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Colorful Glasses, Colorful World!

Given the right glasses, you can “give them spectacles they can afford but yet make them appear like a million bucks,” according to Zenni Optical, an online optical shop. The company’s extensive array of goods, which includes prescription and non-prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses, goggles, sports glasses, and more, combines fashion with functionality.

In our Zenni Optical study, we discovered articles about the company in eminent periodicals including Vogue, Bustle, and Newsweek. It has a following of 291K on Instagram and has partnered with several sports leagues, most notably serving as the official eyewear sponsor of the MLB’s Boston Red Sox.

Ready for a closer inspection? To help you decide if this is the perfect four-eyed fashion for you, our Zenni Optical review will provide you a summary of the company and its goods, as well as customer reviews, special offers, and more.

Zenni’s Story

Tibor Laczay and Julia Zhen, two physicists, developed Zenni Optical in 2003. The couple began achieving their dream of creating beautiful eyewear that would yet be accessible to the ordinary customer while operating out of their San Francisco garage and using just their own personal savings as seed money.

The approximately one million square foot Zenni Optical manufacturing plant in Danyang, China, which includes cutting-edge labs, is crucial to this business strategy. The startup can sell its high-quality glasses for as little as $7 each by creating every component of its goods in-house and doing all of its business online.

There are some educational posts on the brand’s blog as well. You may go through the blogs to learn how to choose the best Zenni tint for your sunglasses or to learn more about the Zenni Optical VSP alternatives for vision insurance payment. You can also use a Zenni lens index and the Zenni pupillary distance measurement guide to establish that value on your own.

The company is dedicated to giving back as well. A Zenni Optical poetry scholarship competition offered $5,000, $3,000, and $1,000 in awards in 2014.

In addition, Zenni Optical supports several philanthropic initiatives, including the “Hater Blockers” anti-bullying campaign. The company supports programs for diversity and inclusion and has worked with Dignitas to assist projects for female gamers and professionals.

Now, let’s examine some of the brand’s standout features…


1. There is a wide selection of reasonably priced, stylish Zenni Optical frames.

2. Capable of managing any degree of prescription and detail-oriented.

3. Numerous consumer testimonials confirm friendly customer service.

4. Commitment to quality assurance and client satisfaction.

5. Website’s interface is simple to use and hassle-free.

6. Swift and effective delivery.

7. Worldwide shipping.

According to Zenni Optical, wearing glasses shouldn’t be a hassle or a drag. The brand provides a large assortment of frames accessible to fit any aesthetic, whether you’re a devoted customer or a first-time purchaser.

It may be a little intimidating to choose a pair of Zenni Optical glasses because there are so many styles available and new styles are always arriving. But don’t worry, our Zenni Optical review will help you out by looking at the company’s most popular men’s eyewear so you can focus your search.

With the Square Glasses 123415, invite appreciative close-up views. Although the semi-transparent frames with wood grain-like streaks appear solid at first glance, they capture the light to provide a subtly brilliant kaleidoscopic effect.

Whether you choose the midnight blue or the brown version, you’re guaranteed to get praises and inquiries about where you obtained them. The Square Glasses 123415 are available as a frame-only option or with single-vision, bifocal, progressive, or non-prescription lenses. They cost $15.

Any facial shape will look good with the Red Rectangle Glasses 2018918 while simultaneously making you appear intelligent and fashionable. You won’t even notice that you are wearing glasses because to its thin plastic frames.

These medium-wide frames are available in two matte, three glossy, and three more color variants; nevertheless, the original red is the one that has won our hearts. We would like to recommend the dark green Zenni Optical tint if you plan to make them into sunglasses. The Red Rectangle Glasses 2018918 are just $7, so it doesn’t matter.

The timeless Black Browline Glasses 195421 glasses are always in style. The lenses have a cool suspended appearance thanks to the strong, defined top frame and hardly visible bottoms, and the traditional silver accents at the top corners give them one more elegant finishing touch.

These glasses provide UV protection and a Zenni Optical scratch-resistant coating. You may purchase the frames alone or with Zenni Optical bifocals, single-vision, progressive, or non-prescription lenses. Purchase the Black Browline Glasses 195421 while supplies last for only $16!

Eyeglasses from Zenni Optical are available in a variety of trendy, trend-setting, and statement-making styles that are sure to bring out your inner fashionista. Now let’s look at some of the women’s glasses that the firm sells the most.

Surely Harriet Potter? The owlish and academic round-frame form of the Gold Sepulveda Round Eyeglasses 1125214 gets a touch of L.A. cool from its softly ovoid shape, and the wire-thin, gold-toned stainless steel rims finish the sneakily opulent appeal.

The Gold Sepulveda Round Eyeglasses 1125214 will draw attention to you whether you’re wearing them as eyeglasses or utilizing the frames with Zenni polarized sunglasses. They are available right now for $28.

The Purple Cat-Eye Glasses 2027817 are designed for fashionistas who aren’t scared to stand out from the crowd. These remind us of Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds. A dazzling shine emanates from the thin, semi-transparent plastic frames, which are certain to draw attention.

The colorful and amusing Purple Cat-Eye Glasses 2027817 are also offered in black, tortoiseshell, red, and green, but we like the lavender color because of its Selina Kyle-inspired design. For $16, you can purr-chase a pair.

With the Tortoiseshell Premium Aviator Sunglasses 1130425, you may become a global lady of intrigue. These bold aviator sunglasses, together with opulent furs, pricey heels, a fancy purse, and an alluring air of mystery, are the kind of sunglasses you’d see on a woman whose affluent husband passed away inexplicably.

A gold brow bar and temple arms are added to the seductive tortoiseshell design to add a subdued but undeniable flash of glitz. Release your inner femme fatale with the Tortoiseshell Premium Aviator Sunglasses 1130425 for $36 by adding your preferred Zenni lens colour.

A beautiful kids’ collection that intends to assist young people all around the world “enjoy their variety, self-expression, and empowerment” has been produced by Zenni Optical in collaboration with designers Coco and Breezy as part of the company’s commitment to social impact. Continue reading to learn how your youngster may showcase their personal flair both on and off the playground in our Zenni Optical review.

The pinnacle of geek elegance is The Kids’ Round Glasses. The crystal-clear acetate enhances the sleek, hand-finished contemporary design’s remarkable appearance. Your youngster will express their inner fashionista with these glasses as they create a variety of humorous and fashionable appearances.

The unisex Kids’ Round Glasses are available with single-vision, bifocal, progressive, or non-prescription lenses or as a frame-only option. The cost is $29.

The minimalist style Kids’ Square Glasses are wonderfully light while yet being strong. Even during the longest play sessions, your youngster won’t even notice them on their faces. To give your child a sense of control over their own fate, you may let them select from one of four colors.

The glasses are available with single-vision, bifocal, progressive, and non-prescription lenses as well as a frame-only option. They are sized for youngsters between the ages of 9 and 12. Costing $19 are the Kids’ Square Glasses.

The lightweight yet durable Kids’ Rectangle Glasses can withstand adventures large or little, whether your youngster is completing arithmetic homework or battling a dragon during fantasy time. They come in five colors and are made for all-day comfort and style, letting your youngster exhibit their individuality and creativity.

The glasses are available in sizes 1–8, and you can wear them alone or with single-vision, bifocal, progressive, or non-prescription lenses. At $15, the Children’s Rectangle Glasses are a great deal.

Customers Reviews

It’s time for this Zenni Optical review to get specific about what actual consumers think about the company.

Let’s start with some positive news. With 3.17/5 ratings from 281 customer reviews, Zenni Optical has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Even more encouraging news may be found on Trustpilot, where more than 125,000 customers have given the company a “Excellent” rating of 4.6/5 stars.

Customers praise Zenni Optical for being easily accessible, reasonably priced, offering a large variety of high-quality frames, sending orders promptly, and providing exceptional customer service. An exemplary review practically extolled the virtues of the company:

One customer stated, “Best prices! For YEARS I have paid thousands of dollars for prescription glasses I would have to save for an entire year to purchase prescription sunglasses & glasses. I finally found a wonderful company who not only have affordable prices but high quality & countless choices.”

This Zenni Optical review chose to select a random sample of things from the business website and see what consumers had to say because there are hundreds of designs available from the brand. The Premium Cat-Eye Sunglasses 168722 with Zenni amber mirrored tint will be the first up, with a rating of 4.6/5 stars overall from 74 reviews.

One happy Zenni Optical client exclaimed, “Finally I have glasses that have my Rx in them and are actually great at blocking the sun. They are so stylish no one knows they are prescription sun glasses. LOVE them.”

Could there possibly be any drawbacks with so many advantages? Naturally, sure, although there are surprisingly few given the enormous amount of Zenni Optical items that are mailed out each day.

So, Are They worth It?

So what does this Zenni Optical review ultimately think of the company? Please hold the applause as this Zenni Optical review declares the company to be worthy of purchase. According to what we’ve observed, Zenni has succeeded in fulfilling its aim to offer everyone access to reasonably priced, stylish frames.

If you’ve ever needed to acquire a pair of glasses, you are all too aware of how difficult and pricey the process can be. The concept of purchasing glasses in-store seems risky since Zenni Optical has made them so inexpensive and accessible.

The company also provides a virtual try-on option, and its customer care representatives are constantly there to help. In spite of a few isolated concerns, purchasing from Zenni Optical is ultimately a no-brainer.


Do Zenni glasses come from China?

Yes, the company’s factory in China produces Zenni Optical spectacles. But given that 89% of the glasses sold in the US are produced in China, it is hardly unusual for the optical sector.

How well-made is Zenni Optical?

In its 2020 purchasing guide for eyeglasses, Consumer Reports named Zenni Optical as the third-best store to buy glasses. We can confidently assert that the company delivers high quality at reasonable rates in light of this and the hundreds of thousands of favorable customer evaluations.

Does Zenni Optical accept insurance?

Although Zenni Optical does not take insurance, certain insurance providers will compensate you with a copy of the invoice. For further details, consult the Zenni VSP handbook on the company website.

What are the lens prices at Zenni Optical?

Depending on the kind of lenses you want to buy, the answer to this question will vary. Zenni Optical anti reflective coating may be found on conventional clear lenses for as little as $4.

Is there a student discount at Zenni?

Zenni Optical regrettably doesn’t provide a student discount. For information on other savings that are presently offered, read the replies above.

How much does Zenni Optical's shipping cost?

The cost of delivery from Zenni Optical varies by region, however it is only $5 for regular shipping to the US. The complete list of shipping choices and costs may be seen below.

Where is Zenni Optical's shipping location?

Glasses from Zenni Optical are produced in China and sent there right away. On the brand website, you can track your order.

Can a Zenni Optical order be canceled?

A Zenni Optical order cancellation must be made within 24 hours after the order’s placement. You can cancel an order as long as it hasn’t delivered yet.

Their shipping policy

Zenni Optical provides international delivery. The “Payment Page” has a comprehensive list of all nations. You may access the list by clicking the drop-down menu for your nation.

Please take note that Express and Priority delivery to the US and Canada as well as Express shipping are now unavailable. The shipping policies of Zenni Optical are detailed below…

For U.S.

Standard (14-21 business days) – $5

Priority (10-16 business days) – $9

Express (8-12 business days) – $19

For US Territories.

Standard (14-21 business days) – $5

Priority (10-16 business days) – $9

For Canada.

Standard (14-21 business days) – $7

Express (7-14 business days) – $12

For Australia & New Zealand.

Standard (12-21 business days) – $10

Express (7-12 business days) – $29


Standard (21-28 business days) – $10

A shipment confirmation email with a tracking number and tracking link will be provided after the order has been completed. Log into your account to examine past and present orders under the “My Orders/Track My Order” link to find out the status of your Zenni Optical orders.

Their return policy

Customers can call Zenni Optical and ask for a refund within 30 days of receiving their product. You can return the item for a 50% refund or 100% store credit after receiving a RAM number from customer care. Please be aware that return shipping costs are non-refundable and the client is responsible for them.