Hair Blow Drying

For the best blowout, make sure hair is 100% dry. It sounds simple, but it’s the key to a lasting look. You have to take every last bit of moisture out of your hair before you go outside—even a touch of dampness can cause hair to frizz or curl up quickly. It’s well worth the extra five or ten minutes it may take.

Bosley Professional Strength Hair Thickening Fibers

Camouflage thinning hair with special fibers Sprinkle in hairlike thickening fibers wherever you want to fake a fuller look—at your temples, crown or an extra-wide part, says Flowers. They’re natural-looking. Super easy to apply and stay put until your next shampoo. Plus, they come in different colors.

Set hair in rollers to minimize heat damage “To give my strands a break from curling and flatirons, I’ve started doing an old-school wash-and-set instead. It does take extra time, but my hair looks so much healthier!”

-HOLLY CARTER. beau, director

WACKY, BUT IT WORKS. The red helps fix green tones caused by chlorine and minerals from water, says Robinson. Apply it to dry hair in the shower and leave on for five minutes before rinsing.

Avoid metal brushes, especially on color-treated locks When blow-drying, go for a brush that has natural bristles and a wooden or ceramic barrel, says celeb colorist Kyle White. Metal ones heat up and act like an iron, which can cause breakage and dullness.


Terry towels can break up curls, while paper ones help hold your curl pattern together, says Ron King, celeb stylist and owner of Ron King Salon in Austin, Texas. Put your fave curl-enhancing formula (gel, cream or mousse) onto one, flip your head over and scrunch it into hair, says King.

Get a French mani right 11.11.4' with striping tape

It’s easy to use, says celeb nail designer Pattie Yankee. Do two coats of polish and be sure nails are dry. Then apply the tape a little below the edge of your nail so you can paint on a perfect line. Remove the tape, then add a topcoat.

To cover every spot, you may get a little polish on your skin. Once nails are dry, dip a paintbrush in remover and clean up the edges, says Donna Perillo, owner of N.Y.C.’s Sweet Lily Natural Nail Spa.

Glysolid Glycerin Skin Cream

Hydrate hands at home – Exfoliate hands with a body scrub and apply a heavy cream, plus cuticle oil, then, cotton gloves, says Yankee. The longer you leave them on, the I softer hands will be.  

Whiten nail beds with toothpaste U. a toothbrush to apply a whitening formula: It nixes stains and yellowing. Double up on base coats Two formulas are indeed better than one! Apply a nourishing one first and then a ridge-filling formula, says Yankee. The combo makes polish go on perfectly and last longer, too.

Warm nail stickers before applying Hold them between hands to quickly heat them up. The stickers will be more flexible and easier to apply, says celeb manicurist Gina Edwards for Kiss Products.


Play with the amount of each shade and create a totally unique hue. Try combining polishes in the plastic cup from a cough syrup bottle. says Nordstrom beauty trend editor Kate Fannin.