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The Coziest Blanket for Winters!

This Oodie Review delves into this company, and we’ll guide you through their reviews and merchandise!

You’ll come across an item of clothing every season that is just right, and you’ll virtually start living in those. You could wish to wear the same pair of sweatpants and tank top outside during the summer to relax. Furthermore, you won’t want to remove your three-day-old sweatshirt or hoodie in the winter. We have provided you with all the information this winter on The Oodie Australia Review.

Although it resembles a blanket with a hood and comes in several varieties decorated with drawings of unicorns, cartoon avocados, sloths, pizzas, and several other foods in various colors, its main selling point is its comfort. The Oodie Coupon Code is really popular right now. Pay attention! We have some wonderful gifts for you.

The Oodie Review’s success may be explained by the widespread change in our expectations of what should be included in apparel. When working from home, individuals tend to focus more on how comfortable their clothes are than how functional they are. Comfort is hip, so there’s no longer a choice between cool and comfortable, according to Tara Drury, a retail researcher with market research firm Edited.

Australian brothers David and Todd Fogarty spontaneously came up with the concept for the Oodie. He said to The Advertiser in Australia, “I came up with the notion of an extremely warm embrace hidden in a blanket, but you can’t really move about under a blanket. “People are basically looking for anything to wear around the house right now.”

Why not do it on a budget if you’re thinking of adding an Oodie to your collection of comfortable clothing or giving The Oodie Kids to a loved one? Take use of one of the Oodie discount codes 2022 listed above, go to the website, and purchase your preferred design for a much lower cost.

From tie-dyes to Harry Potter posters, everything is available with the Oodie discount code. Their adolescent and adult Oodies fit most people aged 13 and above because they are around the size of a 6XL hoodie. Whatever your taste, Oodie has something for you. Choose from straightforward block colors like pink and blue, adorable patterns like koalas or kittens, or drawn representations of your favorite Friends or Mickey Mouse characters.

Important traits of The Oodie Kids

  • Elasticized sleeves.
  • A large hood
  • An enormous pocket.
  • One size fits everyone & machine washable.


The Oodie’s outside is covered in soft flannel fleece, which keeps you warm and protected from the cold. Sherpa fleece, which has a texture akin to sheepskin, is used inside! They say their fleece is made of durable polyester and keeps you warm. Machine washing and air drying are recommended for The Oodie children and The Oodie adults.


You need an Oodie in your life if curling up on the couch with a warm blanket is your preferred way to pass the time. With this travel blanket, you may stay warm and comfortable when out and about on frigid nights. The Oodie line also offers a wide range of entertaining patterns and block color schemes in addition to weighted blankets that are soothing and grounding.


These Oodies are rather pricey! They range in price from $99 for one to $594 for a Mega Pack that includes six Oodies.

You may buy your preferred package from The Oodie Sale to save money! There are bargain bundle packs available, like the Oodie Twin Pack ($158), the Oodie Family Pack ($279), and the Oodie Mega Pack ($359), which can accommodate up to six people. Another option is to get an Oodie Weighted Blanket Bundle ($134), which contains your choice Oodie in addition to a cozy and relaxing weighted blanket.

Do you desire an alluring discount on your initial purchase? Who doesn’t enjoy unpleasant surprises? The Oodies is offering $25 OFF on your first purchase when you sign up. Don’t pass up this great deal because it is only available for a little time.

Are you about to make a purchase? Your life will be improved by them. But you should know how to care for them because you’ll soon be spending all of your time in them.

How to Wash the Oodie?

According to Oodie, washing an Oodie is quite straightforward. To preserve the product’s “cuddliness and softness” for the longest time possible, the website suggests hand washing in cold water.

There are other options besides hand cleaning if you don’t enjoy it. In the event that you only use mild detergents, you can machine wash in cold water on a gentle cycle. Don’t mix it with other colors, and don’t dry clean, tumble dry, or iron it.

And that’s how you wash an Oodie. And once it has dried, you should put it on again.

Customer Reviews

“I just got it yesterday and couldn’t wait to open it. It’s quite well packaged. There is a drawstring bag after you open the plastic wrapper. My children enjoy The Oodie Kids as well. It’s quite comfy and toasty. It’s very silky and smells fresh. It’s like wearing a gigantic blanket. It’s quite cozy and huge. It’s similar to a heater. It was well worth the money, and I wholeheartedly suggest it!!”

“It’s fantastic! I adore it! I’ve never had a bigger, purer, or warmer Oodie! I put it on as soon as I step in the door! What a fantastic product!”

The Final Words

Oodies stand out from the competitors not only because of the diversity of designs, but also because they provide free shipping and returns for all orders placed in Australia and a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. They use warm sherpa fleece inners and velvety flannel outside fabrics to make their masterpieces, which are also cruelty-free and machine washable.


Is The Oodie a Weighted Blanket?

The name of the company that specializes in providing cozy accessories like Ugg boots, blankets, and pillows is The Oodie. Though their best-selling product is the original Oodie, a blanket hoodie, customers can also get weighted blankets on the company’s website.

Non-toxic glass beads that provide a deep pressure mechanism in these soothing blankets help to prevent anxiety and restlessness. Additionally, it adds some excellent warmth to your blanket hoodie to ward off the winter chill.

Is Oodie Australian?

In fact, Adelaide-based The Oodie is a regional Australian brand. However, if you pick Australia as your place of origin when provided with the “choose nation” option, the producers will waive the shipping fee for all orders.

All Australian clients have access to the customer support staff for order questions and to receive hassle-free refunds in the event of any problems thanks to a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You might be requested to provide pertinent order information as well as additional contact data for this.

How Do You Make an Oodie Fluffy Again?

For your hair, bristle brushes are excellent. However, did you know that it may also keep your fleece blanket, clothing, and other items warm and silky for years?

In fact, after a few washes, your Oodie can start to exhibit matting symptoms, exposing the fabric beneath. Even if you completely prevent washing, accidents still happen, especially if you have children at home. Purchasing a quality bristle brush is another more practical method of regaining your Oodie’s buttery soft look and touch.

And all you have to do to make your Oodie seem fluffy and brand-new once again is comb out the fleece in all directions with this one multipurpose tool in hand.

Can You Sleep in An Oodie?

The majority of adults and teenagers can rest well while donning an Oodie or any other hooded blanket. However, the dimensions on the official Oodie website are only for adults and teenagers and not for kids under the age of 13. However, as sleeping infants and toddlers are more likely to suffocate and overheat, the Oodie might prove to be lethal when worn by them.

However, even grownups must check themselves before sleeping in them to make sure they are not impaired or ill. Whether it’s a weighted blanket or a hooded blanket, it’s wise to visit a doctor if you have any questions.

Does Walmart Sell Oodies?

Walmart has a number of in-store departments and sells a variety of goods. Nevertheless, in comparison to a company like Oodie that specializes in a certain market, the quality control staff may not be as meticulous with each product.

Ultimately, a real Oodie from the original Oodie shop has been made with the goal of especially creating Oodies that are deserving of 5 stars in mind. In addition to its items, customer support lines are available round-the-clock to accept purchase inquiries and guarantee a hassle-free experience.

Is It Worth It?

When you get a higher-quality item from the appropriate source, the money is unquestionably worth it. Consider cross-checking with other reputable review sources to confirm the veracity of the many 5-star reviews posted on the official website. Additionally, only believe the most recent review you can discover because after a certain period of time, some companies start selling subpar goods.

Having said that, you can find everything you need for the winter on the official Oodie website. Once you are able to provide order information to substantiate the purchase, you are also assured additional support. In the end, you don’t want to fall for the marketing ploy where companies invite customers to voice any complaints, just to respond with a feeble apology and no remedy.

Oodie Alternative

The benefits and drawbacks have been discussed, along with a few different retailers offering substitutes. But if you’re looking for a different, more affordable solution, check out The Comfy on Amazon.