It doesn’t matter whether you’re the proud owner of a walk-in wardrobe or live by the rules of a perfectly curated ‘better, fewer’ wardrobe: a pair of sneakers is a wardrobe essential for everyone — and we mean, everyone. The best sneakers for women have made their way into the closets of some of our favorite stars: stylish enough to earn their place with your weekday style and comfortable enough so you’ll look forward to slipping them on.

They’re classy enough to give you a boost of confidence during work meetings and cozy enough to fall back on for those indecisive outfit days.

Classic sneakers; colourful sneakers; designer sneakers and fashion sneakers: buying a new pair of trainers nowadays comes with plenty more opportunity for wear outside of the gym. Of course, a great pair of workout shoes is another wardrobe essential but in 2022 these will also be accompanying you to brunch, evening drinks, weekend trips, and everything in between.

Axel Arigato Clean 90: Best overall sneakers for women

Practical and stylish, cozy and comfortable, unique and versatile enough to not need an extra 10 minutes of thinking time when outfit pairing. In short: Axel Arigato sneakers. Take it one step further and you’ll find a pair that promises to do all of the above and maybe even a little more. The pair in question? Axel Arigato’s Clean 90 Triple Sneaker.

Clean by name and clean by nature, these are the women’s sneakers you’ll simultaneously want to admire in your wardrobe and also wear on every occasion possible. Fresh and understated—but never boring, these women’s trainers confidently walk into the world of luxe footwear without much competition at all. Buy them and get used to seeing the same minimalistic silhouette in all of your photos from now on.

Gucci Ace: Best designer sneakers for women

Designer sneakers don’t come much better than Gucci sneakers, and these trainers promise to look incredible and last for years on end. That’s if you ever stop admiring them long enough to wear them rather than gazing at them in your shoe closet.

Sure, you could go all out with some of Gucci’s more heavily embellished designs but for a pair that promises to hold their own with the rest of your outfit, look no further than this clean and pared-back version of Gucci’s coveted Ace sneakers.

Crafted in Italy, the low-top sneakers combine luxe, smooth, white leather with a touch of grey on the heel tabs, the iconic perforated GG logo on the side, and a comfy inner to pull it all together.

Nike Air Force 1 ’07: Best value sneakers for women

You can’t go wrong with a pair of Nikes. Quick trip to the gym? Pull out the Nikes for a boost to your burpees. Heading out for a stroll with friends? Your Nikes offer blister-free fun to focus on catch-ups and coffee. Smart casual meeting? Pair those Nikes, once again, with tailored trousers for effortless put togetherness.

The Nikes in question? We’d have to go for the Nike Air Force 1 ’07. The kind of trainers that look just as stylish when they’re bright white and fresh out the box as they do when they’re a little battered and worn-in, a pair of Nike Air Forces are an easy addition to your wardrobe with crisp leather and bold white design. Chunky soles offer extra support and a dash of streetwear chic to any outfit. They’re undoubtedly the best Nike white sneakers.

Oliver Cabell Low 1: Best distressed sneakers for women

Distressed jeans are out and distressed trainers are in. Those carefully threaded gently pulled, and ever so slightly worn-in sneakers show signs of age in the best way possible to add a casual touch to any outfit. The best-distressed trainers come courtesy of Oliver Cabell – a brand that’s known for taking the idea of the humble trainer and elevating it with buttery-soft Italian leather and that famous, minimalist silhouette.

A wardrobe staple for any self-respecting sneakerhead, the Oliver Cabell Low 1 Sneakers add a vintage touch in a way that’s both stylish and versatile. Oliver Cabell’s cult status means you likely already know just how soft these sneakers are before your paths finally cross. But, much like those super soft blankets or impossibly smooth, silky luxury bed sheets, you can’t quite appreciate the levels of comfort that come from these sneakers until you’ve got yourself a pair.

New Republic Malibu: Best platform sneakers for women

Much like gin and tonic, bread and butter, or ham and cheese: think of platform sneakers and the brand that should come to mind is New Republic. Featuring a chunky platform sole for an effortless lift, TENCEL footbed for extra cushion, and Cali cool vibes, these Malibu platform sneakers are the holiday your feet deserve and exactly what you need when you’re on your feet all day.

Understated enough to pair perfectly with any kind of outfit, these minimalist sneakers will only ever leave your feet for a clean before you breathe a sigh of relief and quickly place them right back where they belong.

Koio Capri Triple White: Best white sneakers for women

Much like the white T-shirt, a good pair of white sneakers is an essential building block to any woman’s capsule wardrobe.

Handcrafted in Italy from full-grain leather, Koio’s Capri Triple White is our favorite pair for keeping at the front of your wardrobe at all times, with their laidback cushion-cozy style. These are the white sneakers you’ll find yourself dreaming of whenever you’re obliged to wear something a little more formal, and the pair you’ll automatically throw in your bag ahead of any vaguely described occasion. A pair that will make you dig a little deeper into the world of leather repairs, cleaning materials, and whitening creams. But know that whether you keep your Koio box-fresh or let them get scuffed up—you’ll love them either way.

Adidas Originals: Best classic sneakers for women

There’s a good reason you’ll spot Adidas Originals in basically any shoe store you ever enter. These classic sneakers are ubiquitous with comfort and style, carefully bridging the gap between being timeless and constantly in season.

These iconic Stan Smith leather sneakers are just as soft and supple as their leather outers would have you believe: a budget-friendly addition to your weekday wardrobe that far surpasses comfort levels considering its price point.

Even if you’re someone who would typically shy away from such a popular pair of sneakers, you’ll likely find yourself admiring the Stan Smiths on the feet of your friends, before giving in and buying yourself your own pair. The only regret is not giving into them earlier. Like a comforting cup of tea or a favorite pair of pyjamas, you’ll quickly struggle to imagine life without your Stan Smiths.

AllBirds Tree Runners: Most comfortable sneakers for women

Trainers for walking might be a given. But not all trainers are created equally and while some of your favorite new pairs might get more than a few enviable glances over brunch, they might not fare quite so well when brunch has finished and you’re attempting the long walk back to the station. Let us present to you the brand behind the world’s most comfortable shoes: AllBirds.

The AllBirds Tree Runners are ready and willing for all of your adventures, with their huge range of colorways and sustainably made materials. These AllBirds are produced from eucalyptus trees, which makes them feel just as good on your feet as in your head. Check our in-depth AllBirds review to learn more about the brand.