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Spring Sale! Save Upto 40% Off On Selective Items

Spring Sale! Save Upto 40% Off On Selective Items

Spring Sale! Save Upto 40% Off On Selective Items
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    Save $215 Off On Cookware Set

    Save $215 Off On Cookware Set
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    Bundle And Save! Get Upto $370 Off On Selective Bundles

    Bundle And Save! Get Upto $370 Off On Selective Bundles
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    Checkout Our Appliances Collection Starting As Low As $27

    Checkout Our Appliances Collection Starting As Low As $27
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    Shop Our Tableware Collection Starting From $160 Only
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    Refer A Friend And Get 20% Off On Selective Items

    Refer A Friend And Get 20% Off On Selective Items
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  • Welcome To Our Place, We Saved You a Seat

    Cooking styles and cultural variety are welcomed by Our Place cookware. By providing cookware that promotes unity via food, the brand combines these two ideas. A brand of cookware with strong core principles was inspired by special times spent around the dinner table with loved ones.

    Our Place Homeware is the best in its industry, having received recognition from the prestigious New York Times and an Oprah Magazine recommendation. Our Place offers to provide solutions for cookware that are ethically and ecologically sourced to enhance the contemporary kitchen.

    This Our Place always pan review will help you decide if this brand is appropriate for your house and way of life. We’ll go into great detail on the cookware line’s performance, customer comments, promotions, and other things.

    Our Place cookware is made using ethically sourced materials and is secure to use for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Our Place offers a communal and inclusive environment.

    Shiza Shahid, the creator of Our Place, put this experience at the core of the company’s objective after realizing that bonding moments and memories frequently evolve during a meal amongst loved ones.

    The traditions from many cuisines and civilizations serve as the core foundation for Our Place’s home decor. As the company declares, “our collections are new heirlooms from the cultures and places that make up the fabric of the modern kitchen.”

    Our Place is situated in Los Angeles, California, and has joined forces with the Los Angeles Food Policy Council to expand access to healthy food.

    Since it was founded in 2019, Our Place Cookware careers have given female craftsmen a chance to develop their talents via rewarding work. These items are built on the foundation of female workmanship and are obtained ethically, responsibly, and without any hazardous chemicals.

    Manufacturing partners for Our Place Cookware are located in Mexico, Thailand, and China, where a female-owned business is committed to promoting the independence and development of women.

    Here is a summary of the benefits and drawbacks of the brand in this review…


    1. Ethical company that promotes freedom and self-determination.

    2. On their website, the exact product measurements are published for inspection.

    3. The planet or the households who utilize the materials are not harmed by the materials used.

    4. Environmental justice permeates every step of the transportation process (omitting bubble wrap and harmful plastics).

    5. Installment payments are available for some goods.

    6. No-hassle returns.

    7. There are referral bonuses available.

    8. Shipping is never charged, even for returned items.


    1. Their stores do not sell products.

    2. There is no information available about the brand’s return policy.

    3. There isn’t a contact number for Our Place to take questions.

    4. Certain services are only accessible to US orders with certain shipping restrictions.

    The longevity of this product has been confirmed by an Our Place pan review. With its magnificent aesthetics and ability to replace 8 other cookware items that typically clutter the kitchen, the Always Pan is as functional as it is beautiful on your table or cooktop.

    This pan, which is the company’s pride and pleasure, is ready to replace your frying pan, saute pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan, non-stick pan, spatula, and spoon rest.

    No PFOAs, PFAs, PTFEs, or other harmful materials are present in the pan. It has a solid beechwood spatula, a modular cover, a pour spout, and an integrated spoon rest in addition to a sol-gen non-stick coating.

    The Always Pan may be used for a variety of cooking tasks, including braising, searing, steaming, straining, sautéing, frying, and serving. The Always Pan is not oven-safe and cannot be used on high heat, as stated in this Our Place review.

    For $145, the Always Pan is offered in seven hues, ranging from vivid to subdued: Spice, Steam, Red Hot, Char, Sage, Blue Salt, and Lavender.

    The handcrafted, precisely stackable Our Place drinking glasses come in 4 colors: Dusk, Sunset, Dawn, and Clear. They are made of glass and sand and are naturally colored by components from the soil, no synthetic colors are used.

    These cups are useful enough for daily usage because they can be used in the microwave and dishwasher. Drinking glasses by Our Place are available in bundles of four or eight. It’s crucial to remember that these glasses are totally recyclable if they should shatter or chip.

    Feel the excellence of each 12 oz glass, which is offered in a 4-pack ($50) and an 8-pack ($85).

    These sturdy porcelain Side Bowls are ideal for soups, cereals, salads, and ice cream and accommodate large amounts. Their 6″ diameter and 2.75″ depth make them more like medium-sized bowls in terms of utility. The bowls may be safely used in the microwave, dishwasher, and oven and are neatly stackable for simple storage.

    These chic side bowls have a glossy hand-speckled finish that allows you to dress up your table every day. The porcelain pottery used to create the Our Place Side Bowls is both recycled and new.

    The Side Bowls come in two sets: an 8-piece set costs $85 and a 4-piece set costs $45. Both sets provide several uses.

    The Our Place Main Plates are stackable for simple storage and are both lightweight and strong. They have a lip that helps keep your food on the plate. These plates were created by Our Place using virgin and recycled porcelain ceramic in line with their environmentally aware objective.

    Spice, Steam, and Char are the available colors for this classic Our Place design, which has a hand-painted matte foundation and glossy finish. These adaptable designs are suitable for the oven, microwave, and dishwasher.

    The sturdy, expertly made porcelain Main Plates will undoubtedly get heavy usage in the kitchen. A 4-piece set sells for $50 and 8 plates are available for $85 and are impressively big at 9.75″.

    Families may now have delectable freshly steamed cuisine in the comfort of their own homes. Spruce steamers from Our Place are pre-assembled and fit nicely within the Always Pan.

    The FSC-certified and ethically sourced lightweight bamboo foundation of the Spruce Steamer is composed of handwoven spruce. For an authentic Asian eating experience, the steamer also includes 15 paper liners and a set of 15 bamboo cooking chopsticks.

    According to Our Place, this item has to be hand-washed and air-dried. This little $30 purchase packs the biggest culinary punch.

    You may enjoy 4 main plates and 4 drinking glasses with the Basics Bundle while saving $15. These products are strong and really adaptable for regular usage. The bundle’s components are very simple to clean and store. This cookware is dishwasher and microwave safe, making rewarming simple.

    You may further customize your purchase with the Basics Bundle by picking the color of the plates and glasses. There is a 30-day risk-free trial period included with this package.

    This set will complete your kitchen at an economical cost of $85 after being reduced from $100. It’s also important to note that this bundle may be purchased through Affirm in 3 interest-free payments of $29 total.

    We want your kitchen to be a refuge of safety. The Our Place Tabletop Set contains the following for a more comprehensive set of necessary daily household items…

    4 Side Bowls

    4 Main Plates

    4 Drinking Glasses

    Each component may be microwaved or put in the dishwasher. For the Tabletop set, which is currently being sold for $125, you may select between Spice, Steam, or Char hues. As an alternative, you may use Affirm to make 3 $42 interest-free payments.

    A household that just needs 4 main plates and 4 side bowls without needing any glassware is skillfully targeted with the Dinnerware Duo. These beautifully crafted plates and bowls are available in complementary hues to create a unified look in the kitchen and dining area.

    Select from the Spice, Steam, or Char hues, or combine them all for a unique multicolor look. The Dinnerware Duo retails for $85 but can also be purchased through Affirm in 3 0% APR installments of $29 each.

    The most economical choice, if you already adore what you’re hearing, is to get the full collection at a reduced fee. Additionally, you may choose colors for the particular goods depending on the available color options. The bundle includes Our Place Dinner for 4…

    1. Always Pan
    2. 4 Side Bowls
    3. 4 Main Plates
    4. 4 Drinking Glasses

    A whole set of Our Place cookware is available for $250 (down from $290). This is a tempting combo, especially because the Always Pan costs $125 on its own. The Dinner for 4 bundle may also be purchased with Affirm for a total of $84 in 3 interest-free installments.

    Customer Reviews

    We looked for Our Place reviews on their website and from outside sources in order to give you a comprehensive picture of what customers thought of their home furnishings purchases.

    The Always Pan continually received raving reviews, notably for its ability to be a non-stick pan, according to reviews published on Thekitchn as well as CNN.

    According to a positive Reddit review of Our Place, “It does a beautiful job of browning up chicken, I can make eggs no problem with no sticking, and it’s deep enough that I can make a sauce or boil pasta!”

    The different items supplied by Our Place have received great feedback on YouTube from pleased clients. The cups, plates, and bowls have received several compliments on their style, color, durability, and enormous dimensions.

    On the brand’s official website, this Our Place review discovered the following ratings for more products…

    Drinking Glasses – 5/5 stars out of 200 reviews.

    Main Plates – 5/5 stars out of 229 reviews.

    Side Bowls – 5/5 stars out of 195 reviews.

    Reviews of the Always Pan that have been published on From Our Place repeatedly reject the assertions that this pan will replace an astounding 8 others in your kitchen. There were also some noteworthy concerns about customer service.

    Pan review of Our Place Google, Reddit, and other websites claim that the Always Pan has lost its non-stick properties. Despite this claim, 2,867 customers gave the venerable Our Place Always Pan 4.9/5 ratings on the company’s website.

    Since the business only started operating in 2019, there aren’t many Our Place Cookware review findings to yet.

    So, Are They Worth It?

    You may be asking yourself at this point, “Is Our Place Pan worth it?” A student, a single person, or someone wishing to add a pan to their existing cookware set would notice tremendous benefits from this cookware, according to the video and written evaluations of Our Place Pan.

    If you can accept the following two truths, these items actually appear to be worthwhile the expenditure, according to research done for this Our Place analysis of internet comments…

    1. You cannot use the Always Pan in the oven.
    2. You’ll still require additional pans for cooking.

    You’ll still need additional pans to work with if you’re cooking more than one thing at once. All other items in this range have received praise for being equally well made as well as pleasantly big and sturdy.

    This review of Our Place is unable to avoid noticing complaints about poor customer service and claims that the Always Pan has lost its non-stick properties. Despite the fact that it seems like the great majority of Our Place clients are happy, these unfavorable evaluations shouldn’t be dismissed.

    This Our Place Cookware review has found that the brand is worthwhile to purchase because of its environmentally friendly methods and countless satisfied customers.


    What’s the Always Pan made of?

    The Our Place Always Pan is composed of durable aluminum and contains no toxic substances. It has a nonstick ceramic covering, which is credited with reducing the need for cooking oils.

    Since the pan has a sol-gen non-stick covering, silicon dioxide makes up the majority of its composition. This pan earns high marks for safety since it is thought to be secure and devoid of dangerous substances.

    Is the Cookware oven safe?

    Our Place bowls and plates are oven-safe due to their sturdy porcelain construction. The Always Pan, however, is an exception because it is regrettably only intended for stove-top use.

    Is the Always Pan oven safe?

    The Always Pan is advertised only as cookware for the stovetop and is not intended for use in an oven. Additionally, customers should be aware that it is not advised to cook on the stovetop at high temperatures. Low or medium levels of usage are preferred.

    Is the Always Pan free from chemicals?

    The Always Pan’s sol-gel non-stick coating is thought to be the safest non-stick coating on the market, according to the From Our Place analysis of the components utilized.

    Both the FDA and the EU have given The Always Pan its approval. Lead, cadmium, PFOAs, PTFE, and nanoparticles are just a few of the hazardous, damaging substances that this pan is devoid of.

    Where does the Our Place Always Pan come from?

    The Always Pan is produced at a facility in China, according to the manufacturer. Additionally, it is a female-owned business that supports the brand’s mission of producing high-quality goods that adhere to strict ethical standards.

    How to use the Spruce Steamer?

    The fact that the Our Place Spruce Steamer fits the Always Pan so well is what gives it its charm. This permits both compact transportation and storage of this item and offers the ideal steaming experience.

    Their shipping policy?

    At the moment, From Our Place ships to Canada and the entire US. While some goods arrive fast, others with strong demand might take up to two or three months.

    Order tracking and status are accessible through the order confirmation email sent at the time of purchase on Our Place.

    Their return policy?

    Products from Our Place may be returned for up to 30 days after delivery. Our Place’s website offers a Returns page that makes it easier for customers to get pre-paid mailing labels to facilitate returns.

    Typically, returns are processed about two to three weeks after the item is returned. Another choice is “Instant Store Credit,” which becomes immediately accessible for fresh orders.