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I’ve traveled a short distance in unpleasant shoes, and each pair made me wonder why they are even made. I was wrong about how heels and flats had to be, as demonstrated by Vivaia.

An online retailer of women’s shoes called Vivaia sells handmade, ecological footwear. The business, which is renowned for its minimalist style, is dedicated to producing fashionable yet environmentally responsible designs.

Vivaia, who has a significant 732k Instagram followers, has also caught the media’s eye, including Cosmopolitan and InStyle Magazine. Looking for a pair of relaxed, ethical shoes? This shoe firm would be a good fit.

Continue reading my Vivaia Shoes review as I investigate more closely at the company, its goods, customer reviews, promos, and more to help you decide whether or not to purchase their adorable and comfortable shoes.

When creating their footwear, Vivaia is passionate about operating in a fully ecological manner.

Vivaia shoes are made from recyclable materials and combine comfort and sustainability in the ideal way through the use of 3D printing and a zero-waste feature. All styles are stylish and appropriate for today’s women. Although I like their shoe line, it was exciting to see a large assortment of boots, loafers, and sandals as well.

What does the name mean? Their sneakers’ design—specifically, the letters V and A—and recycled water bottles served as inspiration (reassembled by the double Is). It’s a notion that I definitely didn’t get straight immediately, but I feel it promotes thought, which is what I think this brand is all about.

According to a statement from, their objective is to, “create a positive impact on both the world and the people around us. We have successfully created a line of luxurious and fashion-forward footwear with exceptional quality and at a fair price.”

But when you read this Vivaia shoes review, I’ll let you decide for yourself. Let’s go through some early highlights before I get going…

Reasons Why We Adore Vivaia

1. There is a wide selection of Vivaia footwear available, including flats, loafers, mules, and heels.

2. All shoes are constructed from sustainable and environmentally friendly materials (each pair is made from around 6 plastic water bottles).

3. A wide choice of sizes for ladies.

4. Several trustworthy online evaluations that are favorable.

5. Through the Refer-a-Friend program, you may save 20% for each successful introduction.

6. There isn’t a Vivaia coupon code, however their website advertises a number of discounts and specials.

7. All orders are eligible for quick, free standard shipment from the business.

8. Money-back guarantee of 14 days.

To all shoe addicts – it could be time to buy your next pair using sustainable materials. The apparel sector includes footwear, which is still responsible for some of the climate change.

Vivaia offers a large selection of stylish shoes for you to try on if you’re trying to start fresh.

Their collection of flats, loafers, mules, sandals, heels, and other footwear for ladies is extensive, but I also found a few men’s models online. Following that, this Vivaia review will present a number of the most popular women’s fashions that could simply catch your attention.

Vivaia offers fashionable flats, loafers, and heels for every occasion or state of mind. I really do. Next in this Vivaia review, I’ll discuss some of their most well-liked styles, from monochrome kitten heels to the traditional pointed-toe flat.

Due to their color and stitching design, the Sierra Deep Ebony loafers exude an air of historical elegance.

These shoes, which have distinctive serrated detailing on the uppers and a square toe and matching insoles, have a retro, late 50s to early 60s vibe.

They are constructed of a knit top made of recycled plastic bottles, a natural latex foam insole, and a carbon-free rubber outsole. Going all retro with a mod dress, some outside gloves, and an updo are some styling suggestions I have.

The Sierra Deep Ebony loafers are available for $149 and come in a variety of hues, including crab red, natural brown, rich grey, and more.

What’s nice about having a pair of timeless black flats? Depending on the occasion, they might dress up or dress down. I consider them essential for your summer outfit.

The classic ballet-toe style of the Aria 2.0 Deep Ebony shoe is intended to make your feet appear delicate and little.

These shoes, which have a streamlined point, include foam insoles and ultra-soft uppers for optimal comfort. If you don’t like charcoal black, they come in 8 other colors as well. This contains tones like olive green, cloud grey, and denim.

I suggest pairing these $99 Aria 2.0 Deep Ebony flats with a pair of well-fitting cigarette trousers, an off-the-shoulder shirt, and a peacoat in a complementary hue if you came to our Vivaia review seeking a more collected appearance.

I had no idea that being cozy could be so stylish. For those stylish workplace outfits or business meetings, these tiny kitten heels are the perfect finishing touch.

The Stella Deep Ebony shoes have a pointed toe and a 4 cm tall ABS heel, and they are designed to be both striking and chic.

I discovered that there’s no reason to fear, despite the fact that they appear too fragile to wear. This Vivaia model is made to be reliable and cozy all day. These gorgeous shoes, made from six plastic bottles, also include a thick footbed made of natural latex.

These shoes come in 13 hues, including black houndstooth, nude peach, smoky grey, and more if colors are more important to you than details.

I suggest dressing in a monochrome ensemble consisting of a pencil skirt, turtleneck, and jacket to complete the appearance. Costing $119, the Stella Deep Ebony heels.

These incredibly feminine Vienna Deep Ebony flats have a striking contrasting accent on the top hem. I saw them, and my eyes just glowed.

These angular and sleek sneakers come in 9 colors with contrasting colored lines for enhanced visual flair.

This classic shape is ideal for networking cocktail parties or strolls across the city. I appreciate that these slide-on shoes are completely flexible and are made of recycled plastic bottles with a carbon-free rubber substance serving as the soles.

Purse? Carry-on? They may be bent to fit into any little bag you own. The Vienna Deep Ebony flats, which were originally $99, are now $89 for individuals who appreciate fashion and utility.

The Smokey Blue Vienna flats, which come in a gorgeous sky color, with a pointed-toe ballerina design to give your ensemble a somewhat eccentric touch. I’m currently completely obsessed with this hue.

These shoes will have you feeling as though you are walking on clouds since they are made with soft uppers and a natural latex foam insole.

I advise wearing these $99 Smokey Blue flats with a white tennis skirt and an oversized pastel sweater for a “soft” look.

Uninterested in blue? For this Vivaia shoes review, I learned that they come in a variety of colors, including deep ebony, teal green, mint grey, smoky lilac, and natural peach.

The Deep Peacock Vienna flats, which are dyed a stunning emerald green, have a refined and straightforward shape all over their design.

These pointed-toe shoes, which have embellishments in a contrasting hue, in my opinion exude an air of vintage grandeur with a dash of modern allure.

The utilization of waste and useable plastics as threads in the fabric is what I adore most about these shoes. These pieces are chipped and extruded throughout the production process at Vivaia to create footwear. Very nice.

The Deep Peacock Vienna flats cost $99 at checkout for a classic (not to mention environmentally friendly) addition to your always expanding shoe collection.

Put a fresh spin on a timeless style. To allow you to prolong your daily stroll as far as you’d want, the Marie shoes from Vivaia are made with a square toe and a knotted material that is cozy, secure, and breathable. I like that I could wear these to work and comfortably walk home in them.

You can feel wonderful about wearing these heels to work or even out to dinner while being ecologically responsible since they have a knitted top made of recycled plastic bottles and a carbon-free rubber outsole. The cost of the Marie shoes is $99.

Customer Reviews

The majority of their best-selling goods have dozens of positive reviews on Below, I’ve included reviews for a few of them…

Pointed Toe Kitten Heels – 5/5 stars, 27 reviews.

Pointed Toe V-Cut Flats – 4.9/5 stars, 136 reviews.

Sierra Square Toe Loafers – 4.9/5 stars, 86 reviews.

Aria 2.0 Deep Ebony – 4.8/5 stars, 49 reviews

Customers have praised the customer service and mentioned that the shoes were both comfortable to wear and useful.

For the Aria 2.0 Deep Ebony flats, one reviewer wrote, “Beautiful shoes with excellent quality. Customer service without comparison with any other. This brand deserves all the success. Beautiful shoes, with excellent quality and also environmentally friendly.”

Another review of Vivaia shoes with five stars stated, “Think donning 6 plastic bottles on your feet sounds uncomfortable? I was wearing flats from the Aria series and these are by far the most pleasant pair of flats I have ever worn! The recycled fabric material is soft, stretchy, and breathable.”

Additionally, I discovered remarks on Facebook and Trustpilot websites. Additionally, several Vivaia blog pieces and Reddit discussions include independent reviews.

First off, there are over 1,1,23 reviews on Trustpilot, with an overall rating of 4.2/5 stars.

Although there isn’t a unified opinion on Facebook, satisfied customers have shared photographs of their shoes and have generally praised Vivaia for their comfortable shoes and chic fits.

One person on Facebook wrote, “The size was perfect and they are surprisingly so comfortable with very well padded soles that shape/mold to your feet. Stretchy and not at all tight for pointed toes. Loved my first pair. I ordered another one, a different model, and they are even more comfortable.”

Negative reviews, however few, concern problems with size and returns. I was pleased to see that a customer service representative responded and provided a solution to every issue on Trustpilot. Overall, Vivaia passes muster.

So, Are They Worth It?

I firmly believe that Vivaia shoes are pricey, but they are an excellent choice for eco-friendly, stylish, and ergonomic footwear. I believe it’s amazing that the company offers such a wide range of footwear styles, all manufactured from recycled materials.

What else I appreciate about them is that they use 100% recycled cardboard to box the majority of their models, which are built of plastic bottles. Even hemp is used in several of them. They provide a sustainable choice for shoe aficionados and are fairly specific about size and arch tolerance.

They all can be machine washed, which is more practical than taking them to a shop to have them properly polished.

However, they do tend to be more expensive; the majority of Vivaia’s designs often fall into the $99 and above price bracket. However, if labor expenses were taken into consideration while maintaining sustainable procedures, the final cost seemed more than reasonable.

After taking into account what I’ve learned for this Vivaia review, I believe it’s worthwhile to learn more about what this company has to offer. Now is a fantastic time to check them out also because of all of their great specials and free delivery.


What sizes are available at Vivaia?

For their shoes, Vivaia provides a wide variety of sizes. For example, their flats are priced between US 5.5 and 13. Additionally, European customers can purchase Vivaia EU38, EU40, and EU43 sizes.

Their shipping policy

During my investigation for this evaluation of Vivaia shoes, I discovered that standard delivery is free for all purchases. Package delivery typically takes 7 to 15 business days, excluding holidays.

The company offers predetermined pricing for international shipping to some countries. A tracking number will be sent to customers via a confirmation email to assist in finding their items.

Their return policy

Customers can request a return for a full refund up to 14 days after receiving their order. To be eligible, items must be brand-new and still be in their original packing.

Any associated shipping charges are the buyer’s responsibility. Fill out a Contact Form on the Vivaia website to start the process.