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Solo Stove is a manufacturer of grills, portable camp stoves, and portable low-smoke fire pits.

Reputable media publications including Wired, Mashable, and Gear Junkie have all covered the brand. While the Instagram account for Solo Stove has a respectable 168k followers.

This Solo Stove review will cover every facet of the company and its offerings. In order to assist you determine whether their stoves are worthwhile purchasing, it will also provide user ratings, disclose deals, and do more.              

In Texas, Solo Stove was established in 2011 by Jeff Jan, who gave it the tagline “make good.” The portable fire pits, grills, camp stoves, and accessories from Solo Stove are made to let you connect with what “feels good” to you.

SoloStove is praised for its adaptable designs and green advantages and caters to explorers, outdoorsmen, campers, and lovers of a good old fire.

Parks and wilderness regions have an issue with propane cylinder disposal. You may enjoy carbon-neutral, propane-free wood-burning fires with Solo Stove models that use very little fuel.

The Solo fire pit company is also behind Project Good, a nonprofit program that supports the neighborhood by establishing connections with educators, emergency personnel, and parents.

Now let’s examine the benefits and drawbacks of the Solo Stove brand…


1. There are several stainless steel camp stoves, barbecues, and fire pits to pick from.

2. Highly efficient, portable & transportable.

3. Hardly any smoke.

4. Rewards program – $1 worth of points is 100. There are several options for redeeming points at Solo Stove.

5. Sezzle offers choices for installment payments.

6. International delivery.

7. All U.S. orders come with free delivery.

8. US returns are free.

9. 30-day policy on returns.

10. Continual lifetime guarantee.


1. Problems with faulty or malfunctioning stoves, corrosion, and cleaning ash from wood stoves.

These stoves include the following features, so you may relax next to a blazing fire without being afraid…

2. 360° Airflow Design. (Making them virtually smokeless.)

3. Portability & durability.

4. Log-friendly designs.

5. 304 Stainless Steel construction.

The Solo Stove brand suggests dry, firm woods like “birch, maple, hickory, and oak” if you plan to utilize logs in your fire pits. The stoves, however, require “leaves, sticks, twigs, [and] pine cones,” if they are available.

Whatever you prefer when camping, a warm cup of coffee, a s’more snack, or a comfortable fire Solo Stove has it. The bestselling products for Solo Stove will now be discussed in this review…

Whether you’re looking for a tiny burner for trekking and camping or a backyard barbecue, Solo offers something practical for you. We’ll now discuss the brand’s top-selling fire pits, grills, burners, and equipment in this Solo Stove review.

Use in a well-ventilated area without overhangs, as with any product involving fire, and remember that Solo Stoves provides Sezzle payment plans for the bulk of their items.

The “largest, baddest” fire pit that the company offers is the Solo Stove Yukon. This pit should weigh 38lbs given its dimensions of 23′′W (top), 16′′H, and 27′′W (base).

It is advisable not to fill this hole with more than 8–10 logs that are longer than 22′′. Normally priced at $599, the Yukon is now $469.

The Solo Stove Yukon fire pit is included in the Yukon + Stand package, but it also comes with a stand that prevents heat-sensitive surfaces from being scratched. Additionally, this stand incorporates vents that permit air to circulate through the pit for added ventilation.

The rounded edges and sturdy stainless steel construction of this stand keep your Yukon erect and prevent surfaces from being scratched. Be aware that this set weighs 40.35 lbs due to the stand. Purchase this exciting Yukon + Stand pair for $529, down from $689.

The Bonfire, which falls under the category of “medium” sized pits, is one of the brand’s best-selling products.

This pit, which is just 20 pounds and is 17.5′′ W (top), 14′′ H, and 19.5′′ W (base), can contain 4-6 logs that are up to 16′′ long. Refill as required!

Bid adieu to gathering wood, starting a fire, and praying it doesn’t go out. The Bonfire is on sale for $259, a discount from its usual $349 cost.

The dynamic bundle Bonfire + Stand comprises the Stand, which prevents your patio or porch from scratching by allowing air to enter via its ventilation holes.

This potent Bonfire + Stand set is normally $419, but it’s now on sale for $299. You may install a Solo Stove brick surround unit in your garden without causing any damage to the stone or concrete below.

The Ranger fire pit from Solo Stove is the company’s smallest model and is marketed as the lightest fire pit in the world at only 15 pounds!

Its dimensions are 13′′ W (top), 12.5′′ H, and 15′′ W. (base). This pit, in contrast to other Solo Stoves, can burn chunk wood as well as 4-6 logs that are up to 12 inches long.

The Ranger, which may be used in backyards, cottages, or campgrounds, usually costs $269 but is presently discounted to $199.

The Solo grill would be a good way to characterize the Campfire stove. Use only sticks, leaves, and twigs as fuel to cook marshmallows, hot dogs, sausages, and patties.

A simple cooking need when camping, this strong stove cooks for 4 people, weighs just 2.2 pounds, and is a little 9.25′′H and 7′′W. The price of the Campfire stove has been reduced to $99 from $149.

The Solo Stove that began it all was the Lite. This stove cooks for two people and uses just twigs and sticks as fuel, boiling water in under ten minutes.

It is one of the most portable stoves you will ever own, weighing only 9oz, measuring 4.25′′ W x 5.7′′ H, and being the lightest of the Solo alternatives. Normally $89, the Lite is presently discounted to $64.

Every camping or hiking trip should include the Alcohol Burner as a backup. This burner is made to hold liquid fuel and has a flame regulator and screw-top cap in case you run out.

It should be noted that this burner is intended for use as a fire starter inside the Lite or Titan Solo Stove and that “denatured alcohol or methylated spirits alone” are advised to be used with it. Never use rubbing alcohol in this burner, it should be noted.

Be warned, you will receive out of the burner exactly what you put in. The maximum 3 oz of denatured alcohol will burn for 15 to 20 minutes on average. However, the amount of alcohol used and ambient factors affect the burn time.

This alcohol burner weighs 3.5 ounces, is 1.8 inches high and 2.9 inches wide, and can boil water in 5-7 minutes if necessary. The price of the Alcohol Burner is about $24.

Everything you need to get the most out of your Solo Stove Yukon and additional goods is included in the Yukon Ultimate Bundle.

The package contains…

1. The Yukon pit and Stand.

2. The Solo Stove Shield – A 2 piece ventilated lid that traps sparks and embers inside.

3. The Shelter – A weather-resistant cover that protects Yukon from the elements.

4. Fire pit tools: A 304 stainless steel angled poker and log grabber.

5. Roasting sticks – A 304 stainless steel 4-pack with 2 prongs and a handle per stick.

The Yukon Ultimate Bundle is now available at $869 instead of $1124.

Customer Reviews

This Solo Stove review aims to show what actual consumers think about the product. However, it was challenging to get comprehensive collective assessments of the brand for our Solo Stove review.

In order to determine if the brand is worthwhile for purchase, this Solo Stove review will consider user reviews for specific goods from a variety of sources.

Out of more than 4500 customer evaluations, Bonfire received a perfect score of 5 out of 5, making it the Solo Stove product that customers most frequently suggested.

In contrast, buyers give Bonfire 4.7/5 stars out of roughly 1000 reviews on websites like Amazon. Customers generally express satisfaction with the pit’s…

1. Thoughtful design

2. Lack of smoke

3. Ease-of-use

4. Portability

5. Efficiency

The adaptability and mobility of this Solo Stove firepit were praised in one positive Amazon review, “The Solo Stove Bonfire is the perfect outdoor fireplace. …We have a small yard, we can place it on a dirt patch at the far end, and we’re suddenly camping! This little guy only weighs 20 pounds, so we can also move it over to the tiled patio.”

The Solo Stove smokeless fire pit was praised in yet another favorable review on the company’s website, “Our Bonfire fire pit has made gathering safely with friends outdoors possible this winter, even in Minnesota! Not only does it crank out huge amounts of heat, but there’s not all the smoke and sparks like normal fire pits that prevent you from cozying right up to them.”

Others claim that it will start to rust severely if you keep it outside in the rain. Last but not least, some clients claim that customer support calls and emails go unopened or neglected for weeks.

One unfavorable Trustpilot review describes the difficulties they encountered in contacting customer service, “Trying to contact customer service for two weeks without success. I need to cancel the part of my order that hasn’t arrived and return the part that has. Can’t get through or get any response by phone or email.”

So, Is It Worth It?

A Solo Stove: Is it Priceless? According to this Solo Stove review, the purchase is justified. The company creates stylish and inventive grills, fire pits, and stoves made of stainless steel.

These items are lightweight, adaptable, and very effective. The issues concerning ash removal, while bothersome, are a minor problem, as this Solo Stove review notes. It’s true for everything that practice makes perfect.

The ash will be simpler to remove the more you use your equipment. Bring your Solo goods inside after using them if you are concerned about them rusting. The company also sells coverings that protect against the weather.

The problems with customer service should also be treated with a grain of salt, to sum it up. In contrast to the hundreds of reviews on Amazon and the brand’s website, which had an overwhelmingly positive majority, Trustpilot only had 17 negative ratings.

In the conclusion, our Solo Stove review suggests this company if you enjoy the great outdoors, camping, and a warm fire.


Are Solo Stove made in the USA?

Despite having its headquarters in Texas, Solo Stove sources its stoves from China.

Is the Solo Stove truly smokeless?

The Solo Stove produces almost no smoke. The emission of smoke is substantially less with this fire pit than with others.

Can the Solo Stove be used on a deck?

It is advised to purchase a Stand if you wish to use a Solo Stove on a deck. The Solo Stove will be relieved by the Stand, preventing wood burning.

Can you cook with a Solo Stove?

Cooking is not intended for larger fire pits. The Lite, Titan, or Campfire models of the Solo Stove are recommended if you wish to cook on one.

Can water be poured on a Solo Stove?

On a single burner, you can pour water to put out the flame.

Can charcoal be used in a Solo Stove?

Charcoal is not advised for use in a Solo Stove, according to this assessment. For the best experience, substitute wood.

How to get a fire going on a Solo Stove?

Simply follow these steps to build a fire with the Solo Stove…

1. Gather dry twigs and tinder

2. Find level ground

3. Clear away ground debris

4. Remove the cooking ring

5. Light a fire inside the stove

6. Replace the cooking ring

What if your Solo Stove gets wet?

A Solo Stove will start to corrode if it gets damp. When it rains, move it indoors or cover the stove with one of the manufacturer’s stove covers.

How much time does a Solo Stove take to cool down?

It will take the Solo Stove 30 to 40 minutes to cool down.

What is the largest Solo Stove available?

Since the Yukon is the largest Solo Stove, it can handle the most demanding tasks, like warming up an entire family and cooking marshmallows in the wilderness.

Smaller tasks like heating a pan or boiling a pot of instant soup can be completed by the Alcohol Burner.

Their shipping policy

International orders for Solo Stove receive free delivery to the United States. For foreign orders, the shipping cost, import costs, tariffs, and taxes are shown at checkout. Orders now come with free shipping insurance from Solo Stove.

Estimated delivery times…


Free standard shipping – 3 to 5 business days.

USPS Priority – 1 to 3 business days.

UPS 2-day – 2 business days.

UPS 1-day – 1 business day.


FedEx International Ground Service – 3 to 6 business days.

USPS Priority Mail International (for rural locations) – 6 to 10 business days.


USPS First Class Mail International Service – 10 to 30 business days.

USPS Priority Mail International – 6 to 10 business days.

Their return policy

For all orders placed in the US, returns are free. You have 30 days to return the item if you’re unsatisfied with it. You will receive a full refund and a free pre-paid return label from the brand.

Returns are not accepted from customers living outside of the US. Solo Stove will only provide store credit if the item has not been burnt or used for 30 days.