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Size Matters

Sparkling diamonds in both conventional and contemporary styles may be found at Ring Concierge. The ideal location for you to purchase timeless jewelry for a loved one.

Nicole Wegman, the creator of Ring Concierge, started out as a high-end private jeweler and has now grown into a successful e-commerce company and general public jeweler. Nicole has effectively blurred the lines between retailer and influencer through the use of social media, upending the traditionally close-knit, male-dominated diamond sector.

Ring Concierge specializes in developing items that may be altered to suit your preferences. Each item is unique, exquisitely crafted, and constructed to the greatest standards.

This jewelry company offers you complete service and guidance to create your preferred item in three simple stages, making the procedure quick and straightforward…

1. Initial Consultation

The assistant will give you a thorough diamond education and offer you with bespoke design possibilities when you schedule an appointment with a team member. Photos and videos will be used to help with long distances. 

2. Diamond Selection

Ring Concierge is connected to a network of diamond wholesalers to present you with a curated assortment of the highest quality diamonds to choose from. The wide range of diamond shapes and quality ensures that you get the best diamond at the best price.

3. Setting Creation

The piece is then curated with special attention by master bench-jewelers located in NYC and designed to enhance your diamond best. Your finished piece is then delivered directly to your door in special Ring Concierge packaging.

1. Pear

2. Oval

3. Heart

4. Round

5. Asscher

6. Radiant

7. Cushion

8. Princess

9. Old Euro

10. Emerald

11. Old Mine

12. Marquise

The ideal diamond shape you choose will rely on your own tastes. When it comes to the latter, the diamond shape or cut is among the most crucial factors to take into account. Personal preference will ultimately determine the ideal diamond cut for a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, but each number has distinct benefits and drawbacks that might influence your decision. Each shape’s full description may be found on their website.

Your favorite styles, modern classics with diamonds weighing between 0.75 and 1.99 carats, served as the inspiration for the Vow Collection.

It’s time to pick a wedding band that matches your engagement ring, which you have previously chosen. Bands may be personalized in a variety of ways using Ring Concierge. Check out their tutorial on their site to learn how to pick the ideal band.

Ring Concierge does more than just create engagement rings and wedding bands. They also sell a variety of exquisite jewelry, such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and stud earrings. In their fine jewelry area, you may get magnificent pearl with gold and diamond with gold items.

Not sure what to purchase? You may get help with this from Ring Concierge as well. Ordering a Home Try-On Kit is possible. A variety of wedding bands will be sent by RC for you to test stacking with your own choices once you choose your top three rings.

Try on the rings, give yourself an RC manicure, and snap pictures to show your loved ones. Remember to take your ring finger’s measurement!

By the seventh day of your trial, return your kit using the pre-paid packing (but retain the polish!). You will receive a $100 credit valid for any RC purchase once your kit has been returned. It’s now time to create the ring of your dreams!

The traditional engagement ring with an emerald and trapezoids will never go out of style. It emanates subtle glitz with its geometric lines and hall-of-mirror look.

This three-stone diamond ring has pear-shaped side stones and an oval-cut center stone. Additionally offered with side stones in a trillion form.

This diamond ring has a pave band and an oval-cut center stone.

This diamond ring has a pavé band and a round center stone in a halo setting.

Six brilliant-cut diamonds are set into the band of the Edwardian-style diamond ring known as the “Signature Antique Engagement Ring.” To further emphasize its antique nature, use a center stone with an Old Mine Cut or Old European Cut.

Every surface of this platinum ring is covered in three rows of micropave set diamonds.

Due to the fact that it lets your diamonds take center stage, the Whisper Thin Engagement Ring is RC’s most popular design. This contemporary solitaire has the safest daily wearable thinnest band on the market.

The “Chloe” Cushion Engagement Ring features diamond accents along with an antique design. The “Chloe” employs a microwave bridge in addition to having concealed diamond ornamentation.

Jewelry Care

Fine jewelry is fragile and has to be handled with care. Please follow the maintenance guidelines below to maintain your jewelry in top shape and to extend its lifespan:

Before doing daily rituals like washing, applying lotion or perfume, etc., remove any jewelry.

Before indulging in rigorous activities, such as going to the gym, leave your valuables at home!

Keep your jewelry away from anything containing chemicals, such as lotion, hairspray, perfume, and cosmetics?

Lay out your jewelry flat before going to bed.

For Necklaces…

When taking off a necklace, fasten it to prevent the chain from becoming tangled or knotted.

You should use special caution if your exquisite jewelry incorporates a pearl.

Silver jewelry that has been gold-plated should not be worn while showering or swimming because the plating may come off and cause the silver to tarnish.

Use a soft toothbrush and dish soap to gently cleanse the gold and diamonds in your diamond jewelry. Never use any sort of solvents, chemicals, or abrasives to clean pearls.

Final Verdict

For the nicest and most genuine jewelry for you and your special someone on the big day, turn to Ring Concierge. They have a remarkable selection of diamond stones with remarkable gold embellishments. We are confident that each item will capture your heart, or you can easily have one made specifically for you. Now go to their shop and begin creating your own masterpiece!