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Dry, damaged, and lifeless are the first words that come to me when I think of how to characterize my hair. I’ve tried several drugstore brands, all-natural products, and a few pricey ones that I find hard to rationalize.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who experiences this, but several of my acquaintances have beautifully nourished locks from using only a $5 bottle of shampoo.

Prose develops customized hair care products utilizing various formulations that are particular to you since they think that hair care is a personal adventure.

Your best hair will result from a complete Prose consulting process, and reformulations will guarantee that your demands are satisfied along the road.

Numerous media outlets, including Bazaar, Vogue, GQ, and Bustle, have featured prose. Additionally, Prose has over 345k 5-star ratings on their website and a huge 236k followers on Instagram.

I’m eager to learn more about Prose hair care, so join me as I explore this company’s philosophy, formulae, and customer reviews.

There is a misconception that only the rich have amazing hair. They consistently appear to have the glossiest, most recent hair, without a split end in sight. What is then their secret?

I used to believe it was a personal hair stylist with a PhD in follicular biology and daily 24k gold treatments, but I now understand that it is that their hair’s requirements are regularly attended to individually. Why then can’t ours be?

It has been demonstrated that self-perceived beauty may influence people’s perceptions of their socioeconomic status. It makes perfect sense, according to studies, that the way your hair looks may affect both your confidence and self-esteem. Alopecia was linked to loss of confidence, low self-esteem, and a lower quality of life, according to a UK study of men and women who were experiencing hair loss.

Here we have Prose, a business established in 2017 by Arnaud Plas in France. Nonetheless, is currently situated in Brooklyn, New York. Arnaud, who has beauty in his blood, used to be a member of L’Oreal’s digital team.

In terms of the Prose team, chemists in its R&D team in Paris create specialized formulae. Really, it’s the optimum configuration. It’s no surprise that this brand is so popular given its results-driven French aesthetic and gritty New York City character.

Prose is dedicated to transparency and lowering its carbon footprint as a Certified B Corporation. How? Through the use of ethical labor practices and sustainable harvesting techniques.

I’m soon realizing that I shouldn’t pass up this brand. In this Prose hair care review, I’ll walk you through all you need to know. Let’s start with the highlights…


1. A morally upstanding business devoted to lessening its carbon footprint.

2. Products made specifically for your hair’s needs in terms of hair care.

3. Products devoid of phthalates, alcohol, parabens, sulfates, and other chemicals that are harmful to animals.

4. Customers connect prose goods with hair loss prevention.

5. Users report having healthier, shinier, and smoother hair.

6. US shipping is free.

Custom goods are popular right now, and for good reason. Why would my best friend and I use the same shampoo when our hair is so drastically different?

Each Prose product is individually created with components selected to work with your unique hair type, the goals you have for using their products, your lifestyle, and even your geographic area.

Let’s have a look at them since they have a thorough approach that I’m completely smitten with, as well as elegant, apothecary-like packaging and compositions that are free of animal testing.

The brand’s top sellers, their outcomes, usage instructions, and important components are all listed here. Find out what Prose can do for your mane by reading on…

Pre-shampoo does exist. According to what I’ve read, it works wonders to moisturize your hair before you wash it. And although while it could seem counterproductive, the key is to provide your strands nutritional elements.

The Pre-Shampoo Hair Mask restores hydration to hair that is dry and lifeless. Prose customizes this mask to hydrate and mend damaged hair based on your demands for moisture.

This Prose hair mask combines a balanced combination of nutrients to give hair deep nourishment, antioxidant protection, cuticle nutrition, and moisture.

Mango butter, lilac extract, sunflower oil, castor oil, silk proteins, and jojoba oil are among the ingredients in the mixture.

According to a research review, jojoba oil enhances breakage resistance during straightening treatments, lowers protein loss, and shields the hair thread.

Before shampooing, apply the Pre-Shampoo Hair Mask to moist hair and let it in for up to 30 minutes. For $38, 8.5 fl oz of this very potent pre-wash treatment are available.

One customer wrote, “I haven’t been using Prose for long, but what’s great about these products is I didn’t have to use them for weeks or months to see a change, it was obvious right away! The care they put into figuring out the perfect formulas is impressive (even asking about the environment you live in) and it really shows with the results.”

The scalp is the place to be. After all, there is where hair grows. I’ve seen a lot of scalp-focused hair care products recently, so I was happy to find it in Prose’s range as well.

People frequently disregard the significance of caring for their scalp. You need to have a healthy scalp, one that is adequately hydrated, fed, and cleaned, in order to achieve and manage healthy hair.

The 8.5 fl oz container of Prose Pre-Shampoo Scalp Mask contains micro-exfoliators that work to balance and clean your scalp. It calms and energizes skin, laying the groundwork for the subsequent phases in your hair care regimen.

One mixture includes pro vitamin B5, bamboo charcoal, grapefruit oil, kale extract, and peppermint extract. These components help to balance sebum production, hydrate and detoxify your body as well as your scalp.

Mentha piperita (peppermint), according to a recently released review paper, can regulate the pH of the scalp, lessen dryness, fight the fungi that cause dandruff, and lessen flakiness.

Pro-vitamin B5 contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, and grapefruit oil can aid in the treatment of oily and congested skin. In a case series investigation, cannabidiol powder was proven to promote hair growth. For $38, you may get all of the advantages of the Prose Pre-Shampoo Scalp Mask.

A customer had this to say, “I’ve been trying to deal with my flaky scalp, oily and thin hair for too long with just about every drugstore and fancy salon product and nothing worked…The prose products are working where so many have failed! I can’t recommend this enough to my friends and family.”

My hair was a tangled mess in the shower after using the last natural shampoo. I can understand the advantages of utilizing a product that is specifically designed for me, but it’s too harsh for my hair.

Sulfate-free and ready to go, this shampoo. It performs all tasks that your particular hair needs; solutions cover demands like harmonizing roots and hydrating hair.

You can still massage this shampoo into a light lather, but it might not be as bubbly as what you’re accustomed to with conventional shampoos because it doesn’t include sulfates, I should tell you.

Use your shampoo as often as necessary. Your hair texture, degree of exercise, and a variety of other factors all affect frequency.

You shouldn’t wash your hair every day, as I’ll mention in this Prose hair care review. It could result in too much oil and frizz, according to experts. Because of this, dry shampoo was developed (among other reasons).

Licorice extract, sunflower oil, apple cider vinegar, argan oil, prebiotics, and silk proteins are ingredients in a shampoo sample mix that soothe the scalp, infuse your hair with antioxidants, provide shine, and nourish, balance, and cuticle nutrition.

Glycyrrhiza glabra, an extract from licorice, may promote hair growth. Animals with artificially generated androgenic alopecia were given licorice extract, finasteride, or a placebo in a preclinical study.

Licorice extract-treated animals saw considerable hair growth, comparable to that of finasteride-treated animals.

Argan oil is full of potent antioxidants, tocopherols, and polyphenols, which can maintain the hair hydrated and hydrophobic, as stated in a review article. Silk proteins, on the other hand, can momentarily mend severed ends.

According to an article, these proteins are drawn to the keratin and can hold the cortex pieces together until you shampoo again.

The Shampoo costs $25 and is available in an 8.5 fl oz container with a Prose shampoo pump.

A customer remarked this about the shampoo, “I have had an amazing experience with Prose. I enjoyed the questionnaire to determine what worked best for my hair and choose my own fragrance was great. I have seen a change with my hair, it seems healthier and happy.”

What if you could give your hair hydration, sheen, and bounce without adding the weight that other conditioners do? Conditioner could be the right solution for you if you’re trying to strengthen your curls and reduce frizz.

Make sure to thoroughly rinse the conditioner from your hair and end with a blast of cold water to seal in moisture.

Shine, pollution defense, fiber restoration, and antioxidants are all brought about by powerful components working together. Not to mention that they function as a UV absorber and supply moisture.

According to one review, exposure to UV radiation causes photodamage to hair, which includes protein breakdown and discolouration. Sunscreen usage shields the hair cuticle and stops photodamage. The Conditioner costs $25 and is available in the same size (8.5 fl oz), much like their shampoo.

Customers had this to say about the conditioner, “I love this product… I typically have flat hair that gets oily quickly, and Prose was an amazing solution. I do not regret it AT ALL! I have been recommending Prose to all of my friends.”

Without oil, my hair is incomplete. It’s time to boost your hair care ante if you don’t currently use hair oil.

Hair Oil adds hydration and nourishment while revitalizing dull-looking strands to help mend split ends and enhance texture. You might not be aware of it, but flat irons, blow dryers, and other heat equipment severely damage your hair. Well, mine does, at least.

The Hair Oil can be used as a final touch after style or before washing. Your hair will be protected, and the oil will reduce frizz. Start with a tiny quantity while styling and apply more as necessary. This will assist prevent having hair that looks greasy or slick.

There are no other perfumes in the 1.7-ounce container, although it does have a faint almond oil scent. Your hair oil may contain grapeseed oil, cucumber oil, Siberian pine nut oil, shea oil, rice bran oil, and rosehip oil among other ingredients.

The authors of a study on the benefits of shea butter on bleached hair claimed that it gave decolored hair samples smoothness and thickness.

According to a newly released review], rice bran oil has the ability to hydrate skin and encourage hair development. Priced at $48 in stores, this healthy essential is natural.

A customer said this about their oil, “My hair is usually thick, coarse, and frizzy, but previous products I’ve tried from different brands caused my sensitive scalp to itch and flake. Prose has completely changed my relationship with my hair.”

Over the past 10 years, dry shampoo has exploded in popularity in the beauty business. I believe it is due to the typical routine being so hectic, feeding the kids, going to work, going to the gym, going back to work, cooking supper, etc.

More than ever, we pack our days full of activities, causing our hair to become unkempt. Or perhaps we just lack the energy to wash and style our hair every day. This Dry Shampoo could end up being your favorite product in this Prose hair care review, whatever it is.

Traditional dry shampoos don’t really appeal to me. You’ll be shocked by their ingredient list if you simply glance at it. Only natural components like menthol, tapioca starch, and witch hazel extract are used in dry shampoo.

Witch hazel protects the scalp, menthol adds freshness, and tapioca starch absorbs sebaceous gland oil.

Witch hazel extract was found to be useful in treating sensitive scalp in a clinical study. These chemicals mix brilliantly to provide greasy or lifeless hair refreshment, volume, and oil management.

To use, divide your hair into pieces and spritz your roots directly. As I was doing my research for this Prose hair care review, I should mention that a little product goes a long way.

Allow the powder to stay for one minute, then massage it into your scalp before blow-drying or brushing it off. This 1.4 fl oz. transparent, revitalizing, and truly healthy Dry Shampoo is available. $25 for a bottle.

One customer raved about the product by saying, “Prose is the best shampoo and conditioner I have ever used… Prose has not only proved to reduce fizziness, increase shine and volume, and leave my hair less-greasy for more days, but the results came QUICKLY!”

No one would ever realize I have curly hair. I straighten it once a week since it would be impossible to manage if I left the house with my natural curls, and I detest that. That is not how I want it to be.

Curls may be challenging and frustrating to maintain, and frequently, they aren’t handled properly. You’ll be able to view your curls’ full potential with the aid of this curl cream, which can even cause you to rediscover your love for your natural appearance. Farewell, flat iron!

Natural waves, curls, and coils (Type 2 waves, Type 3 curls, and Types 4A, 4B, and 4C coils) are defined by Curl Cream, which also keeps them moisturized and frizz-free.

The unique composition provides a gentle grip without a stiff finish and works to define your curl pattern. You may also bid drugstore gel farewell.

Use by lightly wetting your hair, but be sure to keep the roots out of it. Your individual curls should get a tiny bit of the cream, scrunch, and air dry. For $25, you may finally wear your hair curly once again and not in a ponytail with this 5.1fl oz Curl Cream.

A customer said this about the cream, “BEST DECISION EVER. My curls have improved so much that my family thought I had used a curling wand, when in fact it was my usual low-maintenance air drying. My hair is so silky smooth, and I have never been so free of tangles! I recommend 1000%.”

Since I grew up near the seaside, I always took leave-in conditioner with me when I went to the beach. Salty hair is matted and dry; it does not naturally wave as you see in movies. I am aware of the difference a quality leave-In can make in dryness.

This leave-in conditioner will give your hair an extra burst of moisture and shine. For softer, more manageable hair, simply spray it in before or after your normal shower.

The Leave-In Conditioner in this 5.1 fl oz bottle is lightweight and non-greasy. Rather, anticipate more volume while enhancing hair health.

It’s vital to use this product on damp hair when using it as a detangler prior to washing your hair. Another benefit is that this Leave-In protects against heat throughout the subsequent phases of your beauty routine.

You’ll feel more secure knowing that your hair is protected up to 450 degrees F, whether you’re blow-drying, straightening, or curling.

Together, ingredients like copaiba Oil, ungurahui Oil, pea protein, acacia collagen, and caviar lime extract work.

The thermal protection capabilities of rice water are discussed in a review paper [18]. It gives the hair cortex an additional layer of protection and adds luster and smoothness.

With this combination, you may have silkier, gorgeous-looking hair for $25.

Customers are saying this about the product, “I love my Prose and brag about it to everyone, especially my fellow curl friends. The conditioner just melts my knots and tangles away and makes detangling a breeze.”

I am aware that effects might not be seen right away. But I also understand that once I see results, I’m permanently addicted to a product.

For people who want to notice beneficial hair improvements over time, a Prose Membership is the best choice. Even while some users of Prose products claim their hair health has improved with only one application, you want to see those effects consistently, right?

A flexible subscription option with no additional sign-up fees is the Prose Membership.

Free delivery, 15% off of all purchases, limited-edition gifts, access to new product testing, limited-edition items, and unique material like their guided audio series are all benefits of membership.

It is an impressive array of benefits. Additionally, they’ll offer you one free product for every ten you buy, similar to a coffee card but much, much better.

You may modify your plan so that you get your orders whenever you choose, and you can suspend or cancel it whenever you want without incurring any fees.

You can start using Prose items if you’re a new customer to the brand as you check out. If you have already purchased Prose, you must go to your Prose sign-in page.

Join by going to “My Prose Account” on and entering your Prose login. Simply choose “My Salon Membership” from there.

Customer Reviews

In this section of my Prose hair care review, I’ll look at consumer reviews from publications like Allure and Reddit as well as feedback left on the brand’s website, Facebook page, and Reddit.

Reddit was where I started off. One person said the company was “faithful to their word” regarding shipment in a lengthy Prose Reddit review.

She received her order “in the mail about 4 days after” she placed it. In regards to the hair mask, her comment continued, “My scalp itches every 2 minutes…for once I didn’t want to scratch.”

The same client stated after utilizing the shampoo and conditioner, “My hair smelled incredible, and it felt ridiculously CLEAN.”

Overall, she said her Prose regimen left her hair feeling “light and healthy”, her curls were “defined” and had “never felt soft like this, unless I got [my hair] professionally done.”

If you ask me, that is a fairly critical piece of criticism. Especially for someone with curly hair like me. I then saw an Allure review on Prose hair care products.

The author observed that Prose items supplied them in a Prose trial “silkier hair and less tangle-prone strands.” This tiny knowledge is important for anyone who struggles with it since knots can cause breaking.

Returning to, one of the many favorable Prose shampoo reviews (there are 345,000 there, by the way) reads, “Prose is the best shampoo and conditioner I have ever used – and I have used a lot, including keratin treatments, anti-frizz sprays, and all kinds of brands from the salons.”

I visited the brand’s Facebook page to get the lowdown on customer service and saw a good number of favorable reviews.

Consider this shopper’s statement as an illustration, “Their customer service can’t be beat…they are very attentive and caring…not only did they allay my worries, but handled the situation in the most customer-friendly way.”

Sincerity be damned, this brand has received incredible response. I’m a little shocked by how many people adore it, and it simply confirmed to me that there is merit to personalized hair care. But Prose also has something to offer.

So, is it worth it?

Every component in a cosmetic product reacts differently on various persons. Any item that is created entirely of natural components, by workers who are paid fairly, and by a company that practices sustainable business methods will also be on the more expensive side.

That is the only problem I can think of with this brand. But I appreciate the 15% discount that comes with subscribing.

Numerous Prose hair care reviews I discovered mention how the products rescued and improved the consumers’ hair, halted hair loss, and restored curl patterns.

This demonstrates that the formulae are effective. Even though I don’t feel the need to at this moment, I believe their items are worthwhile to purchase.


How does their membership work?

Select the subscription option at checkout to sign up for Prose. You may sign up to receive their items at the frequency of your choice without paying any additional fees.

Membership benefits include free delivery, 15% off of all purchases, limited-edition gifts, access to new product testing, limited-edition merchandise, and unique content.

Is Prose entirely organic?

Prose carefully chooses a range of organic and artificial components. According to what I’ve read, they do employ some mildly risky synthetic compounds.

They never use parabens, mineral oils, dyes, sulfates, genetically modified organisms, phthalates, or methylisothiazolinone in their formulations.

Do their products contain sulfates?

I’m happy to report that sulfates are never present in Prose products. Their shampoos only make a very little amount of lather compared to typical shampoos that include sulfates.

What kind of silicone does Prose use?

Prose utilizes expert-grade, water-dispersible silicone that won’t leave any residue on your hair or scalp. In your appointment, you can indicate that you want silicone-free goods.

Is Prose safe for color treated hair?

It’s crucial to let the consultant know if you have colored hair at your Prose consultation. To fit the state of your hair right now, they will create all of your customized formulae.

Which Prose fragrance is best?

All Prose products are scent-free. Your product may have mild, natural smells like almond or lavender depending on your specific composition.

Do they offer international shipping?

Prose only delivers inside North America at this time. Send an email to if you need alternative delivery methods to boost the likelihood that the company will provide its products in your nation.

How long does shipping take?

Every order is shipped with USPS Priority. They typically arrive in 3-5 business days following shipment and do not provide expedited shipping.

But their current delivery timeframe is between 10 and 15 business days. At checkout, a more precise shipment time will be displayed.

Their Return Policy

100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed by Prose. If you are absolutely dissatisfied with your items, you have 60 days from the ship date to return your order.

You can request free adjustments to your Prose pre-shampoo mask, shampoo, and conditioner, or you can return the item for a full refund. The dry shampoo and hair oil formulae cannot be changed; they may only be returned for a complete refund.

Send an email to with the following information to begin the process of receiving your modified, cost-free formulas…

  1. Order number
  2. Feedback

For a full refund, send an email to with…

  1. Order number
  2. Reason for your request for a refund

A pre-paid return label and information on what to do next will be sent to you by Prose together with the original merchandise. When the money has been returned to your original means of payment, Prose will let you know whether you asked for a refund.