Nuuly account and make a purchase for the items you want to keep.

This notifies Nuuly that you want to keep the products and that they should not be included in your return order. Remember that anything you decide to buy is final sale and cannot be returned.

Put your products in the reusable Nuuly bag you got them in when it’s time to return them. Don’t forget to place the return slip inside the transparent pocket on the outside of the garment bag before delivering it to UPS.

This Nuuly subscription view will mention here that you may print your return label from your account’s Rental History section if you unintentionally lose it.

Nuuly offers monthly memberships. You can unlock your account ahead of schedule, but your membership payment will still go out on the same day of the month that comes after the one you unlocked ahead of schedule.

If, for instance, you unlock your February purchase early on the 2nd and your billing date is the 15th of each month, your subsequent payment won’t be processed until the 15th of March unless you unlock that order early as well. Your actual billing date is not subject to alter.

You have the option to pause or terminate your account whenever you need to. Your account can be put on hold for 1, 2, or 3 months with the option to extend it on a month-to-month basis.

For instance, if your two-month pause is over and you need to extend it for one more month, you may do so by going to your account and choosing “Extend Pause.”

Additionally, you can early unpause your account. In this situation, the day on which you choose to “Unpause” your account will now serve as your official billing date. Simply click “Cancel Subscription” on your account page to end your subscription.

You must send any Nuuly things you may have at home back before pressing the “Cancel” button. In contrast, this Nuuly membership review discovered that you would be billed automatically for an additional month if UPS doesn’t scan your packages before your subsequent paying date.

You get access to a vast selection of well-known and emerging companies with the Nuuly membership plan. You’re likely to find something you love and that will have you coming back for more with designs ranging from simple tees to flowing, boho gowns.

The next section of our Nuuly subscription review will examine the features of their Women’s Monthly Subscription plan. Nuuly does not provide subscriptions or clothing for males.

How Much Do They Cost?

Nuuly’s Monthly Subscription is $88. The cost of each item, including shipping, returns, cleaning, and any necessary repairs, comes to about $15. There is an extra charge of $18 for each additional item you would like to order, up to a total of 2.

Customer Reviews

In order to give you a sense of how customers have interacted with the brand, this Nuuly subscription review will look at user comments posted on Reddit, TrustPilot, Business Insider, and My Subscription Addiction.

Users of Nuuly on Reddit claim they love the idea but have difficulties with delivery, especially when it comes to getting the most out of their membership.

Another Reddit review of Nuuly claims, “Six items for $88 is a bargain compared to other rental kits. It’s fun to change stuff up seasonally…I like that I can experiment safely…I’d never in a million years buy [some of] these things, but a rental is non-committal.”

Business Insider concurs with their ideas, “It’s about discovery. You’re only paying a low price per item each month so it gives you the opportunity to take some risks…Another great part of renting is that you have access to things you might not be able to afford at full price.”

Trustpilot lists just one review for Nuuly, which says, “Love my monthly Nuuly. It doesn’t matter that I have nowhere to go. Makes me feel cute and on-trend without spending a ton.”

The benefits and drawbacks of the Nuuly subscription service are analyzed by My Subscription Addiction. “Pick exactly what you want. Plus & petite sizes. Vintage looks.” The reviewer also notes, “Not all products are available in full-size range. Availability depends on which items are rented out.”

So, Are They Worth It?

The pricing of the brand is quite affordable, and the fact that you can test-drive pricey models without taking a risk is an appealing idea for people who are hesitant to commit to a purchase. It also gets rid of buyer’s regret.

Additionally, Nuuly makes the procedure simple. All aspects of shipping, refunds, cleaning, and repairs are handled. The only things the client needs to do are shop, pay, and wear. With no risk, Nuuly is just like purchasing at a physical store.

The “account locking” function of the subscription service appears to be its only drawback. This Nuuly subscription review recognizes the need for this procedure, but it can be upsetting when delivery delays prevent buyers from wearing their Nuuly items for a full week.

This Nuuly subscription review thinks the service is worthwhile and that the company takes a wonderful approach to sustainability. It appears that the company is making the proper decisions to provide these services with the environment in mind, including the use of reusable bags, the brands it offers, and the cleaning techniques.

Signing Up for Nuuly

To begin using Nuuly, just follow the instructions listed below…

1. Visit

2. In the top right corner of the page, click “Join Now.”

3. Enter your shipping, payment, and contact information before clicking “Next.”

4. Create a profile.

5. Purchase up to six products in your initial transaction.

6. Verify your purchase.


How to cancel your Nuuly subscription?

Log into your account at to cancel your Nuuly membership. You only need to click “Cancel Subscription” on the account page.

How long does it take for Nuuly to ship?

From Monday through Friday, UPS handles all of Nuuly’s order shipping. It may take two business days to complete your order after you place it, and another three business days to deliver it. They don’t supply accelerated shipping.

All orders, aside from any big goods you order are sent in the Nuuly reusable garment bag. These things will be sent in a separate bag of their own. Only Americans may access Nuuly in the US. APO/FPO and PO Box addresses are not accepted for delivery.

How to return Nuuly?

This Nuuly membership review will emphasize once more that any products you decide to retain or buy are final sales and cannot be returned to Nuuly. Follow these easy steps to return things from your monthly Nuuly purchase that you do not want to retain them…

1. In your Nuuly reusable garment bag, zip up all of the goods.

2. Insert the pre-paid return label into the transparent pocket on the exterior.

3. Send it to UPS or arrange for a pickup.

If your return label is missing, you may print a replacement from your account by going to your rental history. If there are any products in your order that you would want to keep, sign into your account, go to your rental history, and click “Buy” next to the item you want to buy. This must be completed before returning your order so Nuuly is aware of your intentions.

In order for UPS to scan your item prior to your billing period and for your account to unlock on time, Nuuly advises returning your things two to three business days before your billing date. You may certainly return your products early, but unless you select “Unlock Early,” you won’t be able to place another order.

There are no late penalties if you return your things after your billing date, but you won’t be able to place another purchase until UPS has scanned your returned items. Contact Nuuly customer care as soon as you realize an item you were intended to return has turned up on your floor, beneath your bed, or someplace else it shouldn’t be to avoid being charged. Additionally, the firm will assist you in returning it as quickly as possible.

My Opinion - Highly Recommend

As in drop what you’re doing right now second and visit them. This is about YOU dressing yourself in clothing you love, in the size you want, and getting to wear 6 new things (all of mine came in excellent condition) for a month. This is not about having someone else dress you. Here’s my guidance on how to make it function effectively…

1. Choose an item you KNOW you'll enjoy

For me it is obvious. It was the clothing I had already worn. And the sweater with a cowl collar in navy. I’ll live in that sweater, which I’m wearing right now.

2. Obtain a splurge item for less by comparing the retail price

Although I didn’t do it, I wish I had. This is a fantastic method to wear Anthro items for less than $15 per because there are SO MANY of them that I can’t afford (even on the 40% clearance sale).

3. Read. The. Reviews

All of them, not just on the retail site, but also on the Nuuly site. They genuinely help out.

4. Include a risky item

Something you typically wouldn’t purchase. I took a gamble with the denim skirt, and I’m glad I did since I really like it. And not everything needs to work for the office.

5. Take. Your. Time

Take the time to go over all of their products and add what you love to your “closet,” as I didn’t and still managed to succeed. Consider how they’ll go with other items you currently possess and with one another; perhaps avoid planning your entire wardrobe around an orange suede shirt. You don’t have to buy everything at once, you may shop until you find an item you adore.

Final Verdict

Great brands are represented on Nuuly, where there are many appealing selections. This is perhaps the ideal clothes rental option for you if you enjoy wearing stylish statement pieces. Before you sign up, you may look through their whole inventory to see whether they have any clothing that suits your taste.

With the exception of the gold joggers, which I tried wearing around the house as lounge pants instead, all of the items I picked were excellent for the Christmas season and I used them all frequently.

If you want to add a few unique things to your wardrobe for around a month, I suggest this box. This is also a wonderful approach to find discounts on lightly worn items because a month is ample time to determine whether or not you actually need something in your closet.